(6) Passing through the First Age

"Get up, I'm going to cook. I'm starving." Ling Chu pushed Chen Shuqiao's chest, indicating for him to stand up, and Shen Shuqiao lowered his head and lightly touched the dragonfly on the water's surface, and stood up.

"What do you want for lunch?" Ling Chu asked while putting on his apron in the kitchen, "Eat you." Leaning against the kitchen door, Shen Shuqiao looked at Ling Chu with a smile. Ling Chu's face turned hot, he said, "Stop messing around" and started to busy himself.

On the side, Shen Shuqiao watched with relish as Ling Chu busied himself with cooking. Occasionally, he would give a hand. This feeling was just like that of an old man and his wife. Thinking of this, Shen Shuqiao was overjoyed.

The lunch was quickly prepared, two dishes and a soup, "This is my first time cooking. Taste it and see if there are any delicious dishes you've made." Ling Chu sat down after he finished his work and said while biting his chopsticks. Chen Shuqiao brought the rice and dishes over and sat down next to Ling Chu. Looking at the dishes that looked like they were placed in a five-star restaurant, he picked up a piece of vegetables and stuffed it into his mouth.

Ling Chu asked expectantly, "Is it delicious?" Chen Shuqiao calmly swallowed the food in his mouth, nodded his head, and said, "Delicious." Ling Chu looked at Shen Shuqiao doubtfully, using his chopsticks to pick up the dish and took a bite.

"Pah pah pah! What the hell is this?" A mixture of sweetness and saltiness exploded in his mouth. Ling Chu quickly bent over and spat out the food in the trash can. He stood up and looked at Shen Shuqiao who was eating the food with an impassive face, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry and at the same time feeling touched.

"No, I think it's fine. Only Ling made it, everything I taste is sweet." Shen Shuqiao spoke his love words in all seriousness. Ling Chu rubbed his face helplessly, not afraid of losing his teeth even if he said such sour love words.

The two of them ate most of the poison like food, and in the end, it was Ling Chu who coldly ordered Shen Shuqiao not to eat anymore. Shen Shuqiao then stopped eating and started to clean up the dishes, while Ling Chu sat on the sofa at the side and took out the stone given to him by the middle-aged man.

"112, what is this?" Ling Chu communicated with 112 in his heart, and after a while, 112's slightly exhausted voice could be heard, "This seems to be the source of the radiation, there doesn't seem to be any radiation anymore." Ling Chu's heart skipped a beat, "Will this thing be harmful now?"

"No, in the original book, this stone was taken by the protagonist from the zombie emperor. Afterwards, it was used to produce a vaccine and became the leader of the human race, leading the remaining humans to peace." As he patiently explained, Ling Chu looked at the green stone in his hand and came up with a rough idea.

After Shen Shuqiao finished washing the dishes and wiped his hands, Ling Chu turned to him and said with a smile, "Qiao, let's go kill the zombies for a mission." Shen Shuqiao was stunned on the spot, and after a while, he asked Ling Chu why he suddenly thought of killing zombies, and Ling Chu's answer was as he expected, "Because, it's boring."


Early the next morning, Ling Chu and Shen Shuqiao brought Curly Hair and went to the trading post. Upon entering, Ling Chu saw that the small house was filled with people. The arrival of Ling Chu and the others also attracted some attention.

"I'm suddenly in the middle of a fight. Lil 'Bro, is this your girlfriend?" A fatty with a vulgar face looked at Ling Chu, "How about you lend this to us to play for a few days? The price is negotiable. " Shen Shuqiao's eyes darkened. The fingers under his clothes moved, and countless invisible strands of hair instantly coiled around the fatty. However, this fatty did not feel any danger and continued to challenge the limits of Shen Shuqiao.

"Come, sis, let big brother have a good look at you." Fatty said as he walked towards Ling Chu. Shen Xiu Qiao's face turned cold, pulling Ling Chu behind him, he clenched his fist, and silently uttered the word "bong", the fatty's vulgar smile froze on his face, and before anyone could react to the situation, the fatty's huge body was instantly split into pieces, with pieces of his flesh and blood scattered on the ground.

The lively exchange suddenly quietened down. A drop of fresh blood splashed onto Shen Shuqiao's white face. It slowly slid down the contours of his face, leaving behind a mark. He looked at the people in the Exchange Hall who were as quiet as chickens, and wiped his face with his hand without a care in the world.

Beneath the seemingly calm expression was a nervous heart. "Is Ling afraid of me when he sees me like this? What if he is? "Will you hide from me?" Chen Shuqiao was so conflicted that he felt like nestling in a corner and biting his nails.

Although Ling Chu was dragged behind by Shen Shuqiao, he did not see the scene for a moment. It was only when he was on tiptoe that he saw what happened. Ling, Ling, I did not do it on purpose. I only wanted to teach him a lesson. " Afraid that Ling Chu would be angered, Shen Shuqiao hurriedly explained.

It was true that Ling Chu did not feel well to see such a bloody scene in the morning, but when he heard Shen Shuqiao's words, he could not help but ravage this little fellow who was so cautious at every moment.

"Bridge, you have to remember that you are my man. Don't worry about that everyday, just like a woman." Ling Chu stretched out his hand and fiercely slapped Chen Shuqiao's back, causing him to stagger. When he heard this, he instantly became as happy as a 200 jin child, turning his head and grabbing onto Ling Chu's hand, tenderly blowing on his palm.

"Don't hit me next time, Ling. I'm not afraid of pain due to my thick skin, but don't hurt me due to your tender skin. I'm sorry." Ling Chu did not know whether to laugh or cry as he accepted it, and then withdrew his hand.

When the fat man's subordinates saw that their boss had not only been dismembered, but also that the dog-man was still showing his love, they couldn't help but say, "You pair of dog-men, we'll make sure you die a horrible death."

A dozen burly men stood up from their seats, aggressively walking towards Ling Chu. Shen Shuqiao once again extended his hand, but was stopped by Ling Chu. Ling Chu winked at him, indicating for him to come.

Shen Shuqiao nodded his head in tacit agreement. Ling Chu's eyes became cold as he faced those people. Activating his superpower, he raised his hand and those people who were still cursing as they walked towards him instantly turned into ice pillars.

Ling Chu retracted his hand, and turned gentle when facing Shen Shuqiao, and said: "Let's go, see what mission we have." Shen Shuqiao retracted the infatuation in his eyes and pulled Ling Chu's hand to the depths of the exchange center. There was a counter full of task slips, and in front of the counter, there was a woman who was scared silly.

"Hello, may I ask what kind of mission you have?" Ling Chu turned to the shivering woman and asked gently, "Sir, Sir, our mission is divided into several stages, what type do you want?"

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