(9) Passing through 1: Apocalypse

"Brother Qi, since they're a couple, then I don't have any hope." Dou Yuefei noticed that Shen Shuqiao's words were 'my lover and I'. Qi Luoyang patted Dou Yuefei's head soothingly and said, "So what if you're a couple? When a great catastrophe strikes, each of us will fly, let alone in the apocalypse. "

"But …" No buts, like this, I just happen to want to exchange pointers with that Shen Shuqiao, and I'll give you guys a chance. You go and get close to Ling Chu, and use your previous flirting techniques, it's no good. Qi Luoyang took out a capsule from his pocket, "This capsule was made by the laboratory, find a chance to let Ling Chu drink it."

Dou Yuefei took the capsule from Qi Luoyang. This capsule was pink in color, and didn't seem like a good thing. Dou Yuefei asked uncertainly, "Will I have a chance if he drinks this?"

"That will depend on you. Your brother can only help you to this extent."

Dou Yuefei looked at the object in his hand with a determined expression. He nodded, aligned with Luo Yang, and said, "Thank you, Brother Qi."

Ling Chu looked at Shen Shuqiao, who was silently eating beside him, and said in amusement, "Why are you angry again? Why are you so easily angry like a little girl every day?" Do you hate me like this? " Shen Shuqiao raised his head and looked at Ling Chu, feeling wronged.

"What are you thinking, Bridge Boy? Tell me what's on your mind." Ling Chu put down the chopsticks in his hand, turning around to look at Shen Shuqiao with a serious expression and said, "Ling, am I not a bad boyfriend?"

"What kind of nonsense is on Tian Tian's mind? Let me tell you, Shen Shuqiao, you are the best in my heart. I don't care about what others look like, but you, I have to care. "

This was the first time Ling Chu called out his full name, but it caused Shen Shuqiao's heart to turn dark, "Ling, I understand, I will work hard to do better." The experiences from his past life made Shen Shuqiao, who had experienced rebirth, always have a feeling of worry about his personal gains and losses. He felt that this was just like a dream.

"Bridge, I don't care what you've been through, but now you have to cheer me up. "Seriously, how could my boyfriend be a child that I coax every day?"

Ling Chu frowned and turned his head, Shen Shuqiao held Ling Chu in his arms and said in a low voice, "Sorry, Ling, I just, just don't want to lose you anymore, I can't leave you, if I leave you, I will die."

Ling Chu felt mixed emotions in his heart. He wanted to know Shen Shuqiao's past, but also didn't want to break the peace that finally came, so he could only silently sigh in his heart and wait for the right time to ask him.

"City B." Bridge, this way, quickly. " Ling Chu sprinted into the first floor of the air-raid shelter, closely following closely behind him. "I didn't expect there to be so many zombies hidden in the basement of the supermarket. Luckily, Qiao, your mental ability was able to control them."

It had already been a week since Ling Chu and the rest arrived in B City. Logically speaking, with their abilities, they should have already exterminated all the zombies there.

After that incident at the teahouse, it was as if Shen Shuqiao had grown up that day. Although he would sometimes act like a spoiled child, Ling Chu was already very satisfied. In the apocalypse, he did not need the willfulness of a child. Even though he had his protection, there would still come a day when he would leave Chen Shuqiao. He must truly mature.

"Ling, are you alright?" Ling Chu waved his hands nonchalantly. Previously, Ling Chu had overused his superpower in the supermarket, and now that he had rested, he felt exhausted.

"Bridge, aside from the zombies in the supermarket, the rest of the zombies are almost all gone, now …" Now you need to rest, and don't worry, I'm here. " Shen Shuqiao took over the conversation between Ling Chu and said forcefully.

Ling Chu was surprised for a moment, but then his expression softened, "Alright, I'll listen to Qiao Zi." Thus, Ling Chu found a relatively clean place in the room and was about to lie down and rest, Shen Shuqiao took off his jacket and insisted on letting Ling Chu lie down on his clothes. Ling Shuqiao was too stubborn, so he could only obediently lie on Shen Shuqiao's clothes.

"Shen Shuqiao activated his so-called supernatural ability. A puppet that looked exactly like him appeared in front of him in an instant." "Clean up all the zombies that passed by the supermarket and leave no one alive." "Yes."

After the puppets left, Shen Shuqiao also laid by Ling Chu's side, quietly looking on. He could not help but thank the heavens for sending Ling Chu to his side. He still remembered a week before he self-destructed and was reincarnated in the apocalypse. He was shocked and excited at the same time.

He used his mind to awaken the special abilities of the zombies in advance, clearing out all the zombies that appeared in front of him, then cooked a pot of porridge before sitting down on a chair and nervously waiting for someone to knock on the door. In his previous life, he was scared by the sudden outbreak of zombies, which attracted a lot of zombies to surround his house.

While thinking about this, the knock on the door woke him up. Shen Shuqiao pressed his beating heart and pretended to be calm as he asked, "Excuse me, are you a human?" A familiar voice sounded from outside the door. Instantly, tears welled up in Shen Shuqiao's eyes. In the end, you're still here, and I haven't left yet.

After a good night's sleep, Ling Chu slowly sat up, rubbing his hazy eyes, a hand gently lifted his hand away from his eyes, a warm and moist wind came from above his head, Ling Chu opened his eyes and saw Shen Shuqiao kneeling on one knee, "Don't rub your eyes with your hands, it's not good for your eyes."

Ling Chu nodded, stood up and stretched his body. His lazy look made people want to grab him and rub him, and it was best to let his lively eyes become moist, begging for mercy from his rosy lips. Shen Shuqiao suppressed his agitation and went forward to help Ling Chu tidy up his sleeping clothes, and got a kiss for free.

Putting on a pair of red ears, Shen Shuqiao and Ling Chu walked side by side out of the air-defense wall. "Qiao, let's go clean up the zombies in the supermarket. After we're done, we can go back." "No need."

Hm? Ling Chu looked at him doubtfully, "Why?" What's wrong? " Chen Shuqiao scratched his face in embarrassment, "I've already cleared it all away, just when you were sleeping." "Aren't you making me worry too much?" "Ling's matter is my matter, if you can't involve Ling." Ling Chu could practically see a tail swaying behind Shen Shuqiao's butt, so that only afterimages could be seen.

Beneath him was the clothes that smelled like Shen Shuqiao. The rare peace of mind caused Ling Chu to sleep soundly. Shen Shuqiao quietly looked at Ling Chu's docile face as he leaned over and gave him a light kiss on the cheek.

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