Ex-wife, Let's Get Married Again/C5 I'll Think about It
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Ex-wife, Let's Get Married Again/C5 I'll Think about It
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C5 I'll Think about It

Bai Yunshu was a bit tempted. After all, the offer from Jiang Tianbai was very tempting.

As for the future, she purposely didn't think about it, but with the child in her stomach, everything would be a problem in the future. Even if she went out to look for a job, there still wouldn't be a single unit that would hire someone who was about to take maternity leave.

Plus, if he didn't go to see his grandma for a long time, his grandma would definitely worry about him!

"I'll think about it!"

Jiang Tianbai nodded and didn't push too hard.

Bai Yunshu sat on the side of Old Lady Jiang's bed, thinking and thinking. In the end, she couldn't stand the sleepiness anymore and fell asleep beside her.

When she got up, it was still early in the morning. The old lady had already gone to bed after returning last night and hadn't caused any trouble since then.

She thought for a moment, then went to the kitchen to look for ingredients to start making breakfast according to the taste of the public.

"Good morning, little aunt!" Jiang Tianbai was wearing a sportswear and his forehead was covered in sweat. It was obvious that he had just come back from exercising.

"..." "Mr. Jiang, morning!" Bai Yunshu was a little embarrassed as she turned around to take care of the Thousand Layers Pancakes in the wok. These experts all learned their skills from their grandma's years.

Jiang Tianbai looked at the pot, then looked at the soy milk being beaten on the soy milk machine before turning around and going upstairs.

When he reappeared, he had changed into a fresh set of clothes. He wore a white shirt and black trousers. The watch on his wrist seemed to be worth a lot of money.

"Mr. Jiang, send me back after the meal!"

"Hm!" "As I said last night, you can consider it!"

"I'll think about it seriously!"

Jiang Tianbai sent Bai Yunshu back to the mental hospital. When Bai Yunshu went back to her room, she found an unexpected guest.

"Bai Yunshu, you're quite capable!" Jin Chenyang's face was a bit sullen. He could even casually go in and out of here. No wonder he could easily run out and ruin his wedding last time.

"Chenyang..." When Bai Yunshu saw Jin Chenyang, her heart couldn't help but beat for him once again. Did he come to apologize and admit his wrongs and make up with her?

"Put away that fake expression of yours!"

Bai Yunshu's breathing stagnated.

"Child, whose is it?"

"Young Master Jin, whose child is it that's important? "The important thing is whose stomach it is in, right?" Bai Yunshu looked at Jin Chenyang mockingly. Jin Chenyang gritted his teeth and asked,

"What do you want?"


"How much is it?"

Bai Yunshu was stunned for a few seconds, not sure if he meant how much he had knocked out the child or how much he had divorced her.

"That depends on what Young Master Jin wants!"

Jin Chenyang secretly mocked her in his heart. This was the daughter-in-law that his grandpa had found for him. He didn't care what sort of person she was, as long as she was willing to stay far away from him and never appear in front of him again.

"Divorce will disappear right in front of my eyes!"

When Bai Yunshu heard Jin Chenyang's merciless words, it was as if her entire body was covered with wounds. Moreover, it was as if he ruthlessly ripped her body apart. From head to toe, she felt a tearing pain.

"And if I don't?"

"I don't care, at most you'll stay in a mental hospital for the rest of your life!"

"You bastard!"

"Even I am more despicable than you!" Jin Chenyang twitched his mouth at her stomach.

Bai Yunshu's heart was filled with pain. Jin Chenyang's words were like a knife, each word was like a knife that stabbed into her heart.

"If I leave, it has nothing to do with money. I will disappear from your world!" Bai Yunshu took in a deep breath. She had said that she would not be sad anymore, so why was she unable to control herself?

Jin Chenyang looked at her in surprise. Based on his understanding of her, he would either cause a ruckus or give her a big bite or pretend to be pitiful. This was the first time he saw such an expressionless face.

"You'd better not be delusional enough to want me to take responsibility for bringing my child back with you!"

"Jin Chenyang, don't worry!" If you beg me to come back, I won't come back either! "

"You'd better remember what you said!" Jin Chenyang gave her a deep look and left without a word.

However, as soon as he left, Bai Yunduo appeared behind him.

"Sis!" Bai Yunduo called out from the doorway.

"…" When Bai Yunshu heard Bai Yunduo's voice, she acted as if she hadn't heard her, ignoring her.

"Sis, I know you blame me. Actually, I didn't want to hurt you! But, as you know, love is selfish. It can't accommodate a third person. "

"Bai Yunduo, put away your white lotus. There are no outsiders here, you don't need to pretend!" "If you want to say something, hurry up and say it. Once you're done, scram!" Bai Yunshu looked at Bai Yunduo impatiently. Still pretending at this time, tired?

"Sis, since you insist on talking to me like that, I won't beat around the bush with you anymore!" Hearing Bai Yunshu's words, Bai Yunduo couldn't be bothered to continue pretending with her.

"How can you divorce Chenyang?"

"Divorce? Even if it's a divorce, you're still in the third place! "

Bai Yunshu's words stabbed into Bai Yunduo's heart, her heart suddenly shrank, and she said, "If you didn't forcefully stab us, how could I have become Little San? Bai Yunshu, you have to blame others for what you did wrong! "Chenyang and I got to know each other earlier than you, childhood sweethearts, love each other, yet you interfered. Say, are you doing this on purpose?"

"Congratulations, you got it right! I did it on purpose. If Jin Chenyang wasn't a childhood sweetheart of yours, I wouldn't even marry him! I just want to separate you guys, what's wrong? "

"Sis, are you going to let me down like this?"

Just as Bai Yunshu was thinking, Jin Chenyang walked in with a darkened face.

"Chen, Chenyang …" Bai Yunduo's face showed that she was wronged. Bai Yunshu was so angry that her entire body was trembling. Bai Yunduo was indeed born to be a beauty with a trick up her sleeve.

"Bai Yunshu, so it turns out that you've been using me!"

"Chenyang, I …"

"What did you say? I heard it all!" If I didn't hear it with my own ears, I really wouldn't believe that you are such a person! "

"What's there not to believe? Didn't you personally see me push your grandmother down? Didn't you personally hear what I said?" Bai Yunshu raised her face stubbornly, refusing to yield in the slightest.

"You really are a bad woman!"

"Right, I am a bad woman. I will never stop until I reach my goal!"

"You asked for it!" Jin Chenyang left decisively. Bai Yunduo smiled complacently at Bai Yunshu, as if she had gotten what she wanted. She raised her middle finger and pointed it down at Nature, then pointed it down again.

Bai Yunshu looked at her with an expressionless face. What she wanted was for Jin Chenyang to completely fall out with her, but she couldn't do as she wished!

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