Falling For The Billionaire/C7 A Taste for Beautiful Girls
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Falling For The Billionaire/C7 A Taste for Beautiful Girls
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C7 A Taste for Beautiful Girls

The Emperor Multinational Group Building, in the economic development zone of S City.

On the 68th floor, in the office of the CEO.

Aldo Sterling stood in front of the glass wall with a panoramic view. With one hand in his trouser pocket, he answered the phone.

An elegant young man setting on the sofa behind him was reading information on Isabella Ann . "Isabella Ann, female, 19 years old, the Ann family's adopted daughter. She is currently in college and her sexual orientation is normal. A year ago, she had an affair with the Ann family's Third and Fourth Young Masters, but Director Ann personally clarified this rumor."

"This Miss Isabella doesn't live with the Ann Family usually. She is a lover of Michael Barker, the crown prince of the Barker Enterprises. They are regarded as a couple of rich and powerful families that are the most enviable in recent years by the online media." The man continued, "Yesterday, she was engaged to the crown prince of the Barker Enterprises, but cheated on her fiance that night. This morning, Michael announced that the engagement with Miss Isabella had been cancelled at the press conference.

At present, it is the focus of the tabloids."

The man laughed and said, "Aldo, I didn't know that you had a taste for beautiful girls. This Isabella seems to be only 19 years old!"

Aldo stood in front of the huge floor-to-ceiling wall and continued to make a call. His light brown eyes looked down over the entire S City, and his voice was beautiful and clear. "I will consider letting Emperor try not to have conflicts with Barker Enterprises as much as possible, but I won't consider marriage now. You don't have to threaten me with the excuse that you won't take medicine."

He hung up the phone of the Old Master of the Sterling Family directly and walked gracefully to the sofa area.

"What's wrong? Your family say that you're married again?" Rafael Pei looked at him.

"I'm bored," Aldo said, as if he didn't care about the words of the his family at all.

"Emperor and Barker Enterprises are the biggest brands in the country. Your family want to avoid business disputes," Rafael said.

"And it is said that you are gay. They must be anxious about your marriage. Maybe they will consider asking you to marry a

European aristocratic daughter."

After that, Rafael thought of something and touched his chin.

"But... why don't you marry, Aldo?"

"Marry you?"

Aldo raised his cold eyes and glanced at the man.

"It's rare for you to make such a joke." As his friend, Rafael complained, "You said that I have blocked you from getting serious with a girl many times. I am not queer. Look at these boring media magazines—"

He quickly pulled out a magazine with the cover showing two passionate men sitting together—

Aldo, the CEO of the Emperor, and Rafael were in the same team again.

"At that time, I was holding a swimming beauty with my left hand, but these media reporters stopped other people because they wanted to write a joke about the young master!"

Aldo did not pay attention to this gossip news.

He lowered his eyes and continued to drink the fragrant black coffee. "If you want to stop the rumors, you can find a woman. I haven't been lacking women yet."

"You're not short of females, Aldo, and you still slept Miss Isabella?" Rafael quickly raised Isabella's document in front of Aldo again.

"For example, now you have slept with the girl and ruined her reputation. As a man, you should shoulder this responsibility and marry her. What's more, she is a famous beauty. It is said that she is more beautiful than Kate Ann who was considered the most beautiful woman in S City. If you marry her, you will shut the your family's mouths and kill two birds with one stone!"

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