Falling For The Billionaire/C22 The Kiss of Pledge
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Falling For The Billionaire/C22 The Kiss of Pledge
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C22 The Kiss of Pledge

Aldo was much calmer. He said to Hubert, "Bring me the ring."

Hubert immediately brought a tray covered with velvet, on which there were two rings.

Isabella looked at Aldo 's incredibly charming face through the veil. "He even prepared a ring?"

"Give me your hand," Aldo said.

Isabella raised her hand to him.

"Your right hand." Aldo cast her a mild glare.

Isabella looked at her hand and then let go of her left hand and raised her right hand...

There was a burst of laughter from the crowd behind him. Someone said, "I bet Mr. Sterling will be distressed with this little wife in the future. Why does he like such a young girl? Did he change his preference?"

"This afternoon, rumor has it that Miss Ann said Michael Barker is impotent. He really lost his face this time !"

"Speaking of adultery... could that man be Mr. Sterling?"

The crowd immediately fell into silence.

Rafael Pei 's mouth twitched because that person was Aldo Sterling.

Yesterday, he only proposed to let Aldo marry Miss Ann. Who knew that Aldo would really marry Miss Ann today. He did not expect it at all—

At the end of the church, Aldo picked up a ring and put it on Isabella's finger. He gently stroked her finger with his thumb. "Will you feel wronged if you marry me?"

Hearing the voices behind her, Isabella blushed and lowered her head. "No, I won't. At least your salary must be very high."

Aldo's hand ceased moving suddenly.

He put her hand down and said, "Yes, it's very high."

Isabella 's hand trembled a little when she put the ring on his finger. His fingers were slender and white, and the joints were clear to see. His nails were trimmed clean and round as if they were a beautiful work of art.

Isabella felt like she was holding two noble hands. After shaking her hands a few times, she put finally the ring on him. "Well, when did you buy the ring? I only agreed to get married to you two hours ago."

Aldo took his hand back and said, "After you left Dejor this morning. I also booked the church and your wedding dress."

Isabella's eyes widened. "In the morning?"

When she came out of Dejor Luxury Club, she didn't promise him to get married! She even ran away when she knew that he was 29——

Although the man in front of her was so handsome that he didn't look like a twenty-nine-year-old man. She could not keep her eyes off from this man, who was clad in a white tuxedo.

She remembered his sexy figure and eight abdominal muscles when he came to the swimming pool...

Isabella swallowed her saliva, even though it was spineless.

"I have said that you don't get to refuse." When she was lost in thoughts, Aldo suddenly took her slender waist and kissed her on her lips through her veil.

Isabella was stunned!

"The ritual is completed!" After seeing them finishing the kiss of pledge, the priest said, "Congratulations to the new couple!"

Then the wedding in this church was over.

Aldo walked down the steps of the church, surrounded by his friends who all came from rich families. He wore a long white tuxedo that reached his legs. A smile appeared on his usually aloof face.

Isabella looked at this handsome man with a bit of blankness in her eyes.

She should not have said that he was a middle-aged man. Even if he was, he was still the most handsome middle-aged man in the world. Even those young celebrities on TV were far less handsome than him!

Hubert came over and said to her,"Young Madam, President Lu has invited a friend to attend the wedding tonight. He is asking you to go with him."

Isabella looked at the group of people who seemed to be extraordinary and shook her head quickly.

"I'm not going."

She didn't know those people. What was she going to do? She wouldn't take part in it.

"Okay." Hubert said, "boss said let us send you back first, but you can't go back to your original residence. Apart from Ann family, the reporter has already found your apartment outside, the Star Garden. Boss has three private residences in the country. There's a castle in the southwest region. There's the White Night Palace in Heavenly City and a private villa in Shallow Bay. Where do you want to live?"

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