Falling For The Billionaire/C16 It Was Her Mr. Right.
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Falling For The Billionaire/C16 It Was Her Mr. Right.
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C16 It Was Her Mr. Right.

"...Yes." The middle-aged man's face was pale.

But when he turned around and saw Isabella Ann standing in front of him, who was so beautiful, he was stunned. Then he bowed his head and left hurriedly.

Isabella gawked at Michael after listening to their conversation just now...

She couldn't believe that he was the man who had been engaged to her two days ago. At that time, the city's notable ladies were jealous and envious of her for being able to win this man, because this charming and handsome crown prince of the Barker family had won the hearts of so many celebrities.

Michael's driver bowed and said, "Mr. Barker, at 7 o'clock in the evening, it will be time for dinner with the mayor. The government's bidding has drawn the attention of many real estate businessmen. It's said that the people from the Emperor also have intentions..."

"No matter what, I swear I'll get that piece of land. Tell Kate that I can't eat with her tonight."

As soon as Michael finished speaking, he saw Isabella.

The hand he had put on the door froze for a moment, and then he donned a knife-like smile. "Isabella... How dare you come over?"

She looked at the handsome man who had been successful in the business world and who had entered the board of the Barker Enterprises board of directors at such a young age. She smiled.

"Michael, I remember that when I first met you, I was also attracted by your confidence. You are always determined to get what you want, and you are completely different from the second-generation rich who only know how to drink and party. You have ability, career, ambition, social status and a good temperament, and you came after me. I was very honored. I thought you were sent to me by God, and I really wanted to give you everything."

On the night of the engagement, she almost gave herself to him...


Michael slammed the door with a shake of his hand.

The high-end Dior suit outlined his charming male figure. He walked towards Isabella with an evil smile on his face. "Did you hear what I said just now?"

"Sure." Isabella looked at the man with her slightly red eyes and her lips trembled slightly. "...I was an idiot, so I believed that you were engaged to me because you loved me."

"But now there's nothing different about the result, is there?" He looked at her mockingly and slowly approached her. "I wasn't wrong about you!"

"The result is different." She glared at him with hatred. "I have been set up!"

If Kate and Mrs. Ann hadn't drugged her, she wouldn't have left the wedding ceremony and had sex with someone that night. She wouldn't have ruined her reputation!

"It's useless to say anything." Michael laughed coldly. "I'd like to ask, who was the man with you that night?"

[It's the biggest failure of a man if a man can't take care of his own woman.]

Thinking of the man's words on the phone, Michael felt as if he had been insulted. He wished he could find out the man who had slept with Isabella.

Who in S City would dare to speak to him in such a manner!

"Tell me, who was that man?" He suddenly pinched Isabella's chin, and his eyes were filled with anger.

"You don't have the right to ask about him." Isabella looked at the cruelty and anger on Michael's handsome face. With the triumph, she slowly smiled. "He is ten thousand times better than you. Whether in appearance, charm, or status, you can't compare to him! I will marry him and become his woman!"

Michael looked at the beautiful Isabella in front of him with sarcasm. He laughed and said, "Are you going to marry him? Isabella, how thirsty are you to marry a man at the age of 19?"

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