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12 - Eat fat so you can kill her

After Qi Yuan left, Wen Hui checked out of her room and stayed in the hotel for a few days. Suddenly, she saw that the sunlight outside was not used to it, she brought a pair of sunglasses and a peaked cap and walked out of the revolving door, then took a taxi to the Wen Family Group building.

She smiled at Hu Li, who was at the front desk. As soon as she walked into the chairman's office, she heard Wen Junguo's voice from inside, "Can't you give me a few more days more. I really need some time here.

The person on the other side did not know what he said, but after Wen Junguo hung up he scolded. He raised his head and saw Wen Hui standing at the entrance.

He opened his mouth but did not know what to say. Waving his hand, he signaled her to sit on the sofa at the side. Wen Hui looked at his father, who had white hair at his temples and his originally high-spirited face was now covered with wrinkles, "Dad, how have you been recently?"

Wen Junguo sighed, "Little Huai, when daddy established this company, he put in a lot of effort, I know you are in a difficult situation, but dad really has no other way, the entire company's over a hundred people need to support their families to survive, and they cannot go bankrupt just like that."

"I know. The company is more important to you than my mom and me."

She rarely saw her father, and she knew from then on that Wen Junguo did not care about her.

When Wen Junguo heard this, he looked at Wen Hui's face. "Daddy is begging you.

Wen Hui looked at the sunset and stood up, laughing coldly, "There's no need to bring me back, because I don't have a home anymore."

Since the day her mother died, her family had been dispersed.

"Little Huo, listen to daddy ?"

Wen Hui interrupted him, "You don't need to say anymore, I just hope that this time I can sell myself for a good deal, if not every time I am like this I will feel really painful selling my points!"

Wen Junguo was suddenly speechless.

Standing inside the elevator, Wen Hui put on his hat and zipped up his coat, feeling that it was safer as long as he was tightly wrapped inside.

After leaving the Wen Family Group, she did not immediately return but wandered around outside. She especially cherished her last bit of freedom, because she did not know what would await her when she returned.

Wen Hui had never felt such despair before. It was not the first time she was forced into a corner, but this time, she was feeling especially sad.

It was dark now and the night was getting darker. She stood in front of the metal fence of the villa and looked at the buildings inside before taking a deep breath and walking in. The bodyguards at the front door were not surprised to see Wen Hui, they immediately let her in.

The door to the living room was not closed, and the crystal chandelier in the middle was especially bright, so bright that she could barely open her eyes, as if she sensed something. He turned around and pinched away the smoke in his hand.

The instant their four eyes met, Wen Hui's heart fiercely trembled. Recalling how merciless he was in the hospital that day, not caring about her safety in the slightest, the gaze he used to look at the man gradually turned cold.

"How long are you going to stand at the door? Do you need me to bring you in? "

Hearing Qi Yuanming's words, Wen Hui frowned, and slowly walked to his side with a bit of compromise. She thought to herself, "Let's just let it be as it is, since she is unable to resist the arrangements of fate, then we can only endure."

Qi Yuanming saw that she was sitting obediently in the single chair, her expression still normal. He walked over and suddenly leaned over to stare at her and asked: "Is running fun? I thought you were determined not to come back this time. "

Wen Hui saw that the handsome face that suddenly enlarged in front of her eyes tightened, and subconsciously lowered her head, avoiding his scrutinizing gaze. In truth, she was still afraid of him, afraid of his every movement and expression, and was even more afraid that he would slap her!

It must hurt to hit someone with his physique.

"Are you afraid of me?"

Wen Hui muttered in his heart: Nonsense, you're even scarier than wolves, tigers, and leopards.

Never having been so close to him before, her heart began to race. She suddenly didn't understand what she was afraid of, and what she was afraid of.

Qi Yuanming saw that she was extremely displeased when she did not answer him and avoided his question. His dark eyes narrowed as he detested her boring look.

He pinched her delicate chin and looked into her clear eyes, "You have been by my side for quite a while, so you should know that I hate you for pretending to be mute, right? Do you believe that I have a thousand ways to make you speak? "Hmm?"

Wen Hui hissed, "It hurts." The man's hand instantly stiffened.

This man's hand strength was really damn strong. It was as if her chin was about to break. "How am I supposed to speak if you keep pinching me like this?" Hearing Wen Hui's vague words, she let go of his hand.

"Firstly, I did not escape from my friend's side because I did not have enough time to contact you, and furthermore, you do not know that my body needs to recuperate. Secondly, as long as I do not die from blood loss, I will remember my mission, and I will go to hell for you.

Hearing her sharp words, Qi Yuanming laughed instead of getting angry, and even laughed out loud, "It's been a few days since we last met, you seem to have gotten a lot more courageous."

He sat back on the sofa and watched as the expression on the woman's face suddenly became enigmatic. He was very clear on how much blood she sucked out that night to give Su Man, but she recovered after a few days.

Wen Hui touched his face with his hands, and after walking around the gates of hell, his state of mind became a lot more relaxed, "My weakness is already in his hands, I do not dare think about it. I am only speaking the truth, do you want to go to the hospital now?"

She seemed to be discussing a topic that had nothing to do with her and didn't care about herself in the slightest. Suddenly, Qi Yuanming became a little fidgety, "The kitchen has stewed a ginseng soup for you to replenish your energy. Once you've finished eating, go back to your room.

Why did these words change so quickly? Wen Hui looked at him, "When are we going to the hospital? I'm ready to take no soup. "

After eating so that he could kill her, Wen Hui was not stupid and did not want to drink it.

Seeing that she was still frozen in place, he sternly said, "You don't need to decide for yourself what I tell you to do."

He stood in front of her and asked, "Do you still need me to feed you?"

Wen Hui ran into the kitchen as fast as he could. Qi Yuanming's expression suddenly became complicated, he grabbed a cigarette and lit it.

She slowly picked up the bowl and carefully sniffed it. After finding that there was no problem with it, she took small sips and quickly thought, wasn't he going to punish her? So it ended like this? You're not going to the hospital?

Wen Hui realized that she still could not figure out what this man was thinking.

After a long while, she seemed to hear the low and gloomy voice of the man behind her. "You don't have to go to the hospital anymore. Take good care of yourself, but if you dare to run again, I'll break your legs."

Wen Hui's body trembled. She clenched the small bowl tightly and looked at the reflection of the soup in the bowl that revealed her terrified eyes. She was actually afraid.

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