(13) Passing through 1: Apocalypse

Dou Yuefei was dragged out of the forest by Qi Luoyang. On the other side, when Shen Shuqiao ran into the cave, he was immediately dumbfounded. Ling Chu was half-naked, with rosy cheeks. His lively eyes were filled with tears. Seeing him enter, Ling Chu said helplessly, "Little Qiao, what's wrong with me?"

Shen Shuqiao's eyes instantly turned red, he walked in front of Ling Chu, touching his face, and was pulled over, the person in front of him was still tempting him, "Qiao, your hands are so cold, it's so comfortable."

Shen Shuqiao couldn't stand the temptation any longer. He carried Ling Chu onto the bed and lowered his head to kiss him. After a while, Shen Shuqiao reluctantly left Ling Chu's lips, looking at Ling Chu's wet lips, wanting to kiss again.

At this time, Shen Shuqiao asked out of the corner of his eyes, "Ling, are you comfortable?" Ling Chu, who was in a mess due to the burning passion, nodded his head, "Sh-comfortable." "There's something more comfortable, do you want it?"

After receiving Ling Chu's confirmation, Shen Shuqiao's trembling hands completely untied Ling Chu's clothes, and then pounced on him, in a room full of charms.

The next day, Ling Chu, who had just woken up at noon, felt like he was about to be crippled. Thinking back to yesterday, he really wanted to hide underground. Ling, are you awake? I cooked some porridge. " Hearing the sound, Shen Shuqiao walked over with a satisfied expression on his face.

Ling Chu, who was immersed in his shameful memories, suddenly blushed when he saw the 'male lead' in his memories. "Oh, oh." Ling Chu turned over and over, but he did not think that he would be connected to the part he overused yesterday. He immediately grimaced in pain.

Shen Shuqiao quickly put down the bowl, went forward and helped Ling Chu up, placed a soft pillow behind him, and then brought the bowl over. Originally, Ling Chu wanted to drink it himself, but after considering the pain in his arm, he silently swallowed his words and quietly drank the white porridge that Shen Shuqiao had given him.

Drinking the familiar white porridge, Ling Chu sighed in his heart, "When I first arrived, I looked like a child. Now, I'm an adult. So fast." "That's right, time flies. Ling Ling Ling, you still have a week's time, we have to go to the next world."

All of a sudden, 112 sounds rang out in his head. Hearing its words, Ling Chu's expression changed. Shen Shuqiao, who was immersed in feeding his lover, anxiously asked, "What's wrong, does it hurt somewhere?" Ling Chu came back to his senses and shook his head, "I can't eat anymore, I'm a little full."

Shen Shuqiao let out a sigh of relief, "Then I'll be taking the bowl out. Ling Tian, rest well." Shen Shuqiao carefully arranged the dishes for Ling Chu, then turned around and left.

Ling Chu who watched as Shen Shuqiao left asked anxiously in his mind, "112, what does that mean? I haven't finished my mission yet, so why am I leaving in a week? " 112 said helplessly, "According to the news from the main brain, this world is just an experiment, so there is no need to complete the mission in this world."

"Why didn't you say such an important thing earlier?" Ling Chu began to panic. Was this world really an experiment? So Bridge is false? "Impossible, he doesn't believe it." Ling Ling, I only found out about this news last night. I tried to contact you but failed, so … "

"No, it's not your fault." Ling Chu smiled to comfort her. "What if I walk on the bridge for one week?" Ling Ling, you don't have to feel guilty, the main character is just a string of code in a world. If we leave this world, no one will remember us. "

He clumsily comforted Ling Chu, but it was a hindrance for someone else on the road to becoming a wife in every world.

"No one remembers that we came here... Right? " Ling Chu asked in a low voice. Although he could tell that Ling Chu was in a bad mood, he still gave a positive answer. After we leave, the protagonist will follow his original path and continue his life. "

Ling Chu's nose suddenly turned sour, almost tearing up. He comforted himself in his heart, it's fine, this is not a big deal. After he left, there were still others accompanying Qiao Zi. This was already the best ending.

With this kind of feeling in his heart, even at night, Ling Chu was still unable to relax. That sorrowful look in his eyes caused Shen Shuqiao to nervously stare at him, as if Ling Chu had disappeared in an instant. Ling, what's wrong? " Shen Shuqiao said carefully.

Ling Chu looked at the man who had grown up to be a real man, and suddenly felt relieved. He smiled and said, "Qiao, let's go out for a walk. This place is too stuffy. " Chen Shuqiao heaved a sigh of relief. He thought that something had happened, but it turned out that Ling wanted to go out and take a walk. "The very next day, Shen Shuqiao agreed readily and left the cave with Ling Chu.

The days passed quickly, and soon it was the last day. 112 looked at Ling Chu who had already woken up and prepared breakfast, "Ling Ling, it's already the last day, why did you choose this time to cook for Shen Shuqiao?"

Ling Chu smiled mysteriously, but his hands did not stop moving. He looked at the exquisite food that was filled with the aura of death, and swallowed the words' a really unforgettable meal 'silently. It was afraid that Ling Ling Tian would pour the rice into its stomach after hearing its words. When he thought of this scene, 112 trembled.

The moment he woke up, he realized that Ling Chu was already gone. He quickly put on his clothes and got off the bed. 'Creak!' He stopped buttoning his hands and looked up. Ling Chu was smiling at him while holding the plate. He didn't know if the wind was blowing from outside the window or what was going on, but when he saw the charming smile on her face, his whole body trembled.

"Ling …" What's wrong with Ling? " Ling Chu put down the plate in his hands and looked at Shen Shuqiao who was still sitting on the bed. "Of course it's to eat. Little Qiao, hurry up and get down from the bed." Oh... "Oh, okay." Chen Shuqiao tied up his clothes in a somewhat magical manner, went out to wash up and tidy up.

Ling Chu was sitting at the table with a smile on his face, silently looking at the exquisite and fake dishes in front of him. His serious attitude caused 112 to worry, "Ling Ling, it's fine. Just treat it as playing a game. We still have to go to the next world."

Speaking of which, it was unknown when he fell in love with Shixiong Shixiong. Perhaps he was just a child, yet he had confidently vowed to protect him, or maybe he had unintentionally acted coquettishly towards him. Remembering that they had gotten along a little bit, Ling Chu didn't even notice the arrival of Shiqiao.

"Ling?" Shen Shuqiao shook off his wet hair and entered only to find Ling Chu sitting blankly at the table. Shen Shuqiao sat beside Ling Chu, waving his hand in front of Ling Chu's eyes, successfully awakening Ling Chu who was immersed in his own world.

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