Ex-wife, Let's Get Married Again/C19 I Won't Let You down
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Ex-wife, Let's Get Married Again/C19 I Won't Let You down
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C19 I Won't Let You down

Someone helped him take out a projector and projected the image of his phone onto the white wall.

"Hello everyone, I am the Shallow Bay's police officer, Zhou Dagang. I am the Shallow Bay's sub-bureau chief, Hu Changhai!" The two policemen on the other end of the screen greeted them first. The judge was surprised to see the two policemen and nodded to them in greeting.

On the other end of the screen, two policemen said, "We are currently in the city's most luxurious private hospital, Su Mary Hospital. The one behind us right now is Old Lady Jin Family!"

As the two of them spoke, the camera was aimed at the old lady from Jin Family. The old lady sat on the sickbed with a glowing face, not showing any signs of illness at all.

Bai Yunshu opened her mouth in disbelief. Didn't Jin Chenyang say that the old lady had been unconscious all this time?

"What about Yunshu? What about Yunshu? I want to see Yunshu! Is her child all right? " The old lady from Jin Family looked at the camera and hurriedly asked Bai Yunshu. The judge looked at Bai Yunshu and asked:

"Mr Jin Chenyang confessed to Miss Yunshu. He pushed you down the stairs …"

"What?" That brat actually sued his wife? Push him down? Who said that? Yunshu is pregnant, and the moment I felt happy, I fainted. Before the judge could finish speaking, Old Lady Jin Family interrupted him.




The four men were speechless. There was no such thing as intentional injury!

"Your Honor, I'm going to sue Jin Chenyang for frame-up now!" Bai Yunshu reacted and immediately sued Jin Chenyang.

The corner of Pann Haotian's mouth raised slightly. Her temper was still that hot, and her brain was as good as ever.

"Miss Bai, if you want to sue Jin Chenyang, you will need to sue another person. In this case, you are the defendant and won't be the plaintiff!" It was as if Pann Haotian was trying to popularize her knowledge. Bai Yunshu looked at him but didn't say anything.

The judge ruled that Bai Yunshu was not guilty, and asked Jin Chenyang to pay the full costs of the lawsuit. Wu asked Jin Chenyang to compensate her for the loss of her reputation and the loss of her mental health.

When the verdict was handed over to Jin Chenyang, he sat in the office and didn't make any sound for a long time.

He couldn't tell that Bai Yunshu had really improved her ability!

"Gu Fei, I asked you to go and check on Bai Yunshu's situation. How is it?"

"Boss Jin, Bai Yunshu's information seems to have been touched by someone!"

"Moved?" Jin Chenyang was even more confused, it was as if someone had guessed what he was going to do. This feeling was as if someone was staring at you from behind, but you didn't know where that person was.

"Well, the authenticity of the information is intriguing!"

"What do you mean?"

"According to the information, Bai Yunshu grew up with her grandma and was quite ordinary!"

"Where is her grandma's house?"

"Grandmother is still alive in a ravine!"

"In the Big Mountain Ditch? Isn't she Yu Hongyu's daughter? " Jin Chenyang frowned. Looking at Yu Hongyu's attitude towards Bai Yunshu, it was indeed thought-provoking. This way, things that couldn't be figured out would make sense.

Jin Chenyang thought about it and said, "Bring her here!"

"Boss Jin, this?" Gu Fei looked at Jin Chenyang with a troubled expression. Was he going to invite Bai Yunshu or her grandmother?

"Is there a problem?"

"Her grandmother is old, so I'm afraid that's a bit inappropriate!"

"Go!" Jin Chenyang ignored Gu Fei's words. Instead, he was thinking about his own matters.

Gu Fei left with difficulty. Jin Chenyang stared at the documents in his hands as the corner of his mouth slightly curled up. This time, he would definitely make Bai Yunshu listen to him obediently!

"Chenyang..." Bai Yunduo knocked on Jin Chenyang's office door and pushed it open.

"Duo Duo, why are you here?"

"I've come to see you. I haven't seen you in a long time! I missed you ~ ~ "Bai Yunduo came over happily and stood in front of him.

"I've been busy dealing with Bai Yunshu recently, so I didn't look for you!"

Bai Yunduo felt a lot better when she heard Jin Chenyang take the initiative to tell her about Bai Yunshu's arrival. She had also seen the gossip and knew that Jin Chenyang and Bai Yunshu had already fought.

"Chenyang, I know you're very busy, so I don't dare to come and disturb you, but I really don't feel at ease!"

"Why are you worried?"

"I'm afraid you don't want me anymore! "Sob, sob, sob …" As Bai Yunduo spoke, she started to cry.

Jin Chenyang frowned. Why are you crying again?

"Idiot, why would I not want you? I was just about to divorce Bai Yunshu, but I'm not allowed by the law right now, so I have to find a way to get her to divorce me herself! "

Bai Yunduo actually forgot to cry when she heard Jin Chenyang say divorce. She looked at him with blinking eyes, obviously pleasantly surprised.

"Duo Duo, don't worry. It won't be long!"

"Really?" Bai Yunduo looked at Jin Chenyang with her eyes wide open, "But it seems like elder sister isn't willing to divorce you!" Because she had your child in her womb! "

When Jin Chenyang heard Bai Yunduo mention the child, he turned to look at her and said, "Duo Duo, I don't know how that child came here …"

"Shh …" Bai Yunduo stuck a finger in his mouth and said, "Chenyang, I believe you, but sister is a scheming person. I can't guarantee that she didn't do anything to you. The past is no longer important. What is important is our future. "

"Duo Duo, I won't let you down!" Jin Chenyang pulled Bai Yunduo's hand and swore solemnly. Bai Yunduo smiled sweetly, but no one could see what she was thinking.

Jin Chenyang nodded heavily. He looked at Bai Yunduo in front of him and gradually merged the memory of that figure with hers.

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