Falling For The Billionaire/C31 She Was sleeped!!!
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Falling For The Billionaire/C31 She Was sleeped!!!
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C31 She Was sleeped!!!

Their lovemaking on their wedding night had begun.

Isabella only felt that she had a dream. She was pressed back and forth by a big truck...

She woke up in the morning, tired and weak.

"What's wrong with me?"

A pain in the back, a pain in the waist, a pain in the hips, her whole body!

Looking at the luxurious large room in front of her, as well as the bright sunshine shining through the double-story gorgeous curtains, she should have had a good sleep in a big room. Why was her whole body aching all over? And what was wrong with the dream of being pressed by the big truck? Was there a ghost pressing against the bed?

With this in mind, Isabella scratched her head and looked at her naked body—

"Ah, who planted so many strawberries on me?" She suddenly shouted, staring at the kiss marks on her body. "Maybe, I was given something in my dream?"

"Why are you so noisy? Be quiet."

A strong arm wrapped around her waist and hugged as if it owned her.

Hearing the impatient voice, Isabella snatched the quilt in front of her and started shaking!

She turned her head mechanically and her head felt blurry. "... Don't tell me it's possible?"

Aldo was lying beside her with his eyes closed, and had one hand on Isabella waist.

At this time, his face was not as cold as he was in the daytime, and the muscles on his face were not so stiff. His thin lips had a faint color, and his breathing was steady and calm. His uncombed hair, fell down along his forehead and rested on the pillow with black dark gold patterns. His handsome face was so good-looking that it couldn't be described with words.

Isabella looked at him and kept quiet for three seconds. Finally, she swallowed her fear and roared with all her strength. "Ah! Ah!

Ah! Ah! I was asleep!"

In the room, Isabella rolled out of bed and casually picked up the towel and wrapped it on her body. She looked at Aldo with a changed expression.

"What are you doing in my room? Why do you follow me to sleep and do this to me? We have a marriage agreement!"

Aldo hated being disturbed when he slept. He had a serious issue of being woken up. He suddenly opened his brown eyes and said coldly, "Isabella, look carefully. This is my room! Didn't you want to sleep with me when you came to my room?"

Isabella looked around and shouted again. Then she ran to the door with her clothes in her arms.

Butler, who was outside, heard the sound and came up to knock on the door. "Young Master, Young Madam, are you up?"

All of a sudden, the door opened from inside!

"Where is my room?" Isabella asked the housekeeper, with her blood-red eyes wide open and wrapped in a bath towel, holding her clothes.

Butler immediately lowered his head and did not look directly at her. "Young Madam, your room is the one across from us."

Isabella rushed into the opposite room with a gust of wind.

Aldo was sitting on the bed with his eyebrows wrinkled. His face was obviously angry.

Butler carefully asked at the door, "Young Master, may I ask... do you want to get up?"

Aldo sat on the bed, pinching his heroic eyebrows. "Do you think I can still sleep after being yelled at by her?"

Aldo was a very self-disciplined and strict master, and he was gentle to the servants, but there was one thing that even Butler did not dare to offend—

That was, no one dared to disturb his sleeping time!

"Young Master, Young Madam has just arrived. Please tolerate her a little more." Butler tried to persuade him, not to provoke him again. "Then, I'll send someone to prepare breakfast."


Aldo frowned again.

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