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After not doing this for too long, she had already forgotten her identity. She was just an endless blood bank, but the day that her blood was used up would still be far away.

When the ice-cold pinhole was inserted into her tiny vein, Wen Hui also instantly woke up. Turns out that this was not a dream, she was dragged here in the middle of the night to donate blood.

"Mr. Qi, Miss Wen's body is still very weak. If you continue with the blood transfusion, there might be a life threatening risk."

Wen Hui used a cotton ball to hold down the blood droplets that were gushing out, but she was unable to stop her tears.

"Why should I raise you? I don't care what her body is like. Enough! "

The moment Wen Hui took a step forward, he was suddenly tripped and fell onto the ground. The pain made her break out in a cold sweat, and she stared at the door with her black eyes, as though her gaze could pierce through the man standing outside.

So it was like this. These few days, she had been treating her body so well for the sake of today. Her originally delicate face had now turned deathly pale. It wasn't that she didn't feel pain, but it was a pain that made her numb.

When the nurse walked in again, Wen Hui was already sitting there. It was unusually quiet.

Better to draw her blood this time and put an end to her suffering.

The nurse was in a really difficult position. Even if she wanted to save someone, she couldn't let the other person die because of it.

After an unknown period of time, when the nurse told her that it was over, Wen Hui rushed out without thinking at all. She wanted to quickly leave this damned place that she hated and feared.

"Miss Wen, you still can't leave. Your body is still too weak."

No matter how much the nurse called for her, Wen Hui was still acting like a wooden person. The nurse took her medical records and was puzzled.

The night was as cold as water, and the previously crowded hospital was extremely quiet. The only sounds that could be heard were the mechanical sounds and the whistling of the wind in the sky.

Wen Hui walked to the front of the high levelled ward with weak steps. As expected, he saw the tall and straight body with slightly lowered head. A doctor was whispering in his ear.

The voice that said that it was going to drain her was like a terrifying demon note that revolved around her, and flames shot out from the bottom of her feet all the way to her heart, causing her to feel pain and anger. Wen Hui aggressively took a few steps forward and fiercely pushed the doctor who was still wearing his surgical shirt beside him.

"Isn't it your duty as doctors to help the dying? Didn't you find out during the operation that it wasn't the blood from your hospital's blood bank! "

He completely ignored the burning gaze and looked at the white coat with a cold smile. "Does your doctor think that some lives are more precious than others?"

He then changed the topic and said apologetically, "I'm really sorry. Look at my memory, a doctor is just a human and not a god. They don't have that much sentiments."

Qi Yuanming frowned, and scolded: "What are you doing?"

Wen Hui seemed to have noticed his existence just now, she raised her head and looked at him with deep eyes that were a little dissatisfied, revealing a small sense of innocence, "Did I make a fuss? I'm just talking to a doctor about life. "

The doctor was exasperated and did not dare to act out due to Young Master Qi.

Qi Yuanming felt very uncomfortable seeing her weird expression, "You won't be able to help out much from here, I'll get the driver to take you back to rest first."

"I was carried here in a coma. Now that I'm awake, I don't want to go back."

The gaze which Qi Yuanming placed on her face never shifted away, as it didn't take in the words that she didn't want to return home.

She straightened her slender neck, wanting to pick up the pride on the ground bit by bit. "That's right, I forgot. Isn't Young Master Qi's greatest strength just throwing it away after using it?"

Qi Yuanming did not have the slightest bit of patience to waste time with her, his big hands pressed on her wrist, which was so thin that only bones remained. He wanted to pull her away immediately, but Wen Hui took a deep breath due to the pain in his hands, "You barbarian, let me go! Let me go! "

Wen Hui was so angry that he couldn't move her at all. He half-knelt down, and with his teeth grabbing onto her arm, he bit down, causing Qi Yuanming to scream out loud. She opened her mouth and glared at him, "What are you doing tonight?"

The abused woman had already lost her reason and shouted back, "You are the one who is having a fit, your whole family is having a fit!"

Wen Hui thought that she must have had too good of a life, to dare go against him, since she was willing to risk it all, she should have had enough of living.

Qi Yuanming's expression darkened to the extreme as he looked down at the red teeth marks on his arm and frowned. In the past, if someone pissed him off, he would at most bleed their spleen, but there was no such barbaric method in his dictionary.

He let go of her swollen hand, pointed his index finger in the air at the woman who was several inches shorter than him, and walked on long legs in the direction of the hospital, leaving her where she was.

Wen Hui was stunned for a long time. She raised her head to look at the bright words of the hospital, her eyes were sour and sour, holding in her breath as she ran to the street outside, only to realize that the sky had already started to rain, and after a while, torrential rain began to fall. All of the raindrops landed on her body.

"Ah ?"

With the aid of the rain, she screamed like a madman. The sound of her heart breaking was very clear, and her vision became increasingly blurry ? Until he lost consciousness.

It was as if someone was moving her body and taking off her clothes. She tried to struggle free, but she couldn't muster any strength. It was difficult to even open her eyes. She felt like she was stuck in an icehouse.

Wen Hui spent the entire night dreaming, having many dreams, but she didn't remember any of them when she woke up. She was always like this, having many dreams, but she didn't remember any of them.

When he opened his mouth, he found that his throat was in pain. The ceiling that entered his sight was not a familiar pattern. It was a foreign place.

"You're awake. How do you feel?"

The woman had painted red nails and wore a beautiful and short skirt. She had waves of long hair, and she was drawing the appropriate makeup as she walked towards Wen Hui. She looked very charming, and that was Wen Hui's first impression of her.

"Where is this place?" "Who are you?"

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