(xi) Passing through the first: apocalypse

Hm? Ling Chu looked at him doubtfully, "Why?" What's wrong? " Chen Shuqiao scratched his face in embarrassment, "I've already cleared it all away, just when you were sleeping." "Aren't you making me worry too much?" "Ling's matter is my matter, if you can't involve Ling." Ling Chu could practically see a tail swaying behind Shen Shuqiao's butt, so that only afterimages could be seen.

After staying in B City for more than a week, Ling Chu, Shen Shuqiao, returned to the North District. Suddenly, he was informed that Curly Hair and the others were taken away by the Ning Family, and even said that if they wanted to save Curly and the rest, they could not bring any weapons to the Ning Family.

Shen Shuqiao could see through Ling Chu's thoughts, he held onto his hand and said softly, "Ling, do whatever you want, I will always be behind you." The reason why Ling Chu was hesitating was that they did not know why the Ning Family had captured Curly Hair and the others, nor did they know if this was a Hongmen Banquet or not. Most importantly, Curly Hair and the others would be the main characters' best subordinates in the future. It was a difficult thing to do.

Hearing Shen Shuqiao's words, Ling Chu decided to go all out, "Fine, I'd like to see for myself if the Ning Family can capture Curly Hair."

Inside the Ning Family residence. A slightly feminine looking man was comfortably reclining on a chair, the surrounding beautiful maids were busy serving him, some pouring wine and feeding it to him, some fanning him behind his back, and some kneeling at his feet to massage this young master, it was very uncomfortable. Xiao Yuan, who had disappeared after bumping into Qi Luoyang on the street, appeared next to the man and respectfully said, "Young Master Ning, they have come."

"Oh." Being called Young Master Ning by Xiao Yuan, he could only be the eldest young master of the Ning family, Ning Wen. The eldest young master raised his eyelids, nodded at Xiao Yuan, and then slowly stood up from the reclining chair.

"I'm sure of it, Young Master Ning, but he has someone around him who's very powerful and unclear about his superpower. We brothers don't dare to make a move on him, so …" Xiao Yuan rubbed his hands, a little guilty, "So you used my name to capture their subordinates?" Ning Wen glanced over from the reclining chair.

"The pressure caused Xiao Yuan's legs to soften and he immediately knelt down in front of Ning Wen." You don't have to be so scared. Relax, as long as what you say is true, I won't care about what you do. " Ning Wen looked at Xiao Yuan contemptuously, stood up, and walked out of the room.

Only Xiao Yuan was left, kneeling on the ground with his head lowered and a dark expression on his face.

When Ling Chu and Shen Shuqiao entered the Ning family, the quiet 112 suddenly said, "Ling Ling Ling, the plot has started to change from here. The male lead was heavily injured by the Ning family and was rescued by the female lead who possessed the ability to cure him, so …" "You mean, mistress?" Although he did not know why Ling Ling interrupted him to repeat the name of the female lead, he still obediently went along with it.

Ling Chu's face turned black.

"Ling, what's wrong?" Shen Shuqiao, who had been paying attention to Ling Chu, felt that Ling Chu's mood had suddenly become very dangerous, and was completely baffled. Ling Chu turned his head and looked at the innocent looking Shen Shuqiao, who was grinding his teeth in silence. In the end, he forced a smile and said, "I'm fine."

He fiercely said to 112 in his heart, "Isn't it fine as long as we complete the mission?" "112." 112 looked at the host who had suddenly become very terrifying, carefully saying, "Logically speaking, this should be the case."

"Then that's good." The tyrannical aura in Ling Chu's heart finally calmed down a little, "But Ling Ling Ling, the plot cannot be too lacking, or the world consciousness will expel you." 112 Realizing what was going on, she hurriedly tried to persuade Ling Chu.

"For example?" The male lead's storyline. " whispered.

Heavily injured, this term provoked Ling Chu, but he still did not say anything to Shen Shuqiao. The time he spoke with 112 was only for an instant, and Shen Shuqiao also did not notice anything, but he was curious as to why Ling Tian's mood had worsened. Could it be that he had done something wrong recently? Shen Shuqiao says every day is a loyal dog

Ning Wen, who was walking into the hall, saw Ling Chu immediately. A flash of infatuation passed through his eyes. As for the person beside him, he was sorry, but he did not see him. Changing his leisurely gait, he quickly walked in front of Ling Chu, looking at Ling Chu's exquisite face, wanting to use his hands to touch it.

However, he was grabbed by a faster hand. Ning Wen frowned as he looked at the person he had neglected. His hand tried to break free but couldn't break free. "Who are you?" Ning Wen asked in a dissatisfied tone, "Hello, Young Master Ning. I'm Ling Chu, and he's my lover, Shen Shuqiao. We came to ask why Young Master Ning has captured our friends."

"Friends?" Ning Wen looked at the belated Xiao Yuan, who whispered in his ear, "Oh ~". Ning Wen was suddenly enlightened and said nonchalantly to Ling Chu, "What 'capture'? I'm just here to invite them to the Ning family as guests."

"And, let go." Shen Shuqiao had no intention of letting go, and Ning Wen's face sunk. In the face of someone who didn't listen to his orders at all, Ning Wen's methods were completely different from his name, extremely cruel.

Ning Wenkong's hand slowly gathered energy and reached out towards Shen Shuqiao. Standing at the side, Xiao Yuan was extremely excited. Ning Wen's strength was comparable to Qi Luoyang's. As long as Shen Shuqiao was destroyed, Ning Wen would be the beauty over there. After Ning Wen became tired of him, he could still have him come over and ravage him. Xiao Yuan thought to himself as he glanced obscenely at Ling Chu.

Shen Shuqiao naturally noticed Ning Wen's actions, but he was more angry at the way Xiao Yuan looked at Ling Chu. Ning Wen remembered that the instant he grabbed for Shen Shuqiao, his vision went black, and then he couldn't remember anything else.

Ah!" Ling Chu hugged his chest as he watched the farce. He was not the least bit worried about Shen Shuqiao because he believed in his strength. Ning Wen felt as if he was being controlled by someone as he attacked Xiao Yuan.

Caught off guard, Xiao Yuan looked helplessly at Ning Wen's hand reaching towards him, aiming for his eyes. After recovering his consciousness, Ning Wen felt that his hands were sticky. He lowered his head and saw two bloody eyeballs lying on his palm, looking at him.

Ning Wen felt a chill running down his spine. He had never thought that this person's strength was higher than his. He could not afford to get into a relationship with this guy. Thinking of this, Ning Wen revealed his usual fake smile and said apologetically, "I'm sorry, I'm just a little obsessed with your beloved. Please don't take offense to it."

In the air that Ning Wen couldn't see, hundreds of strands of hair were circling around him, ready to move at any time. Just like the fatty at the exchange center, Ning Wen was smashed into pieces with a single thought.

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