(xv) Passing through 1: Apocalypse

After Ling Chu had been tricked, he was just looking for a safe place to stay when his whole body suddenly quivered. "Aaah" "Do you have clothes there?" After passing the clothes to Shen Shuqiao, Ling Chu, who had two empty arms, couldn't help but feel sad. His body, which didn't have a storage ring, was shivering. "I, I'll look around." 112 Never encountered such a problem, I had to go back into space and ask some of its friends.

"What?" Clothes? You actually asked me for clothes, 112. Are you stupid? We are the system, and we don't need to wear clothes. " System 101 heard this and his face was filled with disbelief. "But we're short of clothes right now. Do you have any?" 112 scratched his head in embarrassment and said, "I don't have it, but I can ask my host." "Then thank you."

"Ling Ling, Ling Ling, the clothes are here, quickly put them on." 112 quickly stuffed the clothes from 101 into Ling Chu's arms. Although Ling Chu was a little surprised about where the clothes came from, he still followed 112 to put the clothes on.

"Ling Ling, where are we going next?" asked Ling Chu curiously. He didn't know either. Looking at the dark sky, Ling Chu was confused. Right, where else can we go?

"Ling Ling, I want to live in a wooden house." 112 eagerly said, "I heard that you live in a wooden house, when it rains you will see Wisp. I also want to take a look." Ling Chu laughed out loud, "Who told you that when it rains in the wooden house, you will see Wisp."

"101, that's what he said the host told him." 112 looked hopefully at Ling Chu, "Is this right? "Ling Ling." Looking at his face full of expectation, Ling Chu couldn't help but feel the urge to poke a hole through this lie. He could only helplessly nod his head.

"Oh, yeah, Ling Ling, let's go build a wooden house." 112 ran out from Ling Chu's sea of consciousness and pulled Ling Chu's hand to urge him. Ling Chu was shocked, "112. You won't be seen by others if you do that, right?"

"That won't happen, rest assured Ling Ling." 112 took the lead and ran to the front, "Ling Ling Ling, hurry up and catch up with us. Let's go find a place where we can build a wooden house." Ling Chu looked at 112 that ran away and sighed. Who did you learn to be so innocent?

If it wasn't for the 112 mobile device, he probably wouldn't be able to see anything at this point. Ling Chu looked at the 112 that was leading the way and couldn't help but smile. Ling Ling, this is the place. " He stopped at the edge of an empty forest and nodded in satisfaction as he looked at the place he chose.

Ling Chu stopped and looked around, "112, how do we build a wooden house without something?" Other than the trees, there was nothing else around them. The mysterious man waved his hand and turned around, as if he was fiddling with something. With a loud boom, an exquisite wooden house appeared in front of Ling Chu.

"..." He forgot that this guy was the System.

Ling Chu and 112 settled down here. For convenience's sake, 112 was attached to a white kitten, who knows … " "112. Get down here right now and quickly go take a bath." "Don't go to my bed!" "1, 1, 2!" Ling Chu, who was holding a spoon of rice, looked at 112 on his blanket in anger. His white face turned red due to anger.

112 sat on Ling Chu's bed, calmly licked his claws and said to Ling Chu: "Hey, Ling Ling, I'm just sitting there for a while, just for a while." Not even for a moment. Come down. " He jumped off the bed regretfully, wagged his tail gracefully and rubbed at Ling Chu's feet, "Ling Tian, don't be angry, didn't I get off already?"

Ling Chu heaved a sigh of relief. He didn't want to meet the cat hair at night. He squatted down and nodded his head, then said fiercely, "Next time, if you do this, I'll make some cat soup." After saying that, Ling Chu went back to the kitchen to continue cooking when he saw his cat frozen up.

He didn't know when he would be able to return home. Ling Chu looked at the lush and verdant forest with no end in sight. He didn't know what had happened to Qiao and probably forgot him. 112 Looking at Ling Chu, who often had a lonely look in his eyes, he felt that since he couldn't go back, he might as well find a partner for Ling Ling.

He didn't feel like his actions were courting death. 112 gathered his system partners and looked with satisfaction at the excellent hosts they brought and personally screened Ling Chu's' boyfriends'. Ling Chu felt that the past few days had been too lively. He didn't know where this guy came from, but he shyly said that he wanted to be Ling Chu's boyfriend. WTF, is this world a fantasy?

This was not all. He sent away wave after wave of people. His polite and friendly face, after encountering so many of them, became like a storm that was about to come. When Ling Chu saw off the last person, he looked at the white cat that was trying so hard not to be seen and suddenly smiled. He said gently, "112, please tell me, what is going on?" 112 looked at this smile, silently curling up her shivering body, moving towards the corner.

As he looked at the bald cat in the mirror, he cried out. It seemed that there was still some white hair floating in the air. Ling Chu calmly wiped his hands and put away the scissors. He looked at the hairless cat, who was crying silently, and revealed a satisfied look in his eyes. "112, tell me, why did you find me a man?"

Hearing this voice, 112 felt even more wronged, "I, I just saw that Ling Ling was so lonely, so I wanted to find someone who could take care of him." As he spoke, he felt even more sad that he hadn't done anything wrong, yet he had committed this crime. Tears started dripping down his face.


Ling Chu looked at the fat guy crying like he was 300 pounds. With his recently shaved appearance, not only did Ling Chu not pity him, he even wanted to laugh at him. In any case, Ling Chu did it like that.

"112, you …" 112 Looking at Ling Chu who was frowning, I thought he was regretting it, but in the end … " "It's so funny, don't, don't cry, your fur is all stuck to your face, hahaha." I don't think it can survive on Earth anymore.

"Alright, alright, I understand your good intentions." Ling Chu wiped the tears from his eyes and said, "112, it's very hard to forget someone, you don't understand." Ling Chu squatted down and gently rubbed 112's head. His eyes seemed to see through someone, making people feel a deep sense of sadness.

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