Falling For The Billionaire/C6 Expert Skill Is Good
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Falling For The Billionaire/C6 Expert Skill Is Good
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C6 Expert Skill Is Good

Isabella Ann felt that she had been bitten by a dog when she found out that even though she was devoted to Michael Barker, he and Kate had planned to let her have an affair at a wedding.

"I drank a glass of wine that Auntie Lily gave me last night, and then my mind was not very clear. I received a phone call from

Michael and left." Isabella recalled the situation last night. "When I woke up today, Michael said in the press conference that I had an affair before marriage, and Kate said the Ann Family has taken back my shares."

"But didn't you personally sign it and give up the shares to Miss Isabella, then transfer them to First Miss?"

Isabella sneered. "That's not true. She told me that the documents from the company had been signed for me when I was unconscious last night!"

Kate had actually transferred Michael's shares to herself? It was really an amazing skill of White Lotus.

In the Ann Family, Uncle Alfred believed in Isabella. When he heard this, he broke out in a cold sweat. "... Miss Isabella, why don't you go back to the Ann Family with me to tell the old master about the situation? It's not a trivial matter."

" Is it helpful? Will Dad believe me?" Isabella knew that in order to take away her shares, Kate must have planned it with Michael for a long time.

At this time, a car stopped outside the cafe shop.

Two men in suits got out of the car and glanced at the open cafe nearby. Their eyes were fixed on Isabella —

"Are you Miss Isabella Ann?" The two men walked up to Isabella with files in their hands.

One of the men had gold-rimmed glasses and looked like a secretary. He took out a check from the folder. "My name is Hubert, and I am a secretary. Here is a check for you. As for the reason, our master said that we just need to tell you the number of room 8807 in Kingsort Hotel last night, and that will be enough."

Room 8807? Isabella was shocked. Wasn't that the presidential suite she had come out of this morning? Was it the man who had slept with her last night?

Isabella looked at the check... Did this mean that he had paid her for the night?

She restrained the savage rage in her body and stood up with a sweet smile. "Please wait a moment."

Isabella was quite familiar with this cafe. She walked to the front desk of the cafe and said, "Please give me an envelope and a pen."

"Okay." The receptionist gave her an celebrity-themed envelope.

She filled some money into the envelope, tore a leaf of paper from her notebook and wrote.

"You've been helpful. Here is a tip."

After writing the letter, she walked out with a perfect smile and handed it to Hubert with both hands. "I've been waiting for a long time. Please tell your master that I don't need the check. I'll give this to him to make sure that he didn't need to thank me."

The secretary and another person gave her a strange look.

"If this is Miss Isabella's order, I will go back and tell our master. I will also deliver this letter on your behalf."

No wonder he was a professional senior secretary. He spoke and acted without any hesitation. After watching the car leave, Isabella held her hand and said, "Hmph, everyone has money."

After using her, he wouldn't come and see her, and now he had asked someone to send money. What did he take her for?

If he wanted to sleep around, it was she who had slept with him!

"Second Miss?" Alfred looked at the car and felt frightened. "...I think that secretary called Hubert looks familiar. Did you offend anyone?"

Isabella took out the platinum tie with a lion head and looked at it. It was engraved with the letters A. S.

An abbreviation of a name?

What the hell?

She sneered. "Nothing. Let's go. I'll go home."

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