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She has nowhere to run

The woman passed her a large cup of water and some fever medicine, "You have a fever, I was the one who brought you here last night when you fainted by the roadside. This is a hotel."

Wen Hui looked at the pajamas he was wearing and the white pill in his hand. His eyes slowly turned red, he was not even close to someone he met by chance, was she really that lowly of a person in his heart? What he had said in the hospital was so cold and heartless that he had known the answer would be so. But why was it so hard this time?

"You still want to go back?"

Although he didn't know what kind of cruel experience Wen Hui had, looking at the needle in her arm, he guessed that it wasn't a good thing.

As a woman, she had a heart of compassion.

After drinking the entire cup of water, his mouth was still filled with bitterness, "No, I won't go back even if I die." Death was not scary. What was scary was that every time he died, he would be struggling on the edge of death.

Wen Hui looked at her carefully, "Thank you for saving me. What's your name?"

She took Wen Hui's cup, its bright red nails shining, her pink lips opened, "Call me Sister Yuan."

"Sister Yuan, you can call me Hua Hua."

This was her childhood nickname. Other than her mother, no one else had called her that before. There weren't many people who treated her well, but the Sister Yuan gave her an exceptionally warm feeling.

"I've already paid for the room. Have a good rest, I need to go first. I'll come see you again when I'm free."

Wen Hui nodded and sent her away with a smile.

When the door closed, Qin Yuan even said one sentence, "It's not worth it for a man."

In an instant, the surroundings became very quiet. The white quilted pillow that she had imagined had a bright red color. Wen Hui hugged himself tightly and closed his eyes.

In the hospital director's office, a man in a white coat rubbed his black eyes, his pretty eyes staring innocently at the man in front of him, "Boss, you're going to destroy my hospital, can you let this small temple go?"

"Gao Shengkai, if you don't hand the person over to me, I won't let you go. You know my personality very well."

Qi Yuanming's methods and schemes would not even reach half of his in a hundred years. Gao Shengkai pounded his chest and wished that he could take out his brain and show it to Qi Yuanming, "I've told you many times, she really wasn't hiding in my hospital. Even if you dug her up, you wouldn't be able to find her."

The curve of the deep ravine on Qi Yuanming's forehead became even wider. He thought that Gao Shengkai had hidden her within in order to not let her continue to draw blood.

Remembering seeing the little figure stagger forward step by step in a closed-circuit video, where would she go?

Gao Shengkai looked at him somewhat playfully, "An average person wouldn't be able to stand it if they drew that much blood. Perhaps that little wife of yours had already met with some misfortune."

Hearing that, Qi Yuanming raised his head and shot a sinister gaze at him, he was shocked by the man's gaze, this fellow's eyes looked like they were about to devour someone, but he was only speaking the truth, Wen Hui's weak body would always be ruined.

The man's sharp eyes narrowed. "If I can't find someone, I'll still blame it on you. Don't think about meeting Little Seven for this period of time."


What right did Qi Yuanming have to vent all his anger on him? If Xiao Qi didn't come to see him, he could sneak over to her. Qi Yuanming, this treacherous person, shouldn't even think about breaking the relationship between him and Xiao Qi, hmph!

Two days later, Qi Yuanming still did not hear any news of Wen Hui, and she seemed to be nowhere to be found even after rummaging through the entire Ming City. He was not in a hurry, and his thin lips curled up.

Want to flee? Want to run? Is that possible? Dream on!

Then, he gave an order. A decision that made Wen Hui's hair stand up when he thought about it. She had actually hidden herself, then he would let her appear on her own accord.

Wen Hui had rested quite well in the hotel these two days, and she was almost completely sick. At the moment, she was standing in front of the window looking at a certain spot, and hadn't moved for a long time, not knowing how many days there were left in such a comfortable life. The weather outside was waiting for her, how could she not know, he would not let her go.

Qin Yuan saw that she was in a daze when he opened the door, so he casually put the card aside and walked over. In the past few days, she would come over to take a look whenever she had the time, so Wen Hui didn't want to use the card even if he was sick.

"Feeling better?"

Wen Hui turned around and smiled at her, adding a few traces of pink on his pale face, "I'm already much better now, I can even do some work."

When Qin Yuan saw her lively expression, he finally relaxed a bit. Picking up an apple, he quickly peeled it and gave it to her. After hesitating for a moment, he opened his mouth and said, "There are people looking for you outside, it's quite a sensation.

She opened her leopard print bag and took out a newspaper, "You asked me to help you find out more about Wen Family Group, I'm not too sure about the internal affairs of Wen Family Group, but the news of Wen Family Group's bankruptcy was quickly leaked."

Her biggest worry still happened. Her only weakness was tightly gripped by the man, as if she would never be able to recover from it.

The apple in her mouth was fresh and sweet, but it was still unable to hide her bitterness. Her clear eyes also gradually darkened.

Qin Yuan looked at her with worry, "What do you plan to do?"

Although they had only known each other for a few days, Qin Yuan really liked this girl from the bottom of his heart. She was strong and decisive, her endurance and tenacity too similar to his in the past.

Wen Hui lowered his head, what should he do? What else could she do?

"Don't go back, even if your family's company goes bankrupt, you can still return some assets, but if you go back again, you might lose your life one day."

Qin Yuan had not used such a hasty tone for a long time, she really could not watch this girl suffer so much.

The shadow cast by Wen Hui's eyes blocked out all the light as she tightly held onto the newspaper. She really wanted to cut Qi Yuanming into ten thousand pieces, but in the end, she could only bury her resentment deep within her heart.

The Wen Family Group was the foundation that her father had painstakingly built. He placed more importance on the Wen Family Group than anything else, otherwise he wouldn't have sold his daughter to the whole company.

"Sister Yuan, do you believe in love?"

Qin Yuan suddenly laughed out loud and raised her head to look at the ceiling. However, the spotless ceiling made her feel dizzy. What is the end of love?

She chuckled a few times, "Who didn't love a few scum when they were young? But after waking up, they understood that love can't be eaten, and what's in your hand is real. If you love me, then I love you."

The thing she didn't want to touch the most in her life was love. Love was the most difficult philosophy in the world.

"But I don't love him, but I hate him. Isn't that unfair?"

Of course, she didn't love Qi Yuanming, but she didn't know why she would feel so heartbroken when she thought of him.

Qin Yuan lifted her long curly hair and caressed her head, "Silly girl, don't hate them. Only with love can there be hatred.

"Well, what are you going to do about it? You really want to go back to him? "

Wen Hui remained silent for a long time before he finally found his voice, "Sister Yuan, I can't dodge this. It's my life."

Fate had never treated her well. It was fated that she would only be threatened by Qi Yuanming until her death.

"Going back to him is my only path." She had nowhere to run.

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