Falling For The Billionaire/C32 Mr. President Get up on the Wrong Side of the Bed
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Falling For The Billionaire/C32 Mr. President Get up on the Wrong Side of the Bed
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C32 Mr. President Get up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

Finally, she came out of the bathroom and looked at her luxurious but not large bedroom. She threw a towel that was used to wipe her hair on the bed.

"I knew it! The side bedroom is so luxurious! It turned out to be his room!"

As she regretted, Isabella pulled open the closet.

In the big cabinet of the cloakroom, there were only a few night dresses and high-end pajamas of real silk, all were elegant and beautiful.

Isabella thought about it, she had already slept with Aldo, so she didn't need to worry about these things.

In the luxurious and golden luxury hall, Aldo had already had breakfast and was sitting in the large leather sofa area, reading the domestic commercial reports.

He was wearing a white shirt, a completely custom-made Armani black vest and long trousers, and his tie was also black.

It was as if he was a man that people looked up to!

"I'm coming down," Aldo said flatly without raising his head.

Isabella clenched her fists, strode over, and sat down on the sofa opposite Aldo, with a fragrant breeze.

"Mr. Sterling." She tried to maintain her politeness. "You were too aggressive last night, weren't you?"

If it weren't for the fact that he had servants under the roof, he would not have to be humble. This was also his villa.

He was so tall and she was so petite. She couldn't beat him.

Otherwise, she really wanted to fight with him!

Aldo gave her a faint look. "It's you who came to me by yourself, and I'm not gay."

"The fire is strong! Endure it!"

Isabella gritted her teeth. "Then can I have some requirements for our relationship in the future?"

"You can try to tell me." he said faintly, "But I don't know if I will agree."

For the sake of the satisfaction that this little wife gave him yesterday, he didn't care about her waking him up in the morning!

Isabella glared at the housekeeper next to her. "When you point out your destination to me in the future, please tell me in front, back, and rear. There are no North, East, South or West in my world!"

Aldo slowly looked up at her and said, "I remember that in your information, you are at least 19 years old. You are attending a famous university, and you don't even have the ability to distinguish directions."

Isabella said angrily, "I am born to have a bad direction. How can you blame me? Don't go too far."

"Give her a compass," Aldo said.

"Yes,Young Master." Butler nodded.

Isabella knew that she had been insulted. "No! I only do this in strange places. You don't need to bother!"

"In that case, you should recognize your own room in the future." Aldo looked at Isabella and fought with a kind of elegant light brown color in his eyes. "It's your own fault that you got into someone else's bed by mistake."

Isabella clenched her fists, and her eyes were about to spurt fire.

"There's one more thing. I believe Butler told you yesterday that you'll be grounded for a week because you went to Michael Barker on your own." He said, "We have a pre-wedding agreement that I will solve the problem for you, but the premise is that you won't take the initiative to get into trouble. You don't have to worry about your life here, but try not to go out and cause trouble. There are some things that I'll handle for you."

Only Butler knew that his Young Master's words were all for the good of Isabella, because now Michael Barker was looking for her everywhere...

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