Ex-wife, Let's Get Married Again/C9 Bai Yunshu Don't Go too Far
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Ex-wife, Let's Get Married Again/C9 Bai Yunshu Don't Go too Far
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C9 Bai Yunshu Don't Go too Far

"Mom …" Bai Yunshu's heart skipped a beat. The moment the leaves broke, she pounced towards the crystal necklace and let out a heart-wrenching howl.

Jin Chenyang was stunned on the spot. Looking at the broken pieces, he didn't know what to do.

Bai Yunshu threw herself onto the ground where the leaves were, picking up the pieces one by one. Tears welled up in her eyes.

Bai Yunduo's face revealed a victorious smile. Then, she immediately changed into an innocent look, like a child who had done something wrong. She stood in front of Jin Chenyang with her head lowered and said: "Sorry, I didn't do it on purpose, I …"

"None of your business!" Jin Chenyang's expression didn't look too good. Bai Yunduo looked at his expression, then looked at Bai Yunshu, and didn't say anything.

Bai Yunshu put the leaves together and could no longer put them back together. She scrambled to her feet and rushed towards Bai Yunduo.

Seeing this, Jin Chenyang immediately protected Bai Yunduo behind him and hugged Bai Yunshu to stop her crazy actions. That day at the wedding, no matter how she broke down, she didn't act like how she was now. She was simply insane.

"AHH!" Bai Yunshu, who was controlled by Jin Chenyang, couldn't hit Bai Yunduo. She roared angrily towards the sky and constantly slapped Jin Chenyang's hands. From time to time, she would kick towards Bai Yunduo's direction.

"Calm down, calm down! Be careful of your stomach! " Jin Chenyang said to Bai Yunshu. When Bai Yunshu heard his words, she instantly lost all will to fight and collapsed.

This was the only thing her mother had left her. It was her yearning. She would spend many sad days with this necklace.

Her mother told her that the green leaf had been passed down from the Yu Family ancestors. Although it wasn't worth much, it had an extraordinary meaning. Mother said that green represents life, and that life is the root of everything.

However, his mother, who told him about her life, had killed herself because of depression. A person who loved life so much could actually end it with her own hands. Who knew what kind of experience she had gone through and what kind of despair she saw in her life?

At this moment, she also felt despair. In this world, the only thing she missed was being gone, what could she hope to live on?

"Isn't it just a crystal necklace? Do you really need to go that far? " Bai Yunduo's not bad voice could be heard. Bai Yunshu was once again provoked by her words.

"To you, it's like a string of crystals, but to me, it's like missing me. Bai Yunduo, I'm going to beat you to death!" I'll kill you! "

Bai Yunshu's shout successfully lured Yu Hongyu, who tried to figure out if she was pregnant or not, into the room.

When she entered the door, she saw Jin Chenyang hugging Bai Yunshu tightly. His eyes were bloodshot, but the remaining rationality prevented her from taking any excessive actions.

"What's going on? Is he sick again? " Yu Hongyu ran to Jin Chenyang and stopped two meters away from him.

"You're the one who's sick. Your whole family is sick!" When Bai Yunshu heard Yu Hongyu's voice, she suddenly remembered the day her mother died. In this house, she carried her 6-year-old Bai Yunduo and came here to show off her wealth. That scummy father of hers also doted on her in all kinds of ways, unrestrainedly showing love in front of her mother, which eventually led to her mother's suicide due to depression!

"Bai Yunshu, you're sick. You've been a troublemaker since you were young. You killed my son, and now you want to kill my daughter?" Bai Motong came out of nowhere. When he heard Bai Yunshu scolding him, he became angry.

Bai Yunshu's body stiffened when she heard Bai Motong's words. Wu Tie could feel her entire body trembling.

"Your son, your daughter, yes, I want you to die without descendants, and I want you to die without descendants. You bastards! "

Bai Yunshu scolded Bai Motong. Bai Motong came forward and slapped her face. Bai Yunshu was stunned for a long time by Bai Motong's slap.

Jin Chenyang's face darkened. Was Bai Motong slapping him in the face?

He let go of Bai Yunshu and stood between Bai Motong and Bai Yunshu, saying, "Uncle Bai, I have no interest in interfering with your family matters! If you don't welcome me, I can leave right now! "

"Young Master Jin, that's not …" He originally wanted to please the Crown Prince, as he knew he hated Bai Yunshu and he didn't want to keep the child in her womb. That was why he didn't show any mercy, who knew that the Crown Prince would be unhappy.

"Chenyang..." Hearing that Jin Chenyang wanted to leave, Bai Yunduo shouted out in grievance, "If it's because I accidentally destroyed your things, I can apologize. I shouldn't be so curious, it's all my fault. Why are you so curious? It's all my fault, wuwuwu …"

As Bai Yunduo spoke, she reached out her hand to hit the hand that was snatching the crystal necklace a few times. A red mark immediately appeared on the back of her snow-white hand.

Seeing this, Jin Chenyang's dark face turned a little better. He turned around to Bai Yunshu and said, "This is an accident. How do you want to compensate?"

Bai Yunshu was still in a daze, and Bai Motong's slap almost didn't hit her. When she heard Jin Chenyang talk about compensation, she revealed a mocking smile, wiped the blood from her mouth and asked, "Can you even afford to pay what I can say?"

"As long as it isn't too much, we can discuss it!" Jin Chenyang was naturally not a fool. It was impossible for him to compensate the two stars in the sky that came from the east wind.

"Since we can't do it, why pretend?"

"If you didn't say it, how would you know that I can't do it?"

"How do I compensate? I want them all to kneel down and apologize to my mother! "

The moment Bai Yunshu said this, Bai Motong's expression changed. Yu Hongyu also panicked. What if Jin Chenyang really wanted them to kneel to her mother?

Bai Yunduo was just wiping away her tears when she heard Bai Yunshu's words. She immediately stopped wiping her tears and opened her mouth to cry.

"Sis, I just accidentally destroyed Chenyang's item. Even if I have to compensate you, it has nothing to do with you. Why are you bringing it up?" Bai Yunduo purposely said that the crystal necklace was Jin Chenyang's, indicating that she didn't intentionally break it. By then, Jin Chenyang had finally believed Bai Yunduo. He said to Bai Yunshu,

"Bai Yunshu, don't go too far!"

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