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C28 The Man

In the entire S City, and even in the country, the only one who dared to oppose the Barker family was the Emperor.

Aldo Sterling was the supreme ruler of the Emperor!

When Kate heard that Isabella knew Aldo Sterling, her expression changed.

Kate never expected Isabella to know Aldo, the president of the Emperor, and that he had also rescued Isabella from the detention center of the Public Security Bureau.

Kate blinked her clear eyes and asked, "Where is she now?"

"Have you found her yet?"

"Not yet." The assistant looked at the IPad and said, "There is no news about her movements from this afternoon to now. She did not go back to Ann family or the Star Garden. The reporter found the Star Garden, and I guess that she will not go back."

Michael squinted his eyes,the reporter go to her apartment?

"Humph, it seems that the paparazzi's nose is quite sharp now." He sneered. "They even dare to find out private houses."

Kate pursed her lips and said, "After all, the paparazzi know the stars' houses can be exposed. They can naturally find Isabella's place. She should be hiding now."

The assistant looked at the IPAD and frowned again. "However, Isabella's Moments updated half an hour ago and sent a photo."

"..." Michael immediately took over the Ipad and looked at it.


In the photo, it was an expensive diamond ring with nearly ten carats!

But Michael recognized that it was Isabella's hand.

Because her fingers and nails were very beautiful, without any flaws, and holding them can feel soft and boneless...

Because he had held the hand of Isabella countless times, her sense of direction was not very good. He took her hand to walk through many high-end shopping malls to stop her getting lost.

[He is 10,000 times better than you. No matter in appearance, charisma, or status, you can't compare with him in S City and even in the country! And I will marry him and become his wife!] What Isabella said to him at Shallow Bay today, emerged in front of him.

Looking at the diamond ring Isabella wore on her ring finger in the photo, Michael didn't speak for a long time. Finally, he gritted

his teeth and said word by word, "Find her. Find her all over the country. You have to try you best to find her out for me !"

"Yes, Sir." The assistant nodded.

Kate did not know why he was in such a hurry to find Isabella . She was jealous and gently held his hand. "Michael, this must beautify by PS. She deliberately sent an expensive ring to show off her power. Now that she has been driven out of Ann family has no job, how can she buy a ring?"

Michael looked Kate for a long time. Finally, he stroked her long hair down her back and said with an evil smile, "Why are you nervous? Even if I find her, it doesn't mean anything. You are my girl."

Kate was relieved. She smiled gently and said, "Yes, I know."

They were each other's first love.

When it came to first love, people always had an irreplaceable feeling...

During this period, Michael thought Isabella was that girl,so he was with her. In the end, Kate came back from abroad and told

Michael that she was the girl he loved.

"Didn't your father agree to let the Ann Limited fall into the hands of the Barker family?" Michael had absolute confidence and plans. "Then on the press conference of the Barker family, we can announce our engagement publicly?"


Kate immediately raised her head and looked at him happily.

Michael lifted her chin and abandoned the face of Isabella in his mind and kissed Kate gently. "I've said you are my lover."

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