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Before Wen Hui had the time to speak, the door opened as a breathless woman walked in. Lily shouted from behind, "Miss, you are not allowed to come in here."

"If I don't speak to a servant like you, who else can I talk to here?"

The woman put on a smoky makeup and wore a skin-tight dress as she swept her sharp gaze across the crowd. Finally, she looked at Wen Hui and asked, "Who are you?"

A servant? Who did she think she was? An ancient favored Demon Consort?

Although Lily was half dead due to her popularity, she still had to step forward and point at Lin Yan, "The person in charge of the planning room is our Chief Lin."

Li Si did not put Lin Yan in his eyes at all, stepping on the few centimeters tall shoes like an extremely cold peacock: "What compensation are you guys going to give me now?"

Lin Yan was angered by her attitude, and pointed to Wen Hui, who had been silent the entire time, "The person in question is here, if you have any problems, go and find her, she is just a temporary worker for us, if anything happens to her, we will not take responsibility."

Wen Hui instantly laughed coldly, her heart also becoming as cold as ice. It was not that she didn't expect Lin Yan to stay out of it, but she just didn't think that she would be so heartless as to push all responsibility onto her.

When Li Si saw that Wen Hui was still laughing, his anger rose immediately, "You plagiarist, you still dare to laugh now!"

Wen Hui couldn't even see how she was hit by the fist, it was so painful! It was so painful!

She steadied herself and looked at Li Si, "Taking a step back, even if I really copy, it won't be your turn to hit me now!"

"You are asking for a beating!"

She raised her hand and was about to slap him again, the fists on both sides were clenched tightly, ready to strike at any moment. She was not a little lamb, but before she could attack, she saw Li Si getting slapped twice by someone, "Who do you think you are? My place is not for you to behave so atrociously. "

The man's voice was extremely cold. "It's even more impossible for you to fight against my people. If you don't get lost now, I can guarantee that just now, you would only get paid with two slaps."

Qi Yuanming turned around and faced the group of people: "Those that don't want to pack up and leave, get back to work."

The people at the back immediately went back to their positions, the big boss's floating hair was very scary, Lili looked at Wen Hui, then bitterly hugged her documents and walked out.

Li Si covered his face with his hands, afraid that Qi Yuanming would not dare to do anything, but his eyes were staring right at Wen Hui, who had not spoken from the start to the end, as if he wanted to see a hole in her body.

The man looked at Li Si as he spoke for Wen Hui to hear, "Remember, if someone slaps you in the future, you have to use even more force to return the slap, understand?"

After saying that, he turned and looked at her, and Wen Hui lowered his head, thinking about something. Qi Yuanming angrily pulled her along as he walked past the office, and when Lin Yan saw that they had left, he said to Li Si with a hidden meaning, "If a normal actor can't control himself, then he will break his own back."

The hand Li Si was covering his face with slowly lowered, thinking back to that face Qi Yuanming had, that could not be explained with words, caused his heart to grow cold by half.

Wen Hui was forcefully pulled into his office by the man, then slammed the door shut. Qi Yuanming turned around to look at the little woman whose face was completely red.

It was obvious that she was wronged and refused to shed a single tear, stubbornly saying, "Where do you usually go with your temper towards me? Did you put your claws away, too? You got water in your head? "

Wen Hui raised her head to look at the man in front of her. Qi Yuanming's lower jaw lines were taut as if she was angry, but she didn't understand why he was angry.

"I'm definitely not the kind of person who doesn't fight back when I'm outside, but this is your place. If I really cause any trouble, who knows how you'll torture me."

"Do you think I'm worse than a beast in your eyes?"

He might as well be a beast!

Wen Hui pursed her lips and did not speak, tacitly agreeing with what he said. Qi Yuanming loosened her blue tie and said, "Is that what you think of me?"

He felt that if he didn't let the irritable elements erupt and his whole body would feel uncomfortable, he would go around to the chair behind his desk and sit down. He stared at the motionless woman for a long time with his sharp black eyes.

Wen Hui drooped her face as she was being stared at. Ever since she came back, she had always been afraid of him, and she did not know why.

"I am not that cold-blooded. No matter what, you are still my Mrs. Qi, and without my permission, no one can touch a single hair on your head!"

My Mrs. Qi? Wen Hui suddenly raised her head and looked into his eyes, trying to discern the truth from his eyes, but unfortunately, those black eyes that were like a cellar did not give her the chance to look around.

"I'll have the driver take you back."

After saying that, the man immediately dialed his internal number. "Come to my office."

Wen Hui walked out of the office and met Lin Yan. After a short moment of eye contact, Wen Hui turned and said goodbye to Lily.

"Don't leave yet. Wait a moment."

Lili pulled her into his office. Wen Hui struggled to speak, "What do you want to do?"

Wen Hui grabbed onto Lily's arm, not understanding what she wanted to do now. Lily made a shushing gesture, using her ear to signal Wen Hui to move closer to the door. Before she could even get close to the door, she heard a loud noise from inside, like a cup falling on the ground.

Wen Hui immediately ran, and Lily chased him to the elevator, "Oh my god, you scared me, I've never seen the boss lose so much temper in all these years."

Lily held down her heart and comforted Wen Hui a few times, then she looked at him and said, "Do you know what the boss just said?"

Wen Hui lowered his head to look at his toes, "Lily, I have a headache and want to go back and sleep for a while."

"You little idiot, the boss just said that he wanted Li Si to disappear from the Ming City, and there's even Fu Teng ?"

Wen Hui looked at the numbers on the elevator, and said indifferently, "I don't know anything about Li Si, I don't want to know. I only know that I didn't copy her."

Ye Zichen rubbed his hot and red cheeks. "Do you really think that your boss would be stupid enough to do something that would harm his own interests for an unrelated woman?" Anyway, she didn't believe it.

"I think you've seen too many idols lately. You should make up for court scenes and war movies."

Yao Lili puffed up his cheeks. This girl was obviously mocking him for not knowing how to scheme against the world!

Then, he watched as Wen Hui left and shook her head. How much suffering did this girl have to endure in order to develop her calm personality today?

Wen Hui sat in the driver's seat at the back with his eyes closed. His mind was in a mess, and after a while, he returned to the villa, opened the door and saw that the bed had fallen down, he did not know how long he had been sleeping for. When he woke up, it was already dark, but his throat was a little dry.

When she reached the dressing mirror, she saw that the woman's hair was a mess, her face was red and swollen, and she could feel the pain with her hands, causing her to frown.

"Only now do you feel pain?"

Wen Hui turned around to find Qi Yuanming leaning on the door as he stood there. His originally cold expression was somewhat gentle, probably because it was dark.

"Come out."

Wen Hui went to the bathroom to wash his face before walking into the living room. The man patted the seat beside him and said to her, "Come and sit over here."

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