Falling For The Billionaire/C19 The 19-year-old Bride!
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Falling For The Billionaire/C19 The 19-year-old Bride!
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C19 The 19-year-old Bride!

At last, while the reporters were still in a daze, Isabella walked to Hubert, who was waiting for them victoriously.

Hubert was in a car with two bodyguards, parked ahead front of her and waiting.

When he saw Isabella Ann coming, Hubert stood coldly in front of the car and said, "Miss Isabella, I'll give you a warning here first. Boss doesn't like others create trouble for him."

Isabella smiled. "Didn't he say in the morning that he would help me solve the problem?"

Hubert narrowed her eyes slightly and opened the car door for her.

"Boss booked the church as quickly as he could." In the car, Hubert said next to her, "Now take Miss Isabella to get made up, change into a wedding dress, and go to the church to hold a formal wedding."

Isabella was stunned and suddenly turned around and shouted, "What, it's so fast? Are we going to marry publicly?"

"Miss Isabella, you are thinking too much." Hubert said, "Of course, you and boss are going to have a hidden marriage. Besides, there's not enough time to hold a public wedding."

"..." Isabella patted her chest and breathed a sigh of relief. "That's good."

Half an hour later, she was taken to a high-class wedding dress store. The makeup artist rolled up her hair and put on the most beautiful white wedding dress she'd seen in her life.

Sitting in the dreamy wedding dress store, Isabella looked at the beautiful bride in the mirror, who was only 19 years old, and posed before an imaginary circle of friends.

Goodbye, my short youth, I'm going to get married!


The snow-white church stood on the lawn outside the city.

There were a lot of people outside the church, including some outstanding people from some rich and powerful families from City S, and some well known stars. These people were Aldo's friends and had come early to attend his wedding.

Isabella got out of the car, all these people's eyes were fixed on the bride in the white wedding dress. Rafael, Aldo's best friend, took the lead and smiled. "It's Miss Isabella. Aldo's decisions are always beyond everyone's expectations."

Isabella was so nervous that she could not move.

She asked in a low voice, "Didn't you say that it was a hidden marriage? For what reason are there so many people?"

"They're some of boss’s friends." Hubert said, "Since it's an official wedding, there has to be some witnesses. The Sterling family's people will come to witness it. Miss Isabella, please just relax."

It was only then that Isabella remembered that Aldo had said that the reason why he was married was because of his family's nagging.

She tried to calm herself down. Under the guidance of Hubert, she walked through the crowd of people who were watching the ceremony and strode into the church.

Although the church of this wedding was not the largest, it was the most sacred and solemn one, which was imitated St. Paul's Cathedral's European style. Three low-hanging chandeliers hung in the church, turning the whole church a luxurious golden color.

The top of the classical circular roof of the middle hall was painted with the religious murals of angels, clouds, and Holy Sons.

The whole church showed a romantic and sacred color.

At the end of the church, the handsome and noble man in a white dress stood in front of the cross with his hands clasped behind his back.

The golden sunset came in through the window and shone on him. He was handsome and slender, like a god's mansion!

"Boss." Hubert came up behind him with her. "Miss Isabella is here."

Aldo did not look back. He said to the two lawyers next to him, "Give her the contracts."

Two lawyers in black suits walked up to Isabella and took out two marriage contracts. "Miss Ann, these are the agreement and registration documents. Please sign and put your fingerprints on them."

After hearing the lawyer's words, Isabella came to her senses and realised that she was really going to get married to a man who had been with her for a night and had known her for only three days.

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