Falling For The Billionaire/C25 She Was Going to Give Birth to Children for Him!
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Falling For The Billionaire/C25 She Was Going to Give Birth to Children for Him!
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C25 She Was Going to Give Birth to Children for Him!

The doctor said, "Madam, please go back to your room. I'll check for you?"

"... Why should I go back to the room?" Isabella trembled all over. "I'm not going anywhere."

"It's okay not to do that." The doctor took out a medical journal, a record of the female biorhythm cycle, and a pen, then he put on his glasses and said, "Then let's cancel other examinations first. With my clinical experience, as long as your period is reported to me, I can still help you deduce it."

Looking at the experienced gynecologist, Isabella was extremely scared.

The doctor asked, "Madam, may I ask when did you have menstruation last time?"

Isabella was frightened. "... Five... days ago."

"Madam, how many days does your menstruation usually take?

"... Seven days."


Isabella didn't remember when the doctor left. When she was sitting alone in the big hall, it was already dark outside on Shallow Bay—

And she was caught in the fear of giving birth to a baby.


There was a beep coming from her WeChat.

Isabella picked up her phone and checked it. It was from Jane, who had called Alfred of the Ann family several times this afternoon.

She clicked the voice message on her WeChat and put the phone by her ear...

"Isabella, why didn't you answer the phone?"

"What did the message you sent on the WeChat Moments mean? You said you were going to get married in the morning. Do you really want to get married?"

Isabella called Jane. "I accidentally put the phone on mute this afternoon, so I didn't hear the call."

"Isabella, where did you go? Did someone take you away?" Jane shouted. "I went to Star Garden in the afternoon. My God, those paparazzi are crazy, totally insane! Isabella, don't go back... otherwise, they won't let you go!"

"I already know it." Isabella remembered the journalist's call to Kate in the afternoon. "I went back to Star Garden in the afternoon and I've seen it."

"Why did those journalists know where you live?" Jane was a formal business reporter, so she knew about the journalist industry.

"Who leaked your address? Mrs. Ann or that bitch Kate?"

"Nobody would do that except them." Isabella sneered.

"Damn it, the Ann family has already driven you out. What else do those people want?"

"They want the entertainment media to destroy my reputation so that I can never turn over." Isabella put her legs away and sat on the wide and comfortable sofa.

"After all, because of the relationship between Michael and me, Kate must hate me. My adoptive mother... wants to drive me out of the Ann family for a long time."

"Do they want you to be homeless and be no way out?" Jane was very anxious. "Isabella, come and live with me. Hide for a while and wait for the gossip to come out. Then I'll help you find a way to clear up the truth and expose the shameless evil behaviors of those people..."

Isabella played a pillow and looked at the luxurious villa where she lived. "There's no need to hide."

Even if she didn't hide, she would have to stay at the house for a week.

"Don't be impulsive. The media is paying attention to you now. A rumor maker said that you complained of Michael's impotence..." Jane persuaded her. "The entertainment media and social media are all occupied by this topic today. Michael must want to kill you now. If you go out..."

"Well..." Isabella felt a little embarrassed and said, "In fact, I did say that."

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