(v) Passing through the first: apocalypse

Ling Chu was speechless as he held his forehead. Shen Shuqiao, who had been acting as the background, was displeased. I still haven't confessed, someone like you actually dared to steal from me? Do you really think I don't exist! Shen Shuqiao pulled Ling Chu behind him, looking at this arrogant man, then pointed at Ling Chu and said, "This person, mine, and you." Then, Shen Shuqiao glared fiercely at Dou Yuefei, "Don't appear in front of me in the future, otherwise I'll beat you up every time I see you."

After saying that, he pulled Ling Chu around Dou Yuefei and left without even looking back, leaving Dou Yuefei standing there in a daze. The words he said earlier were words filled with rage, and now that he had calmed down, Shen Shuqiao did not dare to look back at Ling Chu's reaction, and could only silently walk forward. "Don't you have anything to explain to me?" Ling Chu shook the hand holding his wrist and said silently.

He let go of Ling Chu and turned around to press his hand on Ling Chu's shoulder. Looking into Ling Chu's eyes, he took a deep breath as if to cheer himself up, and then said to Ling Chu: "Ling, I like you. The kind of love I bury in my heart, I want to be together with you forever. Would you accept this kind of explanation?"

Ling Chu did not expect that his casual question would elicit such an answer from the main character, and did not know how to reply, so he could only continue staring at Shen Shuqiao. In Shen Shuqiao's eyes, Ling Chu's actions were tantamount to refusing in a disguised manner, and his heart was extremely sour. The hand on Ling Chu's shoulder subconsciously tightened, and his entire expression became dispirited, like a defeated rooster.

Ling Chu, who had been awakened by the pain on his shoulder, patted Shen Shuqiao who was trapped in a world of loss and helplessness: "Let go, you squeezed me so much that it hurts." Shen Shuqiao immediately let go, carefully massaging Ling Chu's shoulders, "Ling, I'm sorry." Ling Chu looked at him, amused. "Where did that momentum go?" He gave up so quickly? Besides, I didn't reject it. "

Shen Shuqiao stared blankly at Ling Chu, and was instantly replaced with ecstasy, "Ling, then you promised me, right? You like me too, don't you? " Ling Chu ruffled Chen Shuqiao's hair, and helplessly said: "Although I don't know what you like about me, but I've received your kind intentions. Since that's the case, let's try it out together. "

In this short period of time, Shen Shuqiao experienced a great sadness and joy. He didn't know what to do, and could only hug Ling Chu tightly. Ling Chu also wrapped his arm around Shen Shuqiao's waist, lamenting that the protagonist of this child from a few months ago was now an adult who could pursue him recklessly. Ling Chu suddenly felt drops of water falling from his neck, and quickly pulled himself and Shen Shuqiao apart, and sure enough, he saw that the corners of Shen Shuqiao's eyes had started to moisten.

"What's going on? Didn't I promise you? "Why are you crying?" Ling Chu used his hand to wipe Shen Shuqiao's face, "Isn't this too happy? It's just like a dream. Ling Tian, you are too outstanding, I never thought you would agree to be together with me." Shen Shuqiao smiled at Ling Chu and sniffed, "Ling you're not only good-looking, but you're also stronger than me, I …" Ling Chu knocked on Shen Shuqiao's head speechlessly, "Don't belittle yourself. Besides, I'm not as good as you make me out to be."

"Ling, can I kiss you?" Shen Shuqiao looked at Ling Chu pitifully, and Ling Chu did not say anything, directly closing his eyes. Shen Shuqiao nervously pursed his lips, his face slowly moving closer to Ling Chu. He was so close that he could see the fine fur on Ling Chu's face, and could even smell the faint smell of grass on his body. His lips slowly pressed together, and Ling Chu's eyelashes unconsciously trembled.

In his mouth appeared a moist object that did not belong to him, wantonly absorbing the breath that belonged to him, vigorously exploring every corner. Ling Chu stuck out his tongue to push the intruder out, but did not expect to be caught, gently sucking, his movements slow and gentle, letting Ling Chu slowly immerse himself in Shen Shuqiao's kiss …

Just as Ling Chu and Shen Shuqiao were making love, Dou Yuefei who was on the street returned home dejectedly. Seeing his son lying on a chair with a depressed face, Dou Bo who was concerned about his son walked forward and asked, "What's wrong, son, why are you unhappy? Who dares to provoke you? Father will help you take revenge. " Dou Yuefei raised her eyelids and weakly replied, "No one provoked me." Then why aren't you happy? " Dou Bo sat down next to Dou Yue Fei's chair, poured a cup of tea, and asked while taking a sip.

"Dad, I like someone, but that person is a boy." Dou Bo put down the tea cup and used his hand to pick his ear. He looked at Dou Yuefei in disbelief and said, "Son, what did you say? Dad didn't hear it clearly."

Dou Yuefei suddenly sat up and firmly looked at Dou Bo. "You didn't mishear me, dad. I like a guy, and that guy is my type." Dou Bo felt that the world had become a fantasy. Thus, he locked Dou Yuefei in confinement, and hurried to the head of the Qi family to ask him what to do.

Regardless of how much trouble the Dou Clan got from Dou Yue's actions, Shen Shuqiao had already fulfilled his wish and brought his new wife to find Curly Hair and co., "Ah? Brother Chu, you and Brother Shen are together. " Other than Curly Hair, everyone else looked at Ling Chu in shock. Only Curly Hair had a face full of truth, "Yes, we're together."

Shen Shuqiao's smug expression made others want to beat him up. Luckily, Curly and co. had already adapted to the way they interacted with Ling Chu on their way to the North District, and now that they heard that they were together, they actually felt relieved.

Ling Chu rolled his eyes at Shen Shuqiao, turned his head and asked Curly Hair, "Have you prepared the living quarters for everyone?" Curly Hair nodded his head, and Ling Chu held onto his hand as he walked towards the direction of their residence, which could be considered as admitting his relationship with Shen Shuqiao.

Upon entering, he found that everything in the room was present. Ling Chu sighed and said, "This condition is better than the one we had before the end of the day." As he spoke, he touched the sofa that occupied the most important spot in the living room. It felt wonderful to his touch.

Ling Chu's eyes lit up, he let go of Chen Shuqiao's hand and laid down on the soft sofa, stretching lazily. Shen Shuqiao bent down and placed both his hands on the sides of Ling Chu's head, looking at the exquisite face that was just inches away from him, Shen Shuqiao still felt that it was not real.

"Get up, I'm going to cook. I'm starving." Ling Chu pushed Chen Shuqiao's chest, indicating for him to stand up, and Shen Shuqiao lowered his head and lightly touched the dragonfly on the water's surface, and stood up.

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