Ex-wife, Let's Get Married Again/C3 I'm Not Your Little Aunt
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Ex-wife, Let's Get Married Again/C3 I'm Not Your Little Aunt
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C3 I'm Not Your Little Aunt

"Little Grass, take a look at Little White. Do you think he looks like your dad?"

"…" Jiang Tianbai's lips curled up as he reached out to support the old lady and shouted at Bai Yunshu, "Little aunt!"

Bai Yunshu's scalp tightened. Could it be that this handsome man's brain was abnormal as well?

The old lady was smiling happily while hugging Bai Yunshu. A nurse came to look for her in a hurry.

"Jiang, Mr. Jiang …" the nurse stammered, standing there, not daring to move.

Jiang Tianbai glanced at Bai Yunshu and said to the old lady, "Grandma, let's go with the nurse and take some medicine."

"Little Grass, come with mom!" As the old lady spoke, she did not forget to pull Bai Yunshu, allowing her to hold onto her.

After taking some medicine, the old lady fell asleep. Bai Yunshu stood up and nodded at Jiang Tianbai, then turned around and walked out.

"Um, wait a minute!" Jiang Tianbai stopped her.

"Is Mr. Jiang busy?"

"You're not sick?" Jiang Tianbai raised his eyebrows and said with certainty.

"So what if he's sick? So what if he's not?"

Seeing Bai Yunshu's dead heart, Jiang Tianbai frowned.

"If you don't mind, let's go together!"

Bai Yunshu raised her eyelids and looked at Jiang Tianbai. She didn't have a good impression of a handsome man, perhaps because of Jin Chenyang.

"Sorry, I'm not interested!"

As Bai Yunshu said this, she turned around and left. Jiang Tianbai was rejected by her. He put his hands in his pockets as he watched her leave slowly. A different color flashed across his calm eyes.

"Boss Jiang, it's about time!" Boss Jin has already arrived! " Seeing that Jiang Tianbai had not come out yet, Xu Rufeng looked at his watch anxiously and came in to remind him.

Jiang Tianbai nodded, took a glance at the corridor that Bai Yunshu left, then turned around and left the hospital with Xu Rufeng.

After Old Lady Jiang woke up, she didn't see Bai Yunshu anymore and went out barefoot to look for her.

The nurse went back to her room, but the old lady was nowhere to be seen. This old man was running around again, did he think he wasn't busy enough?

She suppressed her anger, carried her shoes out to look for Mr. Jiang, and saw her at the place where she saw Mr. Jiang in the afternoon.

"Old Lady Jiang, the ground is cold, put on your shoes …"

"Little Grass, I'm looking for Little Grass …"

"Little Grass, Little Grass, your Little Grass has been starving since a long time ago. You won't be able to find her again!" The nurse lost patience and growled at the old lady.

"My Little Grass isn't dead, you villain!" Old Lady Jiang pushed the nurse, who staggered.

"You're a bad guy, my Little Grass isn't dead!"

Seeing that the old lady was about to fall ill again, the nurse threw down the shoes in her hands, took out a pill from her pocket, and started to stuff one into the old lady's mouth.

Since the old lady came to the hospital, she had already changed nineteen different nursing girls. The reason why she was willing to take on this job was entirely because she wanted to take care of Old Lady Jiang, the person who had the chance to come into contact with Jiang Family.

"Come, eat the sugar. I'll bring you to Little Grass!"

"I won't eat, you're a bad guy, I won't eat your food!" The old lady knocked out the pill in the nurse's hands. The nurse saw that the pill had been broken and was thoroughly on fire. She had bought this pill from abroad. One pill was worth a few hundred yuan, yet it was wasted like this?

"You old thing!" The nurse slapped the old woman in the face.

"What are you doing?" Bai Yunshu happened to pass by and saw the nurse beating up the old lady.

"None of your business, crazy!" The nurse rolled her eyes at Bai Yunshu in annoyance. She wanted to retrieve the pill and continue searching the floor.

"How dare you mistreat an old man!"

"Little Grass, Little Grass …" Old Lady Jiang immediately moved over when she heard Bai Yunshu speak. Bai Yunshu saw that Bai Yunshu's small foot had become deformed and was afraid that she would fall down. She stepped forward to support her.

"Mom, don't be afraid, I'm here!" Bai Yunshu hid Old Lady Jiang behind her and patted her back.

"It's a big deal!" The nurse came over to Old Lady Jiang to take her back.

"Little Grass, she's a bad person. Hurry up and run, mother will stop her, hurry and run …" Old Lady Jiang turned around from behind Bai Yunshu and extended her arms like a hen protecting a chick, blocking Bai Yunshu behind her.

Bai Yunshu saw the old lady's actions, and her heart was suddenly pierced by something. Her eyes became misty. If her mother was still alive, she would definitely do the same to herself.

"Come back with me. If you don't go back, I'll give you an injection!" The nurse came in front of Old Lady Jiang and said fiercely that if he didn't bring her back, it wouldn't be good if he was found out later.

"I'm going back, I'm going back!" Old Lady Jiang pulled the nurse by the corner of her clothes and walked back. With her other hand behind her back, she gestured to Bai Yunshu to quickly run away.

Bai Yunshu looked at Old Lady Jiang's bent waist and her tiny feet that were not much longer than a cellphone supporting her body. Tears welled up in her eyes.

The next afternoon, Bai Yunshu came back to the place where she had been basking in the sun the day before. She was wearing a thick coat and her hands were still cold.

She sat in the sun, her eyes slightly closed. Not long later, the chair next to her moved. She opened her eyes slightly and saw Jiang Tianbai sitting beside her with his eyes closed, just like her.

"Mr. Jiang!"

"Little Aunt!" Jiang Tianbai smiled.


"Mr. Jiang doesn't look like a poor person. If the conditions permit, we should bring Old Lady Jiang back and find a reliable person to take care of her!" Bai Yunshu thought back to last night when Old Lady Jiang was slapped in the face by that nurse and felt a little uncomfortable in her heart.

"If I ask my aunt to take care of Grandmother for me, would she be willing?"

"I'm not your aunt!" Bai Yunshu emphasized.

"Grandmother encountered a famine when she was young and starved to death, my little aunt. The older I get, the more I like to nag, and that's all I get!" Jiang Tianbai explained.

"It's your business whether I accept it or not!" Bai Yunshu stood up and left without hesitation. All the good-looking men were fickle men, like her good father Bai Motong and her good husband Jin Chenyang.

Jiang Tianbai looked at Bai Yunshu who was walking away without turning back, with one hand on his cheek, as if he was thinking about something.

Jiang Tianbai took Old Lady Jiang back with him and placed her in one of his villas. Bai Yunshu let out a sigh of relief when she found out that Old Lady Jiang had been taken away.

After Old Lady Jiang went back, no one gave her sleeping pills at night, so she kept tossing and turning in the middle of the night just to find Little Grass.

Jiang Tianbai kneaded his forehead and walked downstairs. The new girl followed behind the old lady helplessly. She would follow wherever she went.

The old lady was on her knees looking under the sofa to see if Little Grass was hiding there. Jiang Tianbai called out helplessly, "Grandma!"

"Xiaobai, Little Grass has disappeared, and your little aunt has disappeared again!" The old lady looked anxious.

"Grandma, I'll take you to find little aunt!"

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