Falling For The Billionaire/C8 They had been so crazy yesterday
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Falling For The Billionaire/C8 They had been so crazy yesterday
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C8 They had been so crazy yesterday

When it came to Isabella Ann, Aldo was a little starstruck, and the beautiful girl lying in bed in the light of the morning sun came to mind.

Her face was as beautiful as an angel's, her skin was as white as jade, and her body was soft and supple...

They had been so crazy yesterday that they could have devoured each other.

But looking at the information on Isabella in front of him, Aldo recalled the sensual images in his mind and frowned. "I'm not interested in the little girl. It was an accident last night."

How did he know at that time that the girl was only 19 years old?

"Okay, just pretend that I didn't say anything."

Rafael Pei spread his hands and gave up.

Outside, someone knocked at the door of the office twice, and Secretary Hubert came in. "Boss, we found Miss Isabella."

Aldo looked up and asked, "Did you give the money to her?"

"No, and we didn't tell her your identity." Hubert stood next to him and reported, "And she didn't accept your check. She said that she would like to give it back to you. Would you like to see it?"

Aldo's brown eyes slightly closed, but when he saw the cash and the words written on the paper, his perfect face hardened slightly.

After a long while, he slowly put the things inside back, and there was a dangerous smile on his lips. "Bring Isabella Ann here, and tell my family that I'm getting married tomorrow."

That little girl, it seemed necessary for him to let her know that Isabella made fun of him!


In the mansion of the Ann Family.

When Isabella's father saw her come back, he was furious—

"I can't have a daughter like you. What kind of man is Barker? How did you do this at your wedding!" Isabella's father pointed at the door with trembling fingers. "Get out, you must leave the Ann Family now."

Mrs. Ann clasped her hands to one side. "We adopted you. You not only don't know how to be grateful, but you dare to do such a thing that makes us lose face. If it weren't for Barker's generosity, we would not have been able to explain to Barker family."

"Dad, it was Michael who called me to leave the banquet hall last night. At that time, I drank the wine that Auntie Lily gave me and didn't know what was going on..." Isabella glanced at Mrs. Ann.

Unlike her father, who had always taken good care of Isabella, Mrs. Ann had never liked her, so they treated each other like guests.

Isabella only calls her Auntie Lily.

Mrs. An's face changed slightly. "Isabella, what do you mean? Do you mean I did something bad to you?"

Isabella looked at her and said, "I also hope you didn't do such a thing."

Mrs. Ann hated Isabella's straightforwardness. She turned back and held David Ann's arm gently. "Honey, she must have misunderstood me. I have always treated her like my own child."

"There is no need to say anything. You let this marriage be ruined by yourself. You can't blame anyone." David Ann came over and said angrily, "As for the shares you just mentioned, you transferred them to Kate. She said that you signed it yourself. Since you wanted to give them to Kate, you'd better not regret it."

"It was Kate who asked me to sign the contract with the company's documents while I was out of sorts!"

"Isabella, you can't blame Kate for no reason. She treats you like her younger sister." Mrs. Ann smiled and said, "She will be sad to hear you say this."

"As a sister?" Isabella sneered. "Auntie Lily, your words are so strange. Do you really think I am your biological daughter and her younger sister?"

Mrs. Ann's face turned green.

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