(viii) Passing through the First: Apocalypse

Thus, Xiao Yuan told what he was going to tell the eldest son of the Ning family to Qi Luoyang. Qi Luoyang then asked with his chin propped up, "Is Shen Shuqiao really that cruel?" As Xiao Yuan spoke, not only did Shen Shuqiao exterminate the entire team because he was unhappy, he was also the kind of robber who robbed beautiful women and men.

Xiao Yuan nodded seriously and tore off the bandaged cloth covering his face. What appeared in front of Qi Luoyang was a cut that ran across his cheek; the blood on it had long since dried up. Qi Luoyang stretched out his head and stared at the dried blood on the wound. He extended his hand to touch it, but Xiao Yuan stepped back nervously.

Qi Luoyang regretfully retracted his hand and jokingly said to Xiao Yuan, "Well, what's wrong, Little Yuanzi? I just wanted to take a closer look at your wound. " It was a pity that red was the most beautiful color. Qi Luoyang looked at Xiao Yuan's face again and licked his lips.

Xiao Yuan suddenly felt a chill on his back. He carefully asked, "Young Master Qi, can I leave now?" "Qi Luoyang waved his hand and Xiao Yuan ran away as if a heavy burden had been lifted off his shoulders." Shen Shuqiao, interesting. "If I have the chance, I'll definitely spar and spar." Qi Luoyang stretched his back and walked towards the teahouse.

At the Dou clan's side, he said, "Dad, it's already the apocalypse, yet you still care about me." Dou Yuefei pouted as he was sent out of the room and crossed his arms in front of his chest, which made Dou Bo sulk, "Son, Dad has never bothered with you before, but this time I have to." Dou Bo solemnly said, "You also know about the apocalypse. Why don't you hurry up and think about what kind of man you're playing with about your son?"

"I'm not playing. I'm serious." Dou Yuefei retorted, "As for the heirs, we provide the laboratory with so many things every year. There's no reason for them to not be able to get rid of them." The laboratory is currently researching on vaccines, how could they have the time to do that? Good son, stop messing around, we'll listen to dad this time. "

"I don't." Before the apocalypse, she forced me to go to the company, but now, after the apocalypse, she even asked me to fall in love. The more Dou Yuefei thought about it, the angrier he became. The more he thought about it, the more wronged he became. Ignoring Dou Bo's obstruction, he directly ran out of his house.

"Leader, do you want me to send someone to follow the young master?" Dou Bo sighed, rubbed his nose, and waved his hand. "No need, let him think about it for himself." "Alright."

Dou Yuefei, who had been sent to the teahouse by his father, met an unexpected person, "Brother Qi, you're here too." When Dou Yuefei saw the appearance of his elder brother, who had grown up playing with him, his depressed heart became lively once more.

"Oh, it's a kitten. What's the matter? "He looks unhappy." Qi Luoyang was drinking tea leisurely in the teahouse when he noticed Dou Yuefei's unhappy appearance. He had some feelings for his younger brother, so he asked worriedly.

"Brother Qi, stop calling me by my nickname." Dou Yuefei blushed from being called. This nickname was born from the day when Qi Luoyang went to play with Dou Yuefei and saw Dou Yuefei disguised as a cat by Mother Dou.

Little Cat is still so shy." Qi Luoyang held a teacup and smiled maliciously. "Alright, alright, stop messing around. Tell your brother, what happened?" Dou Yuefei sat down on the chair opposite Qi Luoyang and said with a bitter face to him, "It's all because of that old feudal man of mine. Even though he's in the apocalypse, who cares if I'm looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend?

"Oh, but I remember you didn't like boys before." Qi Luoyang took a sip of tea and said, "That's right, but I really fell in love with that person at first sight. However, there was a very fierce person by his side, so I couldn't chase after him." Dou Yuefei said with a downcast expression.

"Then do you know that person's name?" "I don't know."

Qi Luoyang held his forehead helplessly. He was about to lose to this stupid little brother of his. " "You don't know …" Before he could finish his sentence, Dou Yuefei suddenly stood up in excitement and interrupted, "Brother Qi, look, look, that guy in the blue uniform is the one I fell in love with at first sight on the street a few days ago."

After Ling Chu and Shen Shuqiao finished registering, seeing that the weather was already noon, they thought of eating something random. Walking, they soon arrived at this seemingly good teahouse. The moment he entered the teahouse, Ling Chu felt two pairs of eyes that could not be ignored. He turned his head to look for the source of the stares and saw the boy who had intercepted them on the street not long ago calling himself Dou Yuefei and a smiling man holding a teacup in his hand.

"It's a little dangerous." Ling Chu had already raised his guard. Although that man did not appear to be a threat, the accurate sixth sense had already detected the danger.

Qi Luoyang looked at Dou Yuefei who was hesitating, feeling helpless in his heart, as well as a sense of tiredness due to not being able to become a dragon. Cat, don't you like him? "Go on up, what are you waiting for?" I... I don't dare. "

Qi Luoyang was about to kneel to Dou Yuefei. He stood up and forcefully pulled her forward. Shen Shuqiao, who had already forgotten about their meeting on the street a few days ago, was wondering why Ling Chu suddenly stopped in his tracks. Suddenly, he heard a very magnetic male voice calling out to them.

"You two, your little brother has been bothering you two on the street a few days ago. How about you let me treat you two to a meal today to apologize for little brother's rudeness." Qi Luoyang pulled Dou Yuefei in front of Ling Chu and Shen Shuqiao, and even though it was a request, from Qi Luoyang's mouth, Shen Shuqiao could still hear the commanding tone in his voice.

"No, my lover and I have urgent matters to attend to. We'll accept your apologies, but forget about eating." Shen Shuqiao had an unsightly expression on his face as he stood in front of Ling Chu, speaking up for him. The rejected Qi Luoyang did not seem to be angry, but he still said flatly, "How can I be embarrassed about that? Since you two are in a hurry today, why don't we make an appointment at another time? "

"Alright, let's talk about it next time. We still have things to do, so we'll be leaving first." Ling Chu stood up and looked straight into Qi Luoyang's eyes, and said, "I still don't know your names."

"Ling Chu, Shen Shuqiao!"

So that person was Shen Shuqiao. It didn't seem as vicious or as interesting as Little Yuanzi said. Qi Luoyang looked at the two people walking away, and when he turned around, he saw Dou Yue flying away with a bad temper and displeasure all over her body.

"Brother Qi, since they're a couple, then I don't have any hope." Dou Yuefei noticed that Shen Shuqiao's words were 'my lover and I'. Qi Luoyang patted Dou Yuefei's head soothingly and said, "So what if you're a couple? When a great catastrophe strikes, each of us will fly, let alone in the apocalypse. "

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