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In the most luxurious hotel in the Ming City, the crystal chandelier was hung high up in the middle of the banquet hall. The decorations at the scene were so extravagant that it would make one sigh in admiration, almost half of the political and commercial world's business world was invited to the scene, the scene was extremely lively.

This was Ming City's most sensational wedding.

All eyes were on the ceremony, the bride's curvy figure wrapped in a white wedding dress, the lilies fluttering in the wind on the main platform.

Wen Hui's gaze was always fixed at a certain spot in front of him evenly, and his heart paused slightly. The wedding ceremony was about to begin in five minutes, but he had yet to appear.

Her fingers, which were holding the flower, turned white in no one's eyes. Her eyes scanned the entire scene and a trace of ridicule flashed across her clear eyes. She had guessed the beginning, but she could not guess the end.

The absence of the groom made the guests whisper among themselves. One of the women with a white pearl necklace said, "What's going on? Is this marriage even concluded? "

Hearing that, a bald man with a beer belly scolded him, "Quiet down, this is the Qi family's crown prince's territory. If you continue talking like this, you won't get away with it. I won't be able to protect you."

Only then did the official lowered her head in embarrassment, not daring to speak anymore. The title of Ming City's Crown Prince was not just for show, his insolent methods in the world of business and politics had long been famous, and those who provoked him would not have a good ending.

Just as the priest at the podium was at a loss for words, a tall and mighty man in black clothing walked over and said to him, "My young master has some matters to attend to and is unable to make it here. Let the ceremony begin immediately. Everything will be done according to the normal procedure."

These words were like a bomb thrown into a crowd, everyone was whispering to each other. The guests who were invited were confused, but they did not dare to say much due to their fear of the groom, and could only look at the bride on stage with a strange expression.

The priest looked at the man in black and Wen Hui in disbelief, alternating their gazes. Finally, he looked at the beautiful bride with incomparable sympathy before shrugging his shoulders and announcing the start of the ceremony.

The joyous and melodious music of the wedding march spread throughout the banquet hall, seeming to infect every guest present. Even without the arrival of the groom, the ceremony was still in the limelight.

The Cleric asked with the most sacred and solemn attitude: "Miss Wen Hui, are you willing to marry Mr. Qi Yuanming, be one with him in front of the God, love him for life, take care of him, respect him, and love him like you love yourself? Whether he is sick or healthy, poor or rich, will you always love him until he leaves the world?"

Almost everyone was waiting for the bride's answer, the bride's answer was extremely curious, Wen Hui held his breath for a moment before replying, "I am willing."

The bride and groom did not come to the place. His oath also failed, and this unfair treatment seemed to foretell the tragedy of the marriage.

The heavy veil covered Wen Hui's face, and also covered her embarrassment. Wen Hui had imagined hundreds of things about his performance at the wedding, but he never thought that he would actually not appear.

There was no resentment, no sadness, only coldness. This was her marriage alone, and looking back at the road she had taken was already very strange.

To leave her alone on the red carpet was no less painful than the despair she felt the other day on the Rising Emblem. The only difference was that she had resigned herself to her fate.

Wen Hui would never forget the feeling she had the moment she found out that she was going to marry Qi Yuanming. She angrily ran to the roof of the building, looked down at the scenery of the Ming City from above and gritted her teeth as she said, "Qi Yuanming! If you force me again, I'll jump down from here. At worst, I'll just kill you, and you can forget about getting a drop of my blood! "

Qi Yuanming stood not far away with one hand in his pocket. His haughty eyes locked firmly on her, as he asked an irrelevant question. "Miss Wen, do you like to eat three-tenths cooked steak?"

Wen Hui stared back at him for a few seconds with her clear and beautiful eyes. Then, when she thought about the steak that was dripping with blood in the dining room, she couldn't control the disgust that rose up in her stomach.

If she were to leap from here, her body would indeed be badly mangled. She wasn't seeking death, she was just unwilling to accept her fate.

The man's expression still remained the same, and his sharp and handsome face revealed a cold expression, "Actually, Wen Family Group's life depends on you? Even though this is a transaction, you have to let me do what I want. "

His words were so light and carefree, but in his eyes, human life had its price. It was easy to beg for death, but life was worse than death; it was the most painful thing in the world.

"And if I don't agree?"

Qi Yuanming laughed, his sharp eyes squinting like a dangerous arc, "You can choose not to agree, the only consequence is that your Wen Family has completely disappeared from the Ming City."

He was just a cold and merciless beast in disguise. With just a few words, he was able to turn her original life upside down. She would never be at peace for the rest of her life!

Using her own blood in exchange for Wen Family's safety, she had no choice.

When she looked around with a strange expression, she was still calm as usual. She lifted her tender red lips, and from the corner of her eyes, it could be seen that she really didn't care.

This was her marriage alone. Looking back at the road she had taken was already very strange.

When the priest finished reciting a long string of lines that originally represented a promise of happiness, Wen Hui replied expressionlessly, "I am willing."

To be willing to sacrifice her life in exchange for the safety of Wen Family, how profound was that?

The next dinner was just a formality. She did not need to appear as a bride in name, she only needed to appear in the auditorium. Sometimes, she even wondered if all of this was just an illusion.

When Wen Hui returned to the Qi household, it was already too late. After packing up all the clothes and accessories that he brought along, he changed into his house clothes and stood in front of the mirror to carefully examine himself.

The blood under the thin white skin had once been something she despised, but now it was her life-saving medicine. She suddenly laughed, and it was as if there was a purple and red peony growing in a cluster of flowers.

A few minutes after Wen Hui changed out of the formal attire, her room door was opened. The man was 1.8 meters tall with refined short hair.

She slowly walked towards her with the cold night air. She just took a quick glance and felt that his eyes were very bright and deep. This kind of man seemed unfathomable at first glance, but then she sunk into it.

The crackling and rattling outside was like the sound of rain, a disturbing feeling that was just as loud as it was hitting his heart. Wen Hui lowered his head and said respectfully, "Mr. Qi."

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