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C7 accident

His younger brother had obviously never helped him when he had grown up, and had even been holed up in that laboratory every day. How could this not make him angry? He thought that his younger brother had come out today and thought that he had figured it out.

The gamblers took a step back. Three steps behind the young lord would be safer, so they thought, "Second Young Master, you have to come back quickly. You are the only hope in our hearts."

After sending Grandpa Jane and Yang Xi back to the old dwelling, Jian Le left home to see if there was anything he could help with, so he helped out. He knew in his heart that this time, the family was no longer the same as before, and not only would their physical life decline, there would also be differences between fellow students in the future.

"Little girl, do you hate Jian Family?" Seeing her grandfather to his room to rest, Grandpa Jane looked at Little granddaughter who was well-behaved and obedient. She thought of her granddaughter who was so used to not knowing anything, and felt a little disappointed.

Of course, these are all just imagination. If it isn't a possible problem, then it is the truth. At that time, you probably won't be able to keep your granddaughter forever.

"Hate it!" That year, Yang Ah had intentionally brought her along when he left, so she would no longer have anything to do with Jian Family, the wealthy business family. But since the people of Jian Family did not agree, even her father, who did not care about anything, was firm in his opposition, allowing this little child, who had no right to speak, to be forcefully kept here. In the end, she did not even get a single bit of the fortune she had left, nor did she have to sacrifice her marriage for this family.

All those years ago, if he had not been so inflexible, then there would not have been so many things happening today. What Jian Family's bones and blood, to put it in a nice way, in reality, they had never thought about it for their child at all. At the end, when the Jian Family was old, the number of people who were injured would increase, and when the Jian Family grew old, they would die.

Yang Xi, who had returned to her room, couldn't help but stare blankly for a long time. After her rebirth, her life was still as dull as it was in her previous life, and the most unusual thing about her was probably her birth. Only, that kind of birth wasn't something that she could change just because she wanted to, so she didn't have to choose when she was an infant.

"Forget it, it's useless to think too much. At the very least, I'm still free." Yang Xi thought that with her brain, she really couldn't think of any other way, it would be better to live a peaceful life without anything happening. Worst case scenario, when she supported him with spatial items, it would appear that Jian Family didn't have much to support her during these years, and she couldn't help but feel that she had suffered a loss.

"What's going on?" Second Master Jian was extremely angry, all these years he realised that his sister-in-law was not right, so he started to transfer some of the funds, but he was afraid that he was overthinking it, so he did not take action, not expecting such a thing like annulling the engagement.

Other people did not know about these things, but the Jian Family's three siblings did know about Zhong Family's family background, so when they heard their wife call him to tell him about something, he did not really believe it, but their wife had always only listened to him, and that thought was quickly dispelled. It was just that the problem now had arisen, and they were afraid that their eldest sister-in-law would act against the company.

"What can you do? Back then, I already said that sister-in-law is not easy to deal with, you really only cared about brotherly love, now that's good, Jian Family lost this time, right?" Second Aunt Jane directly glanced at her husband, and ate the fruits like nothing happened. In any case, it didn't matter whether Jian Family was rich or not, as their relationship was not really that great, so she directly did not worry about him. Furthermore, in these past few years, her husband did not spend much effort.

At the same time, he felt that his wife was taking things too lightly. They were also from Jian Family, even if something were to happen to Jian Family, it would be impossible for them to escape.

Of course, even if they could escape, he wasn't planning on running. All of the large families had one face, and if they were to suffer a loss, then there would be people who would be able to escape.

"I'll leave it to you." His wife's family was not as good as his sister-in-law's, but they were in love freely, so their relationship was always good. After marrying for more than twenty years, their relationship had never been red, and even their eldest brother had inherited the Jian's.

"It's good that you know." Second Aunt Jane felt that her husband today was a little strange, but she still gave him face to cooperate, making her two sons and Jian Le, who just entered the door, sour in their teeth.

Even though his teeth were aching, Jian Le still called out to his family and thought about how he should tell his family about what Zhong Family saw and what happened today.

"What happened?" When Second Master Jian saw his youngest son frowning and thinking, he could not help but be angered by this half-grown boy. Since there was something big going on in this house and he had to run away to come back, it was as if he was thinking about something important in this life.

"Yes." Jian Le thought that sooner or later, his family would find out about this matter, and since he had already made preparations, he no longer planned to keep it a secret.

"Oh, then let us hear it." After working at the company for the entire day, he had finally settled the matter. When he came back, he saw his youngest son's playful expression, and the frustration in his heart had disappeared. He wanted to know just what had caused this brat to become so anxious.

"Dad." Jian Le was unhappy. He was clearly saying that it was proper business, his dad was too outrageous, how could he treat him like this? Alright, main thing, he didn't seem to be doing proper business everyday, it was really tiring not being believed.

"Son, speak." Second Aunt Jane would never allow anyone to bully her son, so she glared at Second Master Jian fiercely before looking at her son smilingly.

"Hmph, Grandfather brought Yang Xi and I to the Zhong Family today." The news was huge, and her eyes were sparkling. It was clearly written there, hurry up and praise me, praise me quickly.

"Is that so?" Second Master Jian was getting serious. Ever since they came out about the matter of Little Sis and Second Brother, their family's younger generation did not plan to go to Zhong Family anymore. Of course, due to that aunt and father's temperament, they did not expect that Father would bring the third generation along.

Furthermore, the most important thing was that the legitimate Jian Ning had never gone to the Fu Clan, while the illegitimate daughter, Qian Qian, had gone. This made people think about it, it seemed like the Old Master still had some feelings for the granddaughter that he had personally brought, Second Master Jian couldn't help but think that she could take care of her in the future. In fact, towards her two daughters, he really liked that girl Qian Qian a lot.

"Hmm, so it turns out that Zhong Family is living with a few marshal ranked people in the military sector. Furthermore, from the looks of it, her identity shouldn't be like Aunt had said." Jian Le couldn't help but laugh heartily. They had never liked the Aunt since they were brothers. Firstly, the Aunt didn't like them much, and secondly, the Aunt made things difficult for their mother all the time.

"Go on." Second Master Jian rolled his eyes, of course it was not simple, only his sister-in-law would believe that the news that came from the meteors was ridiculous, why not, maybe his big brother did not know, otherwise he would definitely not let his eldest sister-in-law do such a thing.

"Dad, you know?" Jian Le who was originally very proud felt that he had been deceived.

"Alright, let's get down to business." As long as the family was safe, there wouldn't be much difference between them and the future. In addition, he didn't feel that after leaving Jian's, he would make his wife and son hungry, and his father would start from scratch. He felt that he could also do it.

"Oh, Zhong Family has booked Yang Xi to be Brother Yan's wife." She knew about this matter and felt that she was just a little bit uncomfortable. Although and him were normal people, in his heart, she always treated Yang Xi, who was three years older than him, as her little sister. At this time, someone was suddenly fighting with him for her little sister.

"What? It's unlikely. Aunty doesn't object." Second Master Jian couldn't help but stand up. Back then, that old lady was the one who forced his second son to his death. To be able to let Qian Qian enter the door, one must know that his sister was not an illegitimate child like Qian Qian.

Jian Le was actually shocked by his father. It seemed like her father and Zhong Family really knew each other, maybe even knew each other very well.

"Alright, you scared the children." Second Aunt Jane did know a little, but because when she married into the Jian Family, the second generation of Jian Family were not allowed to enter the Zhong Family and were not allowed to mention it, so she only knew a little.

"It's fine, it's fine." Second Master Jian also felt that he was too excited, he touched his nose in embarrassment, the way he looked at his son was not good, how could you be so ignorant, making your mother scold him like that, hmph, I'm angry.

"Zhong's grandma's expression is not too good, but he did not object." Jian Le retorted in his heart. Since the other party was not opposed to it on the surface, he had already become unwilling, if not for something happening in his family, honestly speaking, he would not want that foolish girl to enter a house like that. Not to mention anything else, only Zhong's grandma and Aunt Zhong could be at each other's throats.

"What did he not say in public?" That's not right, back then that old lady objected in front of everyone and even scolded that little sister of hers. Even now, she didn't put on a good face when she met her little sister, causing the relationship between sister and brother-in-law to get out of whack. In the end, both of them got divorced.

"Nope." Jian Le felt that there was something he did not know, and he decided to not say anything bad. At that time, the stupid girl would not be suffering in Zhong Family, right?

"Sigh, this is good as well. At least I won't be sold by my sister-in-law." Second Aunt Jane couldn't help but let out a faint sigh, thinking about her sister-in-law's narrow-minded personality. She didn't think that Qian Qian ended up well because she had Jian Family to support her in the past, no matter how bad she was, she could still marry an ordinary person to live a good life with. Now that Jian Family was finished, what would happen in the future was hard to say.

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