Falling For The Billionaire/C29 Charming Night Scene
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Falling For The Billionaire/C29 Charming Night Scene
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C29 Charming Night Scene

At night, Isabella Ann sat in the living room in Ninth Dragon Villa, and dare not sleep until very late.

The starlight was shining outside, the night was charming, and it was the wedding night.

"Young Madam." Butler persuaded her. "You probably doesn't remember to come back so soon. You can sleep early."

Isabella heard that Aldo would come here today, she didn't dare to sleep. "Will he come here? Isn't he rarely here?"

"Yes, it's not often. Young Master seldom comes to Shallow Bay, but you and Young Master are newly married. Of course, he would live here with you."

No, no, no, he didn't need to do that. He could do whatever he wanted!

Isabella's face became stiff. "Today... is not my ovulation."

Butler narrowed his eyes. The Young Madam wanted to refuse Young Master, but they had slept together, hadn't they?

"The doctor told that your physical schedule has been handed over to us," Butler said, "Therefore, according to the agreement between you and Young Master, you don't need to share the same room today. Young Master will probably come back late."

After dinner, Isabella had been sitting there for two hours. After thinking for a while, she asked, "Then... where is my room?"

"Young Madam's room is on the west side of the second floor, opposite the master bedroom of Young Master," Butler said.

"I see... I'll go to sleep later."

"Young Madam, good night." Butler left.

Isabella let out a sigh of relief. When she looked at the time, it was 9 o'clock.

This villa was very quiet, and there were very few servants. Butler said Aldo was not used to living with too many servants.

Isabella turned on the 10-inch-high Emperor intelligent TV in the living room and watched it for a while. The holographic projection was in the air, and the gossip entertainment was playing something about Michael—

"It is said that Mr. Barker only lasts three seconds!"

"Are you saying that some of Mr Barker's abilities are not good enough? As the most outstanding and romantic man in S City, Mr Barker has never been in trouble. The news is really exciting!"

Isabella could almost see Michael's bad face when he saw this gossip news.

"Michael, this is what I've returned to you!"

Isabella laughed and turned back to her room, ready to sleep.

Today was her wedding night. Well, she wanted to have a good sleep!

But as soon as she walked to the second floor—

"Well, which side?"

In the end, Isabella found a room in the west, which she thought should be, and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

After taking a shower, Isabella opened her arms and lay comfortably on the oversized bed in the room—

"So comfortable..."


She didn't know how long time had passed.

The door of the room opened from the outside.

The handsome and tall figure of the man appeared at the door, reflecting the light outside. The silhouette of the man's body was particularly beautiful.

Aldo looked at the woman lying on his bed in the dark room and frowned.

"Didn't you say that she went back to her room and slept?"

Butler was also very surprised. He looked at the bedroom on the opposite side. "This... Young Master, Young Madam really said that she wanted to go back to her room to sleep, and I also told her that her room was in the west, opposite the main bedroom.

Why did Young Madam go to your room to sleep?"

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