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C7 Important Things

"En!" Jin Chenyang nodded and walked towards his study.

Bai Motong was pacing around anxiously.

"Young Master Jin!"

"Uncle Bai, why are you here?"

"If we find that Yunshu, the child in her womb …"

"You want to keep it?" Jin Chenyang shot a glance at Bai Motong. Bai Motong smiled awkwardly and said:

"No, no, no. It depends on what you mean, Young Master Jin!"

"Bai Yunshu's child isn't mine. Don't tell me Duo Duo didn't tell you?"

"What?" Not yours? " He thought that if Young Master Jin valued the child, he would treat Bai Yunshu better, or could use her to exchange for more benefits for Bai Family. He didn't think that it would not be Jin Chenyang.

"This evil creature, if I find her, I'll break her legs!"

Jin Chenyang looked up at Bai Motong, curious about one thing. Bai Yunshu and Bai Yunduo were both his daughters.

"Bai Yunshu is with Jiang Tianbai now!"

"Jiang, Jiang Tianbai?" Bai Motong was dumbstruck as he looked at Jin Chenyang. How did she end up being together with someone from Jiang Family? Or was her child from Jiang Tianbai?

Jin Chenyang looked at Bai Motong silently. He was very clear who this Bai Motong was. If it wasn't because of the clouds, he really didn't want to interact with people from Bai Family.

"Then, then what should we do now?"


Jin Chenyang also didn't expect Bai Yunshu to know Jiang Tianbai. They had been secretly married for so many years, but he had never tried to get to know her. Anyway, the impression she left was never good.

Sure enough, she found her backer before they even got divorced. He, Jin Chenyang, must let her know who was the real reliable person!

Office of the President of Zhongtian Group

"Boss Jiang, here is the information you wanted!" Xu Rufeng placed a thick stack of files in front of Jiang Tianbai. Jiang Tianbai put the documents in his hands to the side and reached out to take the file.

Xu Rufeng stood aside. This file was all about Bai Yunshu, no details, even the hospital she was born in had investigated everything clearly, not to mention her family's accident when she was seven years old.

Xu Rufeng saw that his CEO's face looked worse and worse, it just turned black. He was a bit anxious, could he have gotten the information wrong?

After Jiang Tianbai read the information in his hands, he read it again. Finally, he slammed the information on the table, stood up and walked to the French window. He put his hands in his pockets and looked out of the window.

Xu Rufeng didn't know what to do. He trembled and asked: "Boss Jiang, is there something wrong?"

"No, you go out first!"

Xu Rufeng looked at Jiang Tianbai, then looked at the documents on the table and left.

Jiang Tianbai stood at the French window for a while, then went back to his desk and took Bai Yunshu's information and read them carefully. The photos of childhood were contained in the documents, he looked at the girl in the photos with a look of hesitation that shouldn't be seen by those of the same age, and his heart ached.

At 4 PM, Jiang Tianbai left the company on time and rushed to the villa at the Amethyst Park.

Bai Yunshu was cooking dinner for Old Lady Jiang.

"Little aunt!" "Where are the servants?" Jiang Tianbai frowned as he saw Bai Yunshu cooking by herself.

"…" Bai Yunshu was speechless. It was normal for her to look at him. Why did she have to call him 'Little Aunt'?

"Hello, Mr. Jiang!" I let her go home, I'm home! "

Bai Yunshu smiled helplessly at Jiang Tianbai, since Jiang Tianbai was her current customer, she had to serve him well. After all, a large portion of the people who could deal with Bai Family still had to decide who the person in front of them was.

Jiang Tianbai felt his heart ache as he saw the smile on Bai Yunshu's face. A woman who had the right to cry but had to laugh was truly heartbreaking.

"Your task is to take care of Grandma!"

"..." She's fine, there's no fuss! " Bai Yunshu said nervously. After all, she acted on her own, so she didn't know if Jiang Tianbai would be angry or not.

Jiang Tianbai glanced at Bai Yunshu. Not making a fuss?

If it was Bai Yunshu, she wouldn't have been surprised. She was the only one who could stop Grandma from making trouble in the hospital.

"Where's Grandma?"

"Watch TV in the house!"

Jiang Tianbai glanced at Bai Yunshu before he turned around and walked into Old Lady Jiang's room. When he neared the door, he heard the old lady's chuckle and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

He pushed the door open. The old lady was staring at the TV without blinking. Jiang Tianbai looked at the TV, which was showing the classic cartoon cat and mouse. Tom was chasing Jack the Mouse.

"Grandmother!" Jiang Tianbai shouted.

"Xiaobai, you're back?" Sit down for a while. Little Aunt will be cooking soon! "

Jiang Tianbai looked at Old Lady Jiang. Was she ready?

"Grandma, let me take you for a walk!"

"Little Aunt has been bringing me away for a long time, I just came back!"

Jiang Tianbai looked at the door and didn't say anything.

When it was time for dinner, Bai Yunshu rubbed her waist and served the food.

"Have the servants come back to work tomorrow. You just need to take care of Grandma and stay with her!"

"That's right, Little Grass, don't work so hard. Little White can raise you!"

Bai Yunshu's face turned red when she heard Old Lady Jiang's words. She didn't dare to look at Jiang Tianbai, but Jiang Tianbai nodded and said with a serious face:

"I can afford it!"

Bai Yunshu didn't dare to look at Jiang Tianbai. She lowered her head to help the two people carry the rice. The corner of Jiang Tianbai's mouth slightly curled up.

After dinner, Old Lady Jiang fell asleep. Bai Yunshu knocked on Jiang Tianbai's study door.

"Mr. Jiang!"

"Little aunt, what's the matter?" Jiang Tianbai suddenly opened the door. Bai Yunshu was shocked, but the words that she wanted to say were illogical.

"Ugh …"

"Come in!" Perhaps because Jiang Tianbai noticed Bai Yunshu's distress, Bai Yunshu quickly followed her indoors.

Bai Yunshu looked at the furnishings in the study. She thought that the men's study was made of alternating black and white. The atmosphere was very masculine. She didn't expect that there would be warmth everywhere in the study, making people feel comfortable and relaxed.

"I want to go back and get something tomorrow!"

"Go back?" Jiang Tianbai frowned. For no reason, he didn't like her saying 'go back'.

"Uh, to go to the villa in Jin Family, I have a very important thing there!"

Jiang Tianbai looked at her for a while, then sat down and said: "What's so important?"

"A necklace my mother left me!"

When Jiang Tianbai heard her say her mother, the unhappiness in his heart naturally disappeared. He said: "En, go early and come back early!"

What her mother had left her was definitely very important, but if he knew what would happen to her when she returned, he would definitely stop her!

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