(i) Beginnings

December 31, 2019, 2019. Because I was too excited while watching the movie, I knocked over the glass of water, causing the computer to explode. At the last moment, I wrote these words in my diary, hoping … "Ling Chu frowned as he thought of the last sentence," I said, if you die, you die.

Ling Chu looked up and saw that he was flying above him, claiming that he was the System 112 from the advanced world, saying that he came to Earth to find a fated person to complete the quest. Ling Chu thought fiercely in his heart, but did not show it on the surface.

"That won't do. This is my responsibility alone. If I were to implicate others, it wouldn't be good." Ling Chu wrote the last sentence on the ground, "I hope Uncle Police can apologize to the other innocent victims on my behalf."

"Yo, I didn't know you were such a good kid." 112 Looking at the writing beside her, she bragged, "Cut the crap. Alright, we'll leave the book behind when I put it down." Ling Chu stood up, his body was transparent, like a spirit body. 112 Looking at Ling Chu placing the book on the windowsill, he sighed in his heart. Originally a good child, but such a thing actually happened.

"Let's go, what are you waiting for, have you lost your wits?" Ling Chu looked at the System above his head with disdain. Although he said it was the System, it was no different from a human. It was a few times smaller than a human, "Oh, oh, let's go." When 112 came back to his senses, he opened up a transmission channel. Ling Chu turned his head and looked at the burning house, hearing the sound of sirens in the distance. Sighing, he turned around and walked into the passage without hesitation …

Ling Chu only remembered that when he entered the passageway, his vision suddenly went black, and then he could not remember anything. System, I want it to die. "Ling Chu rubbed his sore temples and stood up to think. He looked up to find himself in a white space," 112, 112, where did you get me to, where is he? Ling Chu walked on aimlessly while enduring the headache.

"Ah, I'm coming, I'm coming. Host, I'm going to clean up your room." "What?" The sudden appearance of 112 from a white patch gave Ling Chu a fright. I... It's fine. You're going to clean the house for me? "What about the house?" Ling Chu resisted the urge to curse and looked at 112, "In front, follow me." Feeling an inexplicable chill, she shook her head and led her host to the house.

After walking for an unknown amount of time, he saw a small but exquisite wooden house in the middle of the white area. "Is this the system's space?" Ling Chu and 112 sat on the only bed in the wooden house and chatted. "That's right. Host, how did you know?" 112 asked in surprise, "Do you have some special ability?"

"What nonsense is this? It's all written in novels, of course I know about it. Also, don't call me host, it feels so weird." Ling Chu turned around and looked at 112 with disdain, "What's that called? Ling Ling? Chuchu? I think Ling Ling is nice, so it's called Ling Ling, hehe. " He laughed foolishly to himself. What the hell? Ling Chu was about to lose to this idiot, "Alright, alright, what do I do next? Transmigration? Face-smacking? To become a winner in life? " Ling Chu asked while patting the giggling guy.

Oh, yes, yes. The mission, eh..." "Quest Ling Ling, you have to travel to different worlds to experience the three assassinations in life from the Sect Master's point of view. After that, Ling Ling Ling, you can do whatever you want. Anything is fine? " Ling Chu skipped over the last sentence, and asked with raised eyebrows, "Mm …" The theory is not wrong, but it should be possible. " After a moment of hesitation, he replied, "OK, perfect. What are we waiting for? Let's go now." Ling Chu was eager to rush him, "Eh …" "En, it should be fine. Ling is a good kid." He opened the tunnel and they entered together.

The weather in this world was extremely hot and stuffy. There was not even a trace of wind, and the sticky air seemed to have frozen. Broken limbs and blood stains were everywhere on the streets. "112, this is how the apocalypse looks like. I've never seen it before." Ling Chu stood at the entrance of a supermarket and looked around, "Ling Ling Ling, aren't you afraid?" he asked curiously.

I don't even know how many zombies I've seen, how can I be afraid of this?" He was afraid that if he met a zombie, it would be hard to fight it without a weapon. Why don't you give me a power so that I can not only complete my mission but also let you worry about it? That's great, right? Don't expect me to protect the protagonists when I don't have the power. Ling Chu looked at 112 with a straight face, as if he was a great man who was willing to sacrifice himself for the task. 112 was so moved that without a second word, he gave Ling Chu a ring and an ice attribute ability, "Ling Ling Ling, you're great. The ring is a storage space, it can be developed. You'll definitely take good care of yourself.

"Damn, this System must be a fool to be able to be deceived like that from a higher realm. Forget it, since it gave me something, I might as well finish the quest." Ling Chu looked at the ring in his hand with a complicated expression, thinking to himself, "In the future, I will swindle some good stuff out of you."

As Ling Chu observed his surroundings, he followed 112's directions to find the main character. Tsk, this apocalyptic world was just like the movie, devoid of favors, relationships and tyranny. Recalling the killings and robberies that happened in those places, Ling Chu was filled with emotion. However, it was reasonable that no one dared to provoke him. If he walked on the street alone, he would be clean, and 90% of him would be a tough nut to crack. Ling Chu looked at their retreating faces in pity.

"Ling Ling, we're here. The main character's floor is just in front of us. It seems to be on the fourth floor." Ling Chu nodded and walked in, "They say it's the apocalypse, but there aren't too many zombies." Ling Chu only saw a few zombies along the way, but they were all taken care of before he could even train. "That's right, why?" He asked Ling Chu in return, 'I'm asking you, idiot.' Ling Chu was speechless as he facepalmed himself countless times in his heart.

"Maybe the army here got rid of a lot of them, or maybe the people here were told by the government that they would leave if they knew what was going on in advance." Ling Chu then told the possible result to 112, "Oh, so it's like that." 112 nodded thoughtfully. Idiot, what I said might not be true. Ling Chu was slandering 112 in his heart. Sooner or later, 112 would make him stupid.

He buried his doubts in his heart, and knocked on the door. Ling Chu straightened his clothes, and looked at the door expectantly, waiting for someone to open it. After a long time, Ling Chu knocked on the door again, and this time, a small boy's voice came from the other end of the door, "Excuse me, are you human?" These words left Ling Chu at a loss whether to laugh or to cry, "Am I not a human or a ghost?"

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