(vii) Passing through the First Age

"Hello, may I ask what kind of mission you have?" Ling Chu turned to the shivering woman and asked gently, "Sir, Sir, our mission is divided into several stages, what type do you want?"

The woman gave the quest type to Ling Chu, and Ling Chu was deep in thought as he looked at the description. There were five stages, the first stage was to kill a few zombies and bring back their teeth; the second stage was to kill dozens of zombies. Like this, the final stage was to exterminate all the zombies in B City.

In B City, Ling Chu looked at the final stage and asked, "If you finish the last stage, what reward would you get?" The woman replied, "Sir, we will send troops to check on the completion of the mission. If there are no problems, you can ask the leader for a request. The leader will fulfill it for you as per the circumstances."

Perfect, just as he had thought, Ling Chu thought to himself as he said to Shen Shuqiao, "Qiao, how about this mission?" "I'll listen to you." Ling Chu returned the mission sheet to the woman, smiling as he said, "We're going to be the last one." The woman took back the list and said, "Two sirs, please register here." Ling Chu nodded, and followed the woman to register.

Only after Ling Chu and the rest had left did the people in the Exchange Hall become lively again. "Damn, what background do these two have? They're so strong that even the entire party died so easily." A man with a scar on his forehead said to his companion. After he finished speaking, he glanced at the dozen or so people who had become ice pillars with lingering fear in his eyes.

His companion shook his head. The man continued, "However, that person from before should have been two men. As a man, that person looks quite good." After saying so, he somewhat obscenely licked his lips. His companion hurriedly motioned for him to shut up, "It's just words, there's no need to make such a big fuss about it." The man waved his hand nonchalantly.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew over, and the man and his companion both closed their eyes at the same time. When the man opened his eyes, he puzzledly asked: "You can still feel the wind in the house? "Where did this wind come from?" However, he didn't see his companion looking at him with a frightened expression.

"What's wrong?" The man called out his companion's name. He felt the water on his cheeks and felt a sharp pain. His companion quickly took out a mirror from his bag and handed it to the man.

There was a wound on his face that had extended from his forehead to his lower jaw, and blood was oozing out. The man seemed unable to accept this, and he let out a hoarse, broken roar from his throat, covering his face with his hands. The pain caused his eyes to widen as if they were about to pop out of their sockets.

Meng took out a tissue and pressed it to the man's wound. He looked at him with a worried expression and said, "I told you not to say it anymore. Look, you got into trouble." The man took the tissue and said with a ferocious expression, "It must have been those two."

Meng looked at him suspiciously and said, "What do you want to do? You just saw the power of those two. You can't beat them." Who said I was going to do it myself? " The man said fiercely, "I have plenty of ways to deal with them. I'm sure that person really likes this kind of tender and tender boy."

"You're talking about the Ning Family's Young Master." The man nodded, bandaged his face, got up and found the basic information about Ling Chu and Shen Shuqiao on the counter, and then quickly walked out of the exchange center.

The two of them followed the woman and arrived in front of a machine. While they were registering, Shen Shuqiao suddenly said that he needed to go to the toilet, and Ling Chu looked at him in surprise. In the end, he told him to go to the toilet and help him settle the unfinished registration.

Afterwards, the woman told Ling Chu to wait here for a while. She then went to take a copy of the registration form back to Ling Chu so that no one could impersonate her. Ling Chu looked at the calm expression on Shen Shuqiao's face as he slowly walked towards him, and asked, "What's wrong again? Who dares to make you unhappy. "

Chen Shuqiao shook his head, bent down and hugged Ling Chu, thinking with jealousy, "Ling has already admitted to it, no one can take him away, why are there so many people trying to steal from him?" It was the same on the street last time, and this time too, I really want to kill them all. "

Naturally, Ling Chu did not know that his own child's heart had already begun to turn black. He gently patted Shen Shuqiao's back and jokingly said, "Alright, alright, we're both adults, and yet you're still flirting with me." Shen Shuqiao raised his head from Ling Chu's neck, and when faced with the smiling face of Ling Chu, the viciousness in his eyes that could not be dispelled completely dissipated.

"Bridge boy, have you cleaned it up?" Ling Chu's unintentional words caused Shen Shuqiao to freeze on the spot, "Deal with it, cleanly?" Shen Shuqiao acted like he was talking about something, but the baby didn't understand, and the baby's childish expression made Ling Chu laugh.

"Alright, I don't know what you're doing. Just don't leave any problems behind." Shen Shuqiao recalled that he had only given that person a lesson just now, and he silently memorized the day he was going to get rid of him.

The man who was rushing towards the Ning family suddenly bumped into someone on the street, "Hey, who's the blind guy that bumped into me?" A handsome boy rubbed his forehead with a pained expression on his face.

The man wanted to curse at him as well, but when he saw who was sitting on the ground, he suddenly became fearful and said apologetically, "I'm sorry, young master Qi. I bumped into you accidentally, are you alright?"

The one sitting on the ground was the only favorite of the Qi Family – Qi Luoyang. If it was just his family background, the man wouldn't be scared of him. However, this Qi Luoyang possessed a special ability that no one in the northern region had. The most important thing is that this person is temperamental, when happy can help you do anything, when unhappy can also smile to kill you.

"So it's you. Little Yuanzi, it's alright. Pay more attention when you walk in the future." Qi Luoyang got up from the ground and patted off the dust on his body. He told the man that the man who was called Little Yuanzi was originally called Xiao Yuan, and although the corner of Xiao Yuan's eye twitched when he was called eunuch, he still nodded with a smile.

"No worries, Young Master Qi, I'll be leaving first." Xiao Yuan rushed to the Ning family to look for the eldest young master. He hurriedly said, "Why are you in such a hurry? Why don't you tell me. Maybe I can help you out." Qi Luoyang blocked Xiao Yuan's path with great interest. He was afraid that if he didn't speak now, he wouldn't be able to leave.

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