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C5 I want her (2)

Jian Le pulled Yang Xi a few steps back on purpose and softly said, "Was that what you said just now?" Fortunately the marriage between the two families had already been annulled, otherwise, he would see this person frequently (You're really thinking too much, she's really busy with tasks, how would she have the time to see you). He felt that he would be very uncomfortable, and secretly rubbed his hands together, of course, in his heart, he didn't dare to reveal anything on the surface.

"Yes." Yang Xi was actually a little confused. She was just the grandson and granddaughter of a good friend of her grandfather's, she was just unhappy, at worst, she would just stay away from him for a bit, what was there to be unhappy about? Of course, she didn't dare to show it on the surface.

She was already used to cooperating with when he was happily pulling her along. They had done this kind of thing a lot anyway, and were extremely familiar with it, how could she not think that Zhong Haoyan would sweep them a glance. His gaze was so cold, it would be weird if he did not scare a weak little chicken like her who had never seen the world.

Of course, Zhong Haoyan still thought that he had performed very well, but how could he have expected that the first effect he had on his wife wasn't that good at all? Of course, if he knew that she would also blow his nose, so what?

"It's okay, it's okay." Jian Le couldn't help but pat his chest, thinking that he would never come again, how was this a normal soldier like what the Aunt had said? It was obvious looking at the special forces, if he wanted to get promoted and leave the Special Brigade, then he would be able to get promoted in a few years, alright.

Looking at Jian Le who had a face of 'I've been cheated', and even looked like he had been cheated to a miserable state, Yang Xi really wanted to smash his head against the wall. Can I have a little bit of face? I already saw the wounded soldier look at you a few times, alright? It's really too embarrassing.

"You're here." When he entered the main hall, he saw Zhong's grandpa sitting on the sofa. His aura was much stronger than Grandpa Jane's, and if it wasn't for the fact that he had other matters to attend to later, he wouldn't scare the little miss anymore.

"Enough, I have neglected this matter. Actually, it is not a bad thing for your family." It was just that after the incident with Yang Xi that year, he wanted to stay by his side and keep her by his side. When Mrs. Jian cried, he did not have any rules, and could only let things go as they pleased.

"Hmph, what good thing, this isn't making our family a joke in the courtyard." Originally, he did not want to argue with his old friend in front of his future wife, but he did not expect that his old friend would not give him any face at all and would do everything to lift him up. How could he endure this?

"Hmph, with that broken throat of yours, you still want to make a big show out of it. It's not like you get laughed at every day." Grandpa Jane was also a man who could not show any face, so he directly beat the crap out of the other party.

Zhong's grandpa stared at her old friend. How could she say such a thing?

"Alright, let's get down to business." In the past, when Zhong's grandma saw the two of them meeting and quarreling, there was no need to mention how happy she was, but later on he realized that was a sign of their good relationship. At that time, he also mentioned Grandpa Jane a few more times in front of Zhong's grandpa, causing him to get angry with her.

"Hmph." Only then did Zhong's grandpa find a way out. He was still unhappy about his old friend not giving him face, and snorted heavily.

By the side, the Jian Family and the two young masters were already stunned. They had said that they would be high and mighty, and that they would be the cold and callous army commanders. They felt that they had been deceived.

Everyone present could only watch Yang Xi the whole time. If it was a bad girl, she wouldn't be able to marry her son even if she died. Then, thinking of her father-in-law's aura that was even scarier than his mother-in-law's, her body couldn't help but tremble.

Only Yang Xi felt uncomfortable under that fiery gaze. On top of that, she had only come over with her grandfather, why did she have to look at him?

"Old kid, what happened to your daughter-in-law?" The Zhong's grandpa looked like he was watching a joke, it really made his teeth itch, but if the people of Jian Family were not of the younger generation, they were still in the wrong, no matter how dissatisfied they were with the other party's performance, when it came to serious matters, they would not look for the other party again.

"That's the kind of thing you see." He had single-handedly established the Jian Family, and whether or not he could protect the Jian Family was his grandchild's business. Even if he wanted to intervene, he would not be able to do so now that he was old. Naturally, he would not interfere in this matter, even if the Jian Family were to really fall.

"Alright, since the last half is in the hands of the Jian Family, I won't lose anything." He knew that the second son of the old fellow was not someone to be trifled with, and that a part of the company would probably have already been transferred away by him. Even if something were to happen to the company, their family would not suffer much, and at that time, his daughter-in-law would truly be the one who would suffer a loss.

"To have such numbers, I would laugh even if I were to die." Grandpa Jane swept a glance at him and did not believe him at all. He knew that his second son was probably a schemer, and he was afraid that he would have to accompany him out with a lot of money at that time.

"You can't even take half a step." Zhong's grandpa was furious.

"Grandfather." Zhong Haoyan saw that the two old men had not been able to get to the main topic of business for a long time, so he couldn't help but to mention that he would need to return to the army after three hours. Before he leaves, he naturally had to talk to his fiancee.

"Hmph." Zhong's grandpa couldn't help but glare at his old friend. It was all because of him.

"The marriage is also annulled. Haoyan, take a look and see what you think." Zhong's grandpa was also not the kind of person who would let a tower fall down. It was mainly because old friends said that they felt that it was not right to talk about such harmful things, even if they were always on bad terms with each other.

He thought that this could also be considered to be related to the fourth generation marriage of the Zhong and Jian families, which he couldn't help but to take seriously. Thinking that, he started to feel guilty again, looking at the actions in front of him, Jian Family would probably have already fallen into despair.

"I want her." Zhong Haoyan did not waste time speaking, he looked at the time, he still had another half an hour to talk, then another half an hour to talk with his fiancee, they could eat together. There was still time left. He might go out for a walk or something.

"Pfft." Initially, he felt that he had no hope. As he was sipping the fragrant tea, he couldn't help but complain in his heart that the glutinous rice tea that came back from Taobao, which cost more than forty yuan, was delicious.

Zhong Haoyan raised his eyebrows and gave Yang Xi a look.

Yang Xi had already been scared to death, but now that she was being looked at again, she was scared and couldn't help but shake her head. She had no objections, how could she have any objections, and even smile ingratiatingly, she never thought that she would be the one cheating.

Grandpa Jane was stunned. She turned her head to look at her old friend and frowned.

"Why aren't you willing?" This time the Zhong's grandpa was unhappy.

"Why don't you ask me that?" The meaning behind Grandpa Jane's raised eyebrows was very clear. You couldn't have decided it yourself, could you? Do you have this person's consent? Don't let anything happen when the time comes. It had to be known that what had happened that year was because of this old lady. If they were to have another encounter, he felt that his old friend wouldn't be able to take it.

"Grandpa Jane, you can rest assured. I will definitely marry my wife." Zhong Haoyan also knew some things about his second uncle, which seemed to really be related to the Jian Family.

Initially, Zhong's grandma thought that there would be a chance for him to oppose Yue Yang, but he didn't expect his grandson to take responsibility for it. Zhong's grandma could only put on a dark face, and didn't say anything in order to give his family a good look, thinking that his niece will only arrive in a few days, at that time, it would be weird for his grandson to fall in love with this wild girl.

"Since the two little fellows don't have any objections, then let's do it this way. We'll arrange for the engagement ceremony to be completed when the time comes." Seeing that no one had any objections, Zhong's grandpa decided on this, thinking that this daughter-in-law of his looked much more pleasing to the eye than the last one.

She had an opinion on Yang Xi's teary eyes, she was really interesting. How could she be like this, how could she not have human rights, she really wanted to cry.

"That's enough. Haoyan, take ?" Only then did Zhong's grandpa remember, he didn't seem to know the name of this future granddaughter-in-law.

"Yang Xi." The meaning behind Grandpa Jane's bland glance was clear. Are you sure your grandson really wants to marry my granddaughter? It would be hard to deal with then, of course, he thought as he swept his eyes across Zhong's grandma.

"Sissy, go play." Zhong's grandpa glared back. The fault this time belonged to Jian Family, how could they act as if their Zhong Family had let down their family?

After he finished staring, he felt that something was amiss. Yang Xi, how could he not be surnamed Yi?

In comparison to the happy atmosphere in the hall, Yang Xi and her side was not that beautiful. Of course, it was mainly because Zhong Haoyan's aura was too big, and as Yang Xi was a mortal for two lifetimes, she could not even breathe, her legs were shaking uncontrollably.

"Am I scary?" Zhong Haoyan raised his eyebrows. Seeing the other party's legs trembling, it was obvious that it was a natural reaction from being too nervous. He couldn't help but feel that it was funny, but at the same time, he was also confused. Why were these people afraid of him?

"Nope." Yang Xi wanted to smile more sincerely, but her face was too stiff, she did not listen to her at all.

Towards the Zhong Haoyan who had a wooden face all year round, he did not find anything wrong, but instead felt that the other party's words were rather trustworthy. Maybe it was because they were going to get engaged, so they were too nervous.

So, you've already found a reason why your wife is very afraid of you. I just don't know how long this reason will last.

"We're getting married, you don't have to worry about living, I will give you my salary card, you can buy anything you want, and you don't have to worry about the appearance of a third party. If they do appear, you can directly report them to the military, and they can go to jail for at least two years." Zhong Haoyan was very serious, and did not think about what would happen if he fell for someone else.

"So military marriages are really guaranteed!" She naturally did not let go of the matter of military marriages, those kinds of general and the like. In reality, she did not know whether military marriages were guaranteed by law or not, but she did not expect that she would be reborn in a different time and space. Someone would tell her that the reason why military marriages were protected by law was because there were too many things to worry about, and her unwillingness was also reduced by a few points.

No, thinking about getting a divorce before getting married, what the hell is this!

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