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C2 You Are Not Sick

"Scram!" You crazy woman! " Jin Chenyang quickly went up and scooped Bai Yunduo up from the ground, protecting her behind.

When Bai Yunshu saw Jin Chenyang's posture of protecting Bai Yunduo as if he was protecting a precious treasure, an unspeakable bitterness and sadness filled her heart.

He felt like a man who had fallen into a sea and wanted to grab onto something only to be mercilessly pushed into a land of no return.

"Duoduo, how are you?" After Jin Chenyang shouted at Bai Yunshu, he immediately turned around to see if Bai Yunduo was injured. Bai Yunduo tugged on his clothes and said:

"Chenyang, don't be angry. Sister has mental problems, don't bother with her! I didn't do anything either! "

The guest then looked at Bai Yunshu sympathetically as if she knew something. It turned out to be a woman with a bad brain.

The person close to her sized her up. Seeing her bedraggled appearance and her wet pants legs, she was more or less convinced that this woman was crazy.

Bai Yunshu opened her mouth to argue, but no words came out.

After so many days in the mental hospital, she knew that she must not say that she was not sick. Once she repeatedly emphasized that she was not, she would be immediately sent to the hospital.

"Still not getting out?"

Bai Yunshu was about to collapse to the ground, but she stubbornly stood there without moving. She didn't avoid Jin Chenyang's gaze at all.

"Yunshu, your illness is not completely cured yet. Don't wander around, go home with daddy!" Bai Motong received Yu Hongyu's gaze and immediately put on his fatherly look.

When everyone saw this scene, they began to discuss among themselves. There was no lack of sympathy in their voices.

"I'm so sorry everyone, but my daughter had been stimulated before, and her brain was sometimes good and sometimes bad. When she got married, her little sister got stimulated again and became sick! I'll take her to the hospital now, and the wedding will continue, and we'll continue! " Yu Hongyu quickly said to the crowd, even feigning tears that did not exist.

"Hurry and send him to the hospital!" Jin Chenyang's face darkened. If it was anyone else, they would feel the same. After his wedding had been interrupted, he was truly furious.

"Jin Chenyang, if you have the guts, come with me to the hospital to check your DNA. What's wrong with bullying a woman like me? I'm pregnant with your child, and you still want to send me to a mental hospital! Are you still human? Do you even have a conscience? " Bai Yunshu screamed hysterically. She looked no different from a lunatic.

Like a stone that gave rise to a thousand ripples, the guests seated around the table began to discuss amongst themselves.

"Bai Yunshu, have you had enough trouble?" Jin Chenyang could no longer suppress his anger as he roared at Bai Yunshu.

"Chenyang …" Bai Yunduo quickly pulled him back and shook her head at him.

"Yunshu, it's no big deal. Mom will take you to buy Barbie dolls. Mom will take you to buy Barbie dolls, which you like the most!" Yu Hongyu coaxed him patiently, as if he was a three year old child.

When Bai Yunshu heard Yu Hongyu's gentle voice, she was stunned for a moment, as if her mother had come back.

However, the day her mind was turned into the day her mother committed suicide, she saw her green face and never opened her eyes again. A wave of despair washed over her and tried to drown her.

A hint of despair appeared in her eyes. Of course, she knew that they could send her to a mental hospital once, but they could also send her to the hospital twice. If she thought about it again, it would be even more difficult!

Bai Motong and Yu Hongyu dragged Bai Yunshu outside, and Bai Yunshu became even more furious. Suddenly, she broke away from Bai Motong, grabbed onto Bai Yunduo's bridal dress, and tore it apart. Bai Yunduo cried out in fear.

Bai Yunshu touched her red and swollen face and rushed towards Jin Chenyang like a madman. All the torture he had endured in the mental hospital, his betrayal of his marriage and all kinds of humiliation he had inflicted on her, both new and old grudges surged up at once.

Jin Chenyang wasn't prepared for her to go crazy. He only wanted to cover Bai Yunduo's embarrassment. He didn't expect Bai Yunshu to pounce on him and bite his arm.

Jin Chenyang threw her aside in pain. When he raised his wrist, there was a deep row of teeth marks with faint traces of blood.

When the people of Jin Family saw that their Young Master had been attacked, they immediately went forward to stop Bai Yunshu.

"Send him to a mental hospital!" Jin Chenyang's face darkened. This woman was a lunatic!

The people from the Jin Family immediately came and brought Bai Yunshu out.

"Jin Chenyang, I curse you for not being able to obtain love in your entire life!" Bai Yunshu was dragged out by them, and her eyes were fixed on Jin Chenyang. She had never experienced such clarity before. The infatuation and fondness she had for him before was now completely gone.

Bai Yunshu looked at Jin Chenyang who was getting further and further away from her. She swore that she would never follow in her mother's footsteps again and give her everything for a man who was not worth it.

Those who care about you will care about you from the beginning to the end. Those who care about you will not even look at you once, even if you die! Why waste your energy on people who don't care about you?

How could someone who had given up on you be worthy of your cherishment?

in a mental hospital

Bai Yunshu lazily sat under the sun, basking in the sunlight. However, no matter how warm the sun was, her entire body was ice-cold.

A light breeze blew. She pulled on the coat that was draped over her shoulders. It had been more than half a month since the last wedding. She didn't hear any more news about Jin Chenyang and Bai Yunduo.

Bai Yunshu took a deep breath when she thought of Jin Chenyang and Bai Yunduo. Just thinking about it made her feel dirty.

"Little Grass, my Little Grass, go home with your mother …" Suddenly, an old lady came over and pulled Bai Yunshu. Her withered eyes were filled with the joy of having regained her life.

Bai Yunshu jumped in fright and wanted to shout at her, but when she saw her eyes, she couldn't bear to do so.

"Mother …" Bai Yunshu shouted, and the old lady burst into tears.

"Grandmother!" A gentle and pleasant voice, like a good cello, low and pleasant.

Bai Yunshu looked at the person who spoke.

The man in front of him was wearing a gray casual attire. His hair was casually fluffed up on his head and a different shrewdness flowed through his eyes that were like an ancient well. His demeanor was graceful and graceful, and his bearing was extraordinary. His tall figure advanced, and it gave off the feeling of a monarch descending upon the world.

When the old lady heard the man's voice, she immediately stopped crying and wanted to run towards him while dancing. Bai Yunshu quickly reached out to support her and said, "Be careful!"

"Little White, I found Little Grass. I found your little aunt …"

"…" Bai Yunshu was at a loss for words, unable to make head or tail of it.

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