(xii) Passing through 1: Apocalypse

Dou Yuefei quickly tidied up her hair and clothes, patted her pockets, and walked into the cave with ease. As soon as she entered the cave, Dou Yuefei saw the furniture. The cave was very clean, and it seemed very warm and cozy.

"Who?" While Ling Chu was chatting with 112, he suddenly felt an unfamiliar figure appear in the cave, staring at the cave entrance. I... "My name is Dou Yuefei, I've met you twice." Dou Yuefei was shocked by Ling Chu's gaze, but she still calmed down and introduced herself to Ling Chu.

"I know you, what's wrong? Is something the matter? And how did you find this place? " Ling Chu did not care about Dou Yuefei's life at all as he coldly asked. "I, I came here with my brother Qi. Don't worry, no one saw us."

Dou Yuefei quickly explained, "I just came to chat with you." Ling Chu sneered and waved his hand. "I'm sorry, but I'm not in the mood to chat with others right now."

Dou Yuefei was filled with resentment, but in order to get in touch with someone he loved at first sight, she said in a soft voice, "Don't you think you're also very bored right now? I'll leave as soon as we're done talking, really. " Of course, Ling Chu would not tell him that he still had 112 left to talk to.

He sized up Dou Yuefei and felt that he was a relatively innocent type of person, so he shouldn't be lying to him. Thus, Ling Chu put down his guard and asked, "What do you want to talk about?" Dou Yuefei was overjoyed, quickly adding, "Anything is fine, I'm interested in whatever we talk about."

Ling Chu looked at Dou Yuefei speechlessly. Didn't you say they were going to chat? "Why are you asking me?" Can we talk about your past? " Although Dou Yuefei appeared very calm on the surface, his heart was beating like a drum.

Ling Chu did not care, his past was not worth mentioning, he had no parents, even if he died, no one would know, and if 112 did not promise him to be reborn after completing a few world missions, he would not have met Shen Shuqiao, much less feel loved.

"My past is plain and bland. There's nothing much to say about it." Ling Chu got up and poured Dou Yuefei and himself a cup of tea. When he handed it over to Dou Yuefei, he smiled, "But, being with Qiao Zi is the happiest thing that ever happened to me."

The hand Dou Yuefei used to receive the tea stiffened as he tasted the endless bitterness in his mouth. "Ah, so it's like that. It's pretty good." However, Ling Chu did not know that when he talked about Shen Shuqiao, his cold face towards Dou Yuefei seemed to melt like an iceberg.

"He can be very reliable at times, but at times he likes to be spoiled like a child. "He likes to be jealous, but he's extremely overbearing." It was unknown whether these words were directed at Dou Yuefei or at Ling Chu himself. In any case, Dou Yuefei had suffered a huge blow.

Dou Yuefei stiffened as she responded with a smile. She held her teacup tightly in her hand. "Do you like him that much?" Ling Chu was interrupted by this sudden question. He was stunned for a moment, but still nodded his head in the end.

"..." I, I know. " Dou Yuefei lowered her head and said in a low voice, "I'm a little hungry, can you get me something to eat?" Ling Chu expressed that this was not a problem and turned around to get Dou Yuefei some simple biscuit.

Taking advantage of this time, Dou Yuefei took out the capsule in his pocket and opened it. Inside was some white flour, which he sprinkled into Ling Chu's cup. Then, he put the capsule back into his pocket.

Ling Chu placed two bags of compressed biscuits and bread in front of Dou Yuefei and asked, "Is this enough?" "Enough, I can't eat much." Dou Yuefei smiled at Ling Chu, raised the teacup and said, "Let's end it with these two cups of tea. You have no objections, right?"

Ling Chu also raised his teacup and said, "Come." After the two cups clashed, Ling Chu raised his head and drained the cup of tea. On the other side, Dou Yuefei watched Ling Chu finish the cup of tea and felt a little ashamed.

The effect of the drug was extremely fast, and Ling Chu felt a ball of demonic fire wildly swimming deep within his body. What was going on? Ling Chu, who knew nothing about the situation, bent down with trembling hands and held the edge of the table, suppressing the moans in his mouth.

"Brother Qi, what are we going to do now? What did you give him?" You drugged me? "

Seeing that Dou Yuefei was abnormal, Ling Chu said angrily. However, due to his lust, Dou Yuefei's questioning tone sounded like a cat's meowing. Immediately, Dou Yuefei's face turned red.

"I … I'm not trying to harm you. I just like you. I …" The more she explained, the more confused Dou Yuefei became. He simply refused to accept, and said with his eyes tightly shut, "How about you hit me? I definitely won't retaliate."

Being tormented by lust, Ling Chu did not have the time to pay attention to Dou Yuefei. After inspecting his body for a week, he discovered that he could not even use his superpower anymore. Isn't that the end?

Under the influence of lust, Ling Chu undid his collar to reveal his exquisite collarbone. Dou Yuefei, who was watching on the side, blushed, "Water, give me water." Ling Chu could not help but gasp for breath as he spoke.

"Oh, oh." Dou Yuefei hurriedly picked up the cup and handed it over to Ling Chu. Ling Chu almost snatched it over and drank it. The water dripped down his collarbone onto his clothes, causing his clothes to stick close to his body, revealing a rotten smell.

Hearing footsteps outside, Dou Yuefei ran out as if asking for help, and met Qi Luoyang and Shen Shuqiao who had returned. Both of them were more or less injured, but Qi Luoyang was even more so.

Just as Shen Shuqiao was about to come back to claim the credit, he suddenly saw a person running out from the cave. His face turned pale. "Brother Qi, what do we do? I'm in trouble. Ling Ling has been shouting for so long, what's going on?" Dou Yuefei ran over to Qi Luoyang and asked anxiously.

Having lived for two lifetimes, Chen Shuqiao naturally knew what this symptom was. Without caring about anything else, he hurriedly ran into the cave. Qi Luoyang looked at his innocent brother and sighed speechlessly.

How could he forget that his foolish brother had never experienced such a situation before? He didn't know how to deal with such a situation. It was such a waste of his medicine. He had taken advantage of him.

"Let's go." Qi Luoyang turned around and left, "But, Ling Ling …" Dou Yuefei still wanted to say something, but he was stopped by Qi Luoyang's index finger, "Silly brother, you don't have the chance. Go quickly, if you don't leave now, I'll be looking for you."

Dou Yuefei was dragged out of the forest by Qi Luoyang. On the other side, when Shen Shuqiao ran into the cave, he was immediately dumbfounded. Ling Chu was half-naked, with rosy cheeks. His lively eyes were filled with tears. Seeing him enter, Ling Chu said helplessly, "Little Qiao, what's wrong with me?"

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