(ii) Passing through the First: Apocalypse

Ka-cha. The door was pushed open a crack, and a head peeked out, looking at Ling Chu from head to toe. Only then did the door completely open, inviting Ling Chu in.

This child looked to be around 11 to 12 years old, but was actually so vigilant after training in this apocalyptic world. However, this floor was much cleaner than the other floors. With this question in mind, Ling Chu entered the room.

Seeing that there was no one else in the large room, Ling Chu turned around and asked the boy: "Where are your parents? Is there no one else in the house? " The boy shook his head, closed the door, and entered the room as well. Seeing that he could not get any answers, Ling Chu walked around.

Seeing that there was still rice porridge cooking in the kitchen, Ling Chu was a little hungry since he had not eaten a single mouthful since arriving in this world. However, he felt too embarrassed to snatch food from other people's children, so he could only secretly lick his thin, dry lips, moistening them.

When the boy saw this, his eyes darkened. He raised his head and asked Ling Chu: "Big brother, are you hungry? I'm a little hungry, let's eat together. " As he finished speaking, he smiled at Ling Chu unfamiliarly.

Ling Chu looked at the boy in surprise, then turned around to look at the congee. He nodded and said, "Okay, then thank you, little friend." The two words' little friend 'made the boy's face darken, but he didn't say anything. He just went into the kitchen and brought a pot of rice porridge, passing it to Ling Chu.

When Ling Chu saw the steaming hot rice porridge in his hands, the hunger in his stomach increased. However, looking at the steam, he knew that if he were to drink it all at once, his mouth might not be able to take it anymore. The boy carried another bowl of porridge out and looked at Ling Chu, who had a face full of hunger but had to take small sips of porridge. He felt like laughing in his heart.

Ling Chu looked at the boy sitting beside him and asked curiously, "What's your name?" The boy stopped eating his porridge and looked at Ling Chu, saying, "My name is Shen Shuqiao, what's big brother's name?" My name is Ling Chu, you can call me Brother Chu. " After saying that, Ling Chu lowered his head and continued drinking his porridge.

"Ling Chu, Ling Chu... "It's just like how it was in my previous life." Shen Shuqiao muttered softly, his eyes seemed to be filled with stars. " "What did you say, bridgehead?" Ling Chu heard Chen Shuqiao mumbling something, and he did not hear it clearly, so he suddenly asked.

Shen Shuqiao was shocked and hurriedly said that there was nothing, which was why he ignored the way Ling Chu addressed him, "Brother Chu, you called me bridgehead?" After a while, Shen Shuqiao asked, "That's right, since you don't have an adult by your side to take care of you, then I'll take care of you from now on. We're relatives now, so I'll let you get closer, right?" Ling Chu put a hand on Shen Shuqiao's head and said with a smile.

En En, Shen Shuqiao nodded his head forcefully. Whatever you say is true, Shen Shuqiao thought so in his heart. "Two months later." Ling, look here. " A man dressed in black waved at a man wearing a uniform. It was Ling Chu and Shen Shuqiao, who had come out of their house to look for food.

"Bridge, how many times have I said it? Call me Brother Chu, I'm older than you." A month ago, when Ling Chu and Shen Shuqiao came out to look for food, they were able to exercise their special ability. However, they didn't expect that when they were fighting with a group of zombies, there would be a zombie that caught them right under their noses.

Although not only did Qiao Zi not get infected, but he also accidentally activated his psychic abilities, Ling Chu was still upset that he did not manage to take care of Shen Shuqiao properly. Although it had only been two months, Ling Chu still felt that it was the most unexpected but also the happiest thing in his life to have been born into this world and meet Qiao.

"Heh, Ling, come back to reality." Shen Shuqiao's enlarged face suddenly appeared in front of Ling Chu, giving him a fright, "What are you doing, do you know that this is scary?" Ling Chu pushed Shen Shuqiao aside with a look of disgust, "What? Don't tell me that Ling thinks I'm ugly?" Shen Shu Qiao said as he rubbed his face.

After he grew up, not only was he not as adorable as when he was young, he had phoenix eyes, sharp eyebrows, and a mole on the side of his eyes. When he wasn't smiling, he looked normal, but when he smiled, it was like he was trying to seduce people.

Ling Chu muttered to himself. "But my heart is the most beautiful." Shen Shuqiao suddenly turned serious. Ling Chu was stunned, but still forced a smile, "Little bastard, you only know how to tease me everyday. In the future, I will definitely leave you." Ling Chu shook his head and sighed. "Come on, let's see if there's a supermarket in front of us. We need to collect some food."

"Alright." Sure enough, not too far away was a small but dazzling supermarket. "Wow, Ling, our luck is really good." Shen Shuqiao put his hand on Ling Chu's shoulder and sighed, and Ling Chu nodded in agreement.

The two of them went in separately to purchase the food they needed. Since Shen Shuqiao already knew that Ling Chu had a storage space, the food was kept in Ling Chu's storage space. Their progress in collecting food was quickly interrupted by the sound of the door being broken in.

Ling Chu raised his head to look at the door and found a group of young people panting. They were all 17 or 18 years old children. The group of people also noticed Ling Chu and Shen Shuqiao. Seeing that there were only two of them, the group of youngsters started to get restless.

Ling Chu stared coldly at the group of people, Shen Shuqiao's mental hair silently hovered above the group of young people's heads, as long as Ling Chu started to move, the hair would instantly behead them.

"What are you guys doing? Fighting with someone else? Are you prepared to bully the less with your numbers? " Just as the two sides were in a deadlock, a voice suddenly broke the deadlock. The youngsters automatically opened up a path, and a middle-aged man walked out, unceremoniously berating the youngsters.

"What's the situation?" Ling Chu and Shen Shuqiao exchanged glances. I'm sorry, you two. These impulsive children of mine have caused you trouble. " The middle-aged man scratched his head apologetically, and Ling Chu waved his hand to indicate that he was alright, "You two, can you let me kids get some food? They have been hungry for two days, and finally found a supermarket, look …" The middle-aged man looked at Ling Chu and asked again.

"Sure, come in and get it." Shen Shuqiao retracted the strand of mental hair that was hovering above their heads, and said to the middle-aged man with a harmless look, "Thank you so much for your help. Children, go and eat what you want." The middle-aged man bowed gratefully towards Shen Shuqiao, then turned and spoke to the group of youths behind him. The youngsters were hesitant, but in the end they still took some bread and milk under the urging of the middle-aged man.

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