Falling For The Billionaire/C14 He is the Uncle who is about thirty years old!
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Falling For The Billionaire/C14 He is the Uncle who is about thirty years old!
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C14 He is the Uncle who is about thirty years old!

Most of the people on the Internet said that he was the president of the Emperor, the developer of the D.S. system, and ranked on the Forbes list.

As for his emotional life, most of the news was—

"Rumor has it that the Sterling family is urgently urging Aldo Sterling to get married. After all, he is the only son of the Sterling family. Even the Sterling family is anxious about the rumor that he is gay..."

"Recently, the street reporters have taken photos of Rafael Pei going in and out of the Emperor."

"Many people have speculated that this is the reason why there are no women around Aldo. Does he not like women? Otherwise, with his status, it would be impossible for him to stay single for all this time."


Looking at the gossip news on the Internet, Isabella slowly lowered her head and looked at herself.

Was he really gay?

Then that night with him...

Did he treat her as a man? No, no, no, it was impossible...

Isabella looked at her chest and said, "Although it's not much, I have a B-cup at least. And I'm sure that it won't be a problem in the future! Um!"

Isabella quickly reassured herself and continued to click on news of Aldo.

When she saw "Twenty-nine years old" written in the basic information, her eyes suddenly widened. "What? Twenty-nine? Isn't he almost thirty-three years old? I'm only nineteen. I won't do it!"

No matter how handsome he was or how rich he was, when she saw that the president of the Emperor was much older than her... she began to give up!

Isabella sent a Wechat to her friend, "Jane, you're right. I can't get married casually, and the guy can't be old man or an uncle."

After that, she turned off the phone and took a taxi back to her apartment.


In the apartment area of the Star Garden.

As soon as Isabella returned to the outside of the apartment area, she saw more than a dozen paparazzi gathering outside the apartment, looking for news on Isabella Ann—

"We are reporters from the 'Celebrity Affair' magazine. May I ask if Isabella Ann lives in this apartment?"

"Some people said that they have seen Isabella coming and going from Star Garden. Is she here early in the morning, or has she been driven out by the Ann Family because she had an affair with Mr. Aldo Sterling?"

"Excuse me, is Isabella Ann in the apartment now? What's the number of her room?"


In the face of the paparazzi's cameras, the other residents of the "Three Stars Garden" were leaving with their faces covered by their hands. "Sorry, we don't know the Isabella you mentioned. Don't take photos here..."

Isabella was shocked and quickly stood aside to call the office. "What's going on? How do the paparazzi know I'm here?"

"Miss Ann," the man in charge of the business said on the phone, "the fact that you live in Star Garden has been exposed. Just now, the manager said that in order to prevent the Star Garden from being disturbed by the media, you should leave. We will refund your house deposit to you and return the rent for this month."

"What?" Isabella tucked her hair behind her ear and said anxiously, "I haven't found a place to live yet. Can you give me a few more days?"

"Miss Ann, I'm sorry. Please leave as soon as possible."

Property stuff hung up the phone coldly.

Isabella looked at the phone. For the first time, she was in a completely miserable situation. If she couldn't go back to the apartment, she would be turned away at the office.

A paparazzi in the front came out and lowered his voice to make a phone call. "Miss Kate, is Isabella Ann really living in Star Garden'? We had been squatting here and haven't seen her. Is the news you gave about her true?"

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