(xi) Passing through the first: apocalypse

Chen Shuqiao made a 'tsk' sound in his heart, and retracted his hair unwillingly. Ling Chu seemed to have seen through his thoughts, but he couldn't say anything as he thought about it, "Young Master Ning is too polite, can I take my friends with me now?"

"Yes, of course, someone, bring these two friends to the hall, any …" Ning Wen looked at Xiao Yuan who was lying on the ground with his hands covering his eyes as he wailed, "Take this trash away."

Soon, two servants came up. They seemed to have been trained to deal with the blood stains on the ground and Xiao Yuan. Ling Chu heard some noises coming from outside and turned around to see Curly Hair and the others being led over by a person.

"Brother Chu, Brother Shen, why have you come?" Curly Hair looked at the two people standing in the hall in surprise and ran up to them. Ling Chu looked at the curls in front of him, and felt a sense of strangeness, but it was quickly covered up.

"You, on the other hand, worry me everyday." Ling Chu nodded his head in disappointment, scratching his head in embarrassment and smiling awkwardly.

After teaching Curly Hair a lesson, Ling Chu turned to Ning Wen and said, "Young Master Ning, we can leave now, right?" "Of course …" Ning Wen's smiling face suddenly turned gloomy. "No, you can't." He clapped his hands.

Ling Chu thought to himself, "Not good," and saw Curly Hair, who was standing beside them, making a move on Shen Shuqiao. Under his influence, Shen Shuqiao trusted him very much, and did not react for a moment.

Shen Shuqiao could not remember what he was like at that time. Perhaps it was because he saw Ling Chu desperately rush over to block his curling fur attack, or because he saw Ling Chu bleed red blood out of his mouth, he had already gone crazy.

Who cares what kind of lackey he was, Shen Shuqiao carried the weak Ling Chu in front of him, who had his hair cut off, by the neck. In an instant, the entire hall was filled with dense hair, and with a flash of silver light, only Shen Shuqiao and Ling Chu appeared.

"Cough, cough." Being carried by Princess Shen Shuqiao, Ling Chu wiped away the blood on his chin, and weakly smiled at Shen Shuqiao, "Ling, how are you? Is it really painful? It's all my fault, I should have discovered it earlier. Ling, I'll bring you to see a doctor.

Shen Shuqiao, who had been slaughtering his way through, looked like he was about to cry, "Good girl, I'm fine. Put me down. I'll be fine after a short rest. I just got injured." Ling Chu comforted her, "But you have lost a lot of blood, Ling, I am afraid, I cannot leave you."

In a flurry, Shen Shuqiao placed Ling Chu gently on the chair. The floor was covered with blood and scattered pieces of meat, but neither of them cared. "It's fine, just rest for a bit. When have I ever lied to you?" "Really?"

Staring at the moist eyes of Shen Shuqiao, Ling Chu wiped off the blood on his face and teased, "You're as tearful as a child." Shen Shuqiao extended his hand and gently caressed Ling Chu's face, "Just for you."

Indeed, he did not lie to Shen Shuqiao. It was true that Ling Chu was not injured, but he needed some time to recuperate. Shen Shuqiao brought Ling Chu out of the back door of the Ning family, leaving the northern district overnight.

Speechless, 112 said, "Ling Ling, the plot is a mess." "But I'm completing my mission, and there's no conflict between them. It's also Bridge Child who brought me out of the northern region." Ling Chu shrugged his shoulders, his face full of the expression of 'what can you do to me under the cover of the protagonist'.

"..." Fortunately, the consciousness of the world did not hold you responsible. " 112 took a deep breath and tried to persuade Ling Chu, "Ling Ling Ling, you have to be careful." "Alright, I got it. I got it." 112 looked at Ling Chu who was getting tired of Shen Shuqiao, and silently went back to his own place to bite his handkerchief.

Ling Chu expressed that having a partner was really something. After seeing Shen Shuqiao bring him to a cave in the depths of an unfamiliar forest, Ling Chu, who was initially worried that there might be a mutated beast here, saw how Shen Shuqiao used a forceful method to take care of the big boss here.

In the next few days, Ling Chu learned what a virtuous wife should be like. As food came and went, Ling Chu felt that he could be bred into a pig by Shen Shuqiao, and sighed as he looked at the flesh on his stomach.

"Very soon, an unexpected guest arrived." It's really not easy to find you all. " Shen Shuqiao looked warily at the man in front of him, "Earlier, you guys probably massacred the Ning family. Now, the head of the Ning family is placing a bounty on all of you. Tsk tsk tsk, how impressive."

Standing in front of Ling Chu and Shen Shuqiao is Qi Luoyang, who we met in the teahouse a few days ago, "So? Are you here to capture us? " Shen Shuqiao said in a dangerous tone, "That will depend on whether you have the ability or not."

"No, no, no. I don't have that kind of heart. The reason I came to find you all was purely to spar with you." Qi Luoyang looked at Shen Shuqiao with a smile, "A spar?" "Right."

"No." Shen Shuqiao shook his head. What a joke, he still wanted to take care of Ling. How could he have the time to spar with someone he did not know? "Really?" Qi Luoyang didn't seem angry at all, he continued to look at Shen Shuqiao, "Then I can only reluctantly tell your position to the Ning Family, your bounty is very tempting."

"Are you threatening us?" Ling Chu walked out from the cave, "Ling, why did you come out?" Seeing that Ling Chu had come out, Shen Shuqiao hurried over, "I'm not a porcelain doll, others are bullying my man, I can't just sit idly by."

"As long as you agree to my request, I will definitely not tell anyone else." Qi Luoyang shrugged helplessly, "But if you don't agree, then I'm sorry." Shen Shuqiao looked at Ling Chu who was still a little weak, and thought that if he did not agree, he would have to bring Ling to find a new place to live, but he did not care, the key was that Ling could not take any more cold, and he could not let Ling be harmed.

"Alright, I agree." Shen Shuqiao looked at Ling Chu who had an anxious expression, and soothingly kissed him on the lips, "Ling, go back quickly, I'll be back soon." Ling Chu looked at Qi Luoyang, who was standing on the spot, and nodded, "Be careful then, I'll wait for your return."

After persuading Ling Chu back to the cave, Shen Shuqiao saw that Qi Luoyang was no longer happy, "Let's go somewhere else, don't disturb Ling's rest." Shen Shuqiao was the first to walk in front. Qi Luoyang spotted a sneaky figure in the woods not far away. He chuckled and followed behind him.

That figure only dared to walk out of the forest when Chen Shuqiao and Qi Luoyang were nowhere to be seen. It was Dou Yuefei.

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