(XVI) Passing through 1: Apocalypse

"That, Ling Ling." 112 looked up at Ling Chu, "Why don't you go find him again? "We have a lot of time anyway." Maybe he had forgotten me. Why should I be embarrassed when I was with someone else? "Alright, let's stop talking. What do you want to eat for lunch?" Ling Chu stood up and walked towards the kitchen. Recently, his culinary skills had been growing and he wanted to see if he could cook more delicious food.

"Ling Ling, since you haven't forgotten about him, maybe he hasn't forgotten about you either. Let's go take a look." 112 bit on Ling Chu's leg, stopping him from moving. Ling Chu stopped walking, and looked down at 112 quietly. Suddenly, he smiled, giving 112 a shock, "If you don't let go, I won't need to shave my hair for lunch today." After saying that, he reached out his hand towards 112 with a ferocious smile.

112 quickly let go and ran to the back of the sofa to look at Ling Chu. Devil, my good intentions are all useless. I curse you for being crushed by a man to the point where you can't get out of bed.

How could Ling Chu not want to see Shen Shuqiao? The moment he thought about it, if Shen Shuqiao knew that he had pushed him to someone else, then … Stop, I don't want to think anymore. While cooking, Ling Chu shook his head, flung out the cruel and violent scene in his mind and began to use the knife.

After a few weeks of peace and quiet, Ling Chu could no longer stand the mutterings in his ear every day. He decided to go out and take a look at how Shen Shuqiao was doing before coming back. Okay, it's an ex-boyfriend.

"112, did the storyline say where the female lead settled down?" Ling Chu prepared all the food on the way, carrying a small bag on his back. "The emmm … it's in the north district, but I don't know where exactly it is now. It's not written in the plot." After finishing the search, he said in a conflicted tone.

"No problem, then we'll slowly search in the northern sector." Ling Chu put 112 on his shoulder, his new fur was very soft. Ling Chu narrowed his eyes comfortably and headed towards the northern district. What they didn't know was that the Northern District had undergone a tremendous change.

"Reporting to the chief, we have just received a notice. Today, a young and handsome man has come to the city. He looks very much like the person you were looking for." A person cupped his hands across his knees and reported to the person sitting in the seat of honor, "Oh ~ He's finally here. Find a few people to protect him, I'll go over now." "Yes."

When that person left, the one called the leader chuckled softly. "…" I want to see how you're going to abandon me this time?... "Ling." The sunlight shone onto the leader's face, shockingly it was Shen Shuqiao who was left behind by Ling Chu.

Ling Chu and 112 were walking along the streets of the North District. Watching the people coming and going peacefully, he lamented, "It looks like the management of the North District has never experienced the apocalypse. It seems that the leader of the North District is very talented." Nodding, he suddenly turned and saw that a figure had disappeared.

"Ling Ling, someone is following us." He immediately straightened up and looked around. There were only ordinary people coming and going, and Ling Chu had also started to be alert, trying to get to where there were as many people as possible.

Seeing the target heading towards a noisy place, a few people in charge of following Ling Chu immediately followed. Seeing that there were a few people following him, Ling Chu turned into an alley and waited for them to skip past the alleyway and run forward. Only then did Ling Chu heave a sigh of relief.

"Ling Ling, behind, behind." The 112 on his shoulder suddenly blew up. Ling Chu quickly turned around and saw someone he absolutely did not want to see, "Yo, Ling, it feels so good to see you again. Do you want to have a drink?" Standing behind Ling Chu was Shen Shuqiao, who was smiling at them. Unknowingly, both man and cat had the same thought in their minds: "Ow, it's over."

Soon after, Ling Chu's vision went dark, and he fell into Shen Shuqiao's embrace. Looking at the white cat that stood on Ling Chu's shoulder and was shouting at him, Shen Shuqiao happily threw the white cat from Ling Chu's shoulder onto the ground, and hugged Ling Chu without looking back. Remaining by the side, Shen Shuqiao anxiously watched as he walked away. He had no choice but to abandon the cat's body and return to Ling Chu's mind.

Ling Ling, Ling Ling." However, no matter how much Ling Chu yelled in his mind, Ling Chu did not reply. What should he do? 112 finally understood why Ling Chu did not want to come to Shen Shuqiao earlier. This' TM 'brat had gone black. Seeing the terrifying black value of the System's database, 112 wanted to cry, but no tears would come out.

The unconscious Ling Chu naturally could not hear what was in his heart. When he woke up, he felt that his environment had changed, and he held onto the back of his aching neck, thinking that Chen Shuqiao's strength was really great. He lifted up the quilt, and found that everywhere he looked, there were kissing marks, and he wasn't even wearing his underwear.

"112, what happened after I fainted? 112? " Ling Chu turned around to look for his white cat, but did not think of the voice that rang out in his mind, "Ling Ling, I'm here." Ling Chu asked in surprise, "Why did you abandon your cat body?" After Shen Shuqiao took you away, he left me, and I abandoned that body. " 112 said with a bit of grievance. Speaking of which, it rather liked that body.

"Then what happened to me?" Ling Chu looked at the chain at his feet, which extended all the way to the head of the bed, "What can this be, it must have been done by that pervert Shen Shuqiao while you were sleeping." When he thought about how Shen Shuqiao was making intimate embraces in Ling Chu, he felt like he was being blinded by the system.

The originally gentle and obedient child turned into this. Ling Chu felt both uncomfortable and shocked. "Then 112, why are we …" Before he could say the word "escape", the door was pushed open. The one who entered was the pervert Shen Shuqiao that Ling Chu and 112 talked about.

Seeing Ling Chu awake, Shen Shuqiao brought him a bowl of steaming white porridge, walked up to Ling Chu's bed, placed the bowl on the table in front of the window, and sat down on the bed. He wanted to touch Ling Chu's sleeping hair, but he was dodged by Ling Chu, and Shen Shuqiao's hand froze mid-air.

The instant Ling Chu dodged it, he regretted it. Seeing that the look in Shen Shuqiao's eyes became extremely dangerous, Ling Chu decided that he would definitely be the one fighting to the death, so he had to … " Bridge, Bridge, how have you been? "

Ling Chu smiled embarrassedly, turning to the back without leaving a trace. "Me?" "Well, thanks to a certain someone, I am now a leader." Shen Shuqiao retracted his hand and spoke honestly, his tone calm and indifferent. However, from within, Ling Chu was able to hear the awkward feeling of a child. It must be an illusion, for Ling Chu to stop spreading his thoughts outwards.

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