Falling For The Billionaire/C18 Because Michael Won't Do It
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Falling For The Billionaire/C18 Because Michael Won't Do It
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C18 Because Michael Won't Do It

That afternoon, Isabella Ann was picked up by a security guard of the Shallow Bay. She was sent to the Public Security Bureau on the charges of intentional harm and told that he would arrange for her to be detained for 15 days.

While Isabella was sitting in the detention room, a policeman came with her cell phone—

"It's your phone number."

"Thud!" He threw it in front of her.

The guard suddenly knocked on the iron door twice and said, "Hey, hey, hey! Be careful with your attitude. After offending Mr. Barker, it's merciful for you to be detained for only 15 days because it's your first offense."

Isabella snapped back to reality and picked up her cell phone. She said coldly, "Officer, believe it or not, someone will get me out soon. If my cell phone breaks, I'll ask you to pay for it!"

The Barker family was rich, and even the government police would let the Barker family do what they wanted. So when Michael who sent people to the Public Security Bureau, no one went against them.

And Miss Isabella was just the ex-girlfriend of Michael Barker. All the people in the city knew that she was involved in an affair at a wedding and had been kicked out of the house by Ann Family.

"Humph." The policeman stood outside the iron gate fearlessly with his hands clasped behind his back. He looked at the woman in front of him with disdain. "Looks like you're pretending not to understand the current situation. Make a phone call. I'll be back

when you're done!"

Isabella checked the phone number and saved it.

As expected, Hubert called.

After Isabella called back, Hubert asked her, "Miss Isabella, it's three o'clock in the afternoon. Please tell me your answer."

Isabella knew that at this time, only that man could save her. Aldo Sterling was the most powerful man in the domestic business world—she could only marry him.

"I'm in the Public Security Bureau. I've thought it through." Isabella looked at the police officer in front of her and said, "If Aldo takes me out of the Public Security Bureau, I'll marry him."

Isabella hung up the phone, curled her lips and said to the officer in front of her, "I've said it before, someone will save me soon."

When the police officer heard Isabella's words, his face changed.

15 minutes later.

The director of the Public Security Bureau received a call from the president of the Emperor . "Yes, I am the director of the Public Security Bureau in S City... Oh, what's the matter with Mr. Sterling? What, Mr. Sterling wants to know about Miss Isabella's arrest? May I ask who this Miss Isabella is?"

"Miss Isabella is Mr. Sterling's bride. He’d like to see her immediately." On the phone, Hubert said directly.

Director hung up the phone and immediately rushed to the detention center, shouting at the police officer,

"You good-for-nothing! Do you know what kind of person Miss Isabella is to Mr. Sterling? Let her go—"


Isabella came out of the front door of the Public Security Bureau.

The media reporters had been waiting outside the Public Security Bureau for a long time. They rushed over and surrounded Isabella —

" Miss Isabella, I heard that you were kicked out of Ann Family and went to Shallow Bay to look for Mr. Barker, is that right?"

"Why did you have an affair at Mr. Barker's wedding? Who is your fiance? Don't you think it's shameless of you, a rich young lady, to do this?"

Facing the sharp questions of these reporters, Isabella wore a sweet smile. "I'll address your question here. Yes, I cheated because he is not a good man. I'm not interested in a man who can only hold on for three seconds. As for who is shameless, I think Michael Barker and Kate Ann know better than anyone else who the shameless ones are!"

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