Falling For The Billionaire/C13 A Sudden Marriage!
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Falling For The Billionaire/C13 A Sudden Marriage!
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C13 A Sudden Marriage!

Hubert understood that because of the $500 tip from Isabella Ann, his boos had deliberately threatened Isabella about giving birth to a baby!

After Isabella came out of the "Dejor Luxury Club", Hubert called her to check her information including phone number.

"Miss Ann, boss said that you will only have half a day to think about it. You should answer to him before three o'clock in the afternoon. After that, you and boss will hold a wedding immediately. "

"What?" Isabella shouted, "What do you mean that we are going to hold a wedding right away? How could it be so fast—"

But after sending the message, Hubert hung up the phone without saying a word.

Isabella looked at her mobile phone and widened her bright almond eyes. "I have to give him an answer before 3 o'clock in the afternoon and then hold a wedding immediately. What kind of marriage is this? Isn't it said that weddings of rich and powerful families will take about seven to eight months?"

This was not the usual kind of routine!

Isabella had no idea, but it was obvious that Mr. Sterling was not giving her much time. She made a phone call to her friend with shaking hands,"Hello, Jane, listen to me. If I tell you that I may get married, would you think it's strange? Do you think I'm crazy?"

"No, I wouldn't." Jane Miller, her friend on the phone, was very calm. She thought it was a joke.

"I know that you can't reassure about the relationship between Michael and Kate, so it's not strange for you to have a crazy imagination. But Isabella, don't think about it. Don't do stupid things. Yesterday, you said that you could survive after leaving Ann Family, and you could find a better one without Michael."

"I'm not kidding." Isabella's lips moved a little. "I mean, it's true. I may really get married, but it's a marriage of convenience between the other party and me."

"Are you out of your mind?" Jane shouted at once. "Are you serious? Don't make light of your life-long happiness. You're only 19 years old. Who are you going to marry without even graduating?"

"My adoptive mother said that I was nothing when I left Ann Family." Isabella 's bright eyes were full of reluctance. "Then I'll show them that I'm not nothing without them!"

"Are you mad?" Jane was extremely anxious. "Isabella listen to me. You don't have to sacrifice your happiness even if you want to take revenge on Ann Family and Michael. Michael is even less worthy of making you do this. Have you found a rich old man...?"

"I'll talk to you later."

Isabella hung up the phone for the time being.

She had wanted to call her friend to find some comfort, but Jane was even more anxious than her.

That's right. Anyone who heard that she had just been engaged in an affair at the wedding and to married now would be anxious...

"But, at least he's not an old guy..." Isabella recalled the handsome Mr. Sterling.

In this fast-paced modern society, money was almost omnipotent, and Emperor had a market value of tens of billions! It was definitely the number one in Asia!

One thing that the man was right that she would marry him... It would not be a bad thing for her. After all, there were so many socialites in the country who wanted to marry him. For her, it was like instantly getting the most powerful backing.

"It is fine to have such a marriage." In the end, Isabella sat down next to a park and sighed. "Who cares? I'll marry him and be the wife of the president of the Emperor and be pathetic. Besides, I'll get a salary. It's not bad when I think that carefully."

With this thought in mind, Isabella searched for Aldo Sterling’s information on Wiki with her mobile phone.

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