Falling For The Billionaire/C10 A Handsome Man
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Falling For The Billionaire/C10 A Handsome Man
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C10 A Handsome Man

Isabella Ann didn't forget Mrs. Ann's words. She was almost raped by others last night.


The next day, as soon as Cheyl left home, she found two high-end cars park outside the apartment.

After getting out of the car, the two sturdy men fiercely stood in front of Isabella. "Miss Isabella?"

"..." As soon as Isabella saw this scene, she asked immediately, "What are you doing?"

The two men took a photo and looked at it. "It's you, boss wants to see you. Come on, get in the car with us!"

"What are you doing? Where are you taking me? You've mistaken me for someone else!"

Isabella was afraid of being kidnapped, but it would be useless to resist. She screamed and was put into the car.

Half an hour later.

The car stopped outside a Dejor Luxury Club, and the car park was full of all luxury cars.

Isabella had heard about this Club on TV. It was the money nest of the rich. Just when she was wondering if she had offended a powerful man, she was taken to a luxurious swimming pool by these two bodyguards.

The swimming pool in front of her was constructed magnificently. Everywhere she looked, she could see golden mirror tiles on the ground. On the table by the pool were all kinds of red wines of various brands.

Several waiters and waitresses stood respectfully by the edge of the pool, holding towels in their hands. The slender bodies of the men in the clear pool were gliding through the surface of the water.

Isabella suddenly saw the secretary named Hubert standing by the pool—she slapped her forehead and had a bad feeling!

Seeing Isabella, Hubert said to the man in the pool, "boss, I've brought her here."

The man was swimming in the water, sinking and floating, stretching his graceful muscles on his arms and shoulders.

He had the nobility of an emperor, a sexy, high-ranking temperament.

When he heard Hubert's words, the man broke out of the water. His sexy body, which was like a celebrity's sexy figure, supported by the railings, went ashore—

The slender and sexy body of the man was swaying in front of Isabella, and her eyes were bulging—

The most important thing was his face!

Aldo Sterling.

It was the president of the Emperor—Aldo Sterling!

"Check." Aldo stood in front of Isabella.

Isabella raised her head. After being checked from head to toe by the detector, she was taken to the man.

Aldo was sitting in front of her with a beautiful and sexy figure that could make one's nose bleed. He was wearing only a pair of swimming trunks and a blue velvet towel on his shoulder. His handsome face was wet with water dripping down.

"Isabella Ann." He flipped through the information in his hand. The beautiful voice was penetrating, which made Isabella’s ears feel numb. "The Miss Isabella who has just been pushed out of the Ann Family is optimistic, intelligent, beautiful, and fearless. Are you going to marry me?"


"This is the best job in the world—being the president's wife of the Emperor." He put her information down and looked at her little face with his slightly upturned brown eyes.

"We won't interfere with each other after we get married, but you have to give birth to a child for me, so we will have some alone time every month. You can calculate the time we will spend together."

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