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Seeing that she had not moved her eyes and looked at him, Wen Hui finally sat down. He took out a bottle of something from somewhere and spread it on her face with a cotton swab.

"You have nothing to ask me?"

The man did not stop what he was doing, nor did he look at her.

"I didn't copy someone else's work. I designed the design myself. I wouldn't do anything unfavorable to your good will at such a critical moment. I'm not that stupid."

He was not foolish enough to provoke him not long after the storm of escape had passed. This was undoubtedly like pulling the hair off a tiger's neck. He was courting death!

Qi Yuanming put down the bottle in his hand, and then saw her serious eyes, "As long as you explain it to me clearly, I will believe you. Why didn't you try?"

Wen Hui immediately turned his head away from the fire in his eyes, afraid that his eyes would absorb it, his heart was thumping hard, as though something was about to jump out.

"The reason why you stayed up all night was just for the script money. From now on, you will have to withdraw all your expenses from your family account. Don't go to the Mourning Hall anymore."

"No, I won't use your money. I can rely on myself."

Wen Hui firmly said that no matter what, she would not take his money.

The man crossed his legs and leaned back against the sofa. "Self-reliance? Are you joking? Does the Mrs. Qi need to support himself? If this gets out, people will laugh their teeth off. "

Wen Hui lowered his head to look at the light reflected off the marble floor. "If you didn't say it, no one would have known that I was Mrs. Qi."

As long as you are willing, I am also not a Mrs. Qi, she thought to herself as she read the second half of the sentence.

When Qi Yuanming heard this, he extended his hand and grabbed her delicate chin. The words that came out sounded like a curse and also seemed to be a promise, "As long as I don't agree to it, even if it means death, you will still have the title of Mrs. Qi carved on your grave!"

Even as she lay in bed at night, she was still thinking about men's words. She didn't know how long she would live or how long she would be his until her death. What kind of feeling was this?

Wen Hui felt that her head was starting to hurt again, and she forced herself not to think about it. However, her mind was filled with his cool eyes when he said this, and after sleeping for the whole night, her headache was still not relieved.

When Qi Yuanming opened the door, he saw her in a daze, and perhaps only in the early morning would he be able to see her confused face, "Clean yourself up, come out with me."

Where are we going? Hospital?

Wen Hui laughed at himself and walked out of the bathroom. He then casually put on some clothes, and in less than ten minutes, she was neatly dressed in front of the man.

Qi Yuanming raised his head, looked at the time, and then looked at the little lady standing in front of him. Although these past few years he had been worried about Su Man who was lying on the bed, but he had spent quite a lot of time in the warm and gentle countryside.

Wen Hui was not the most beautiful girl with the most temperament he had ever seen in his life, but her exquisite facial features seemed to have a special attraction to him. The aura her body was emitting was also different from her age and silent.

"Let's go."

Wen Hui didn't understand why his eyes were fixated on her for so long, it was as if he was looking at a strange thing. Every time he looked at her, his entire body would feel uncomfortable, and he couldn't even tell what that feeling was.

She looked at the scenery outside the car in confusion. "This road isn't for the hospital. Where are we going?"

When Qi Yuanming heard the word "hospital", his expression stiffened. He turned his head and his gaze stopped on her face for a few seconds. It seemed that she no longer had any trust in him, as she had clearly promised him that she would not bring him to the hospital for the time being.

"You'll know when we get there."

After around tens of minutes, the car finally reached its destination. When Wen Hui saw that the golden signboard had the words "Blue Demon" written on it, the hand that pushed open the car door trembled. Did her value in using this place become a new bargaining chip when she didn't go to the hospital?

She walked at an abnormally slow pace as she quickly thought about what to do. Although the sun was bright and beautiful, her entire body was ice-cold. Suddenly, she bumped into something.

"What are you thinking about so slowly?"

"Nothing?" Wen Hui did not even look at him as he went around his body. However, she did not expect him to hold her hand, causing her entire body to stiffen!

Qi Yuanming gently pinched her small hand, which was soft, boneless and cold, and asked: "Are you cold?"

Wen Hui wanted to pull back, but he was held back tightly by the man, he looked at her in displeasure, "You have to be obedient inside, if you dare to have any more temper, you have to bear the consequences."

Wen Hui numbly allowed him to pull her in, the hall was filled with women who dressed sexily and were swaying their bodies, she rarely went to these kinds of situations, she had neither the need nor the interest, if it was said that it was her first time here, she would be laughed at.

Inside the box, there was a deafening music that was no less than the hall's music. There were colorful lights overhead, and from time to time, it was impossible to see the person's expression clearly.

A man with a cigarette in his mouth stretched his leg and kicked the enchanting woman in front of him, "Turn the music down, Young Master Ming is here."

The enchanting woman turned around upon hearing that, and Wen Hui suddenly thought of that sentence. She looked back and gave a charming smile, which did not seem excessive when used on a enchanting woman.

Someone teased, "Aiya, everyone look. Bi Ting was laughing like a flower when she saw Brother Ming coming."

Lin Biting pretended to glare at him, and when he looked up, he saw that Qi Yuanming was carrying a woman, and the expression on his face instantly changed to one of jealousy.

All the men and women inside stopped playing and greeted him, "Brother Lin, you're here."

"Young Master Ming, we were waiting for you."

Wen Hui tried his best to hide behind him, and when he lowered his head, he saw that the two of them were interacting with each other in a daze, and one of them had sharp eyes, "Aiyo, who is this Young Master Ming? Little Sister-in-law. "

When these words came out, everyone stared at Wen Hui, looking at him like he was a tiger or lion in a zoo from the start to the end. The man with the cigarette in his mouth walked over happily, "Brother Lin, you're serious.

Wen Hui smiled slightly in courtesy, he did not care about the jokes they made.

Qi Yuanming finally let go of her small hands and turned them around to embrace her. Her breathing seemed to be filled with the unique breath of a man, and she suddenly felt a little dizzy. She didn't know where she was putting her eyes, but she felt that some of the gazes from the surroundings were landing on her, which was definitely not out of goodwill.

"Old Yi, you f * cking swept the snow in front of your door, did your old man let you out in the next few days?"

Zhou Yi's expression changed, but he quickly recovered. "If my old man could also arrange for me a beauty like my sister-in-law, then I would willingly stay at home and not come out every day."

Qi Yuanming only looked at him and smiled, but his smile was very scary. "I will visit you in a few days, I heard that the young miss of the Jiang family is a famous beauty."

Zhou Yi broke out in a cold sweat. The daughter of the Jiang family was also known as a beauty, she was not someone who did not have the idea of getting fatter and prettier. "Brother, please spare me, I will pour some wine for you with the Little Sister-in-law."

Wen Hui could not help but burst out laughing. Zhou Yi was a funny person, even Jiang Mei did not expect Qi Yuanming to have such a mischievous side to him.

The man lowered his head to look at her resplendent smile, the resolute expression on his face softening a little. "Old Zhou is just like this, his mouth isn't working, but he doesn't have any malicious intent."

"I know, he's cute."

When the man heard her description of Zhou Yi, his face instantly turned black. Did she really laugh just now because of Zhou Yi?

"Come, come, come. Brother, come over and drink a cup or two."

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