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Zhou Yi's voice transmitted over from the noisy background music, passing Wen Hui a small cup of unknown stuff, but was stopped by Qi Yuanming, "She cannot drink, bring a cup of fruit juice over."

Zhou Yi looked at the uncomfortable Wen Hui and even whistled sloppily. "Aiya, my brother really loves Little Sister-in-law."

Wen Hui's little face could not help but turn red, thinking that she had really immersed herself too deeply in this drama, to the point her entire body tensed up upon hearing these words, and only recovered after taking a deep breath.

was also flirting with a man, but very quickly walked over with two cups of wine in his hand. He was wearing a black dress with a V collar and low chest, and a white chest that pricked Wen Hui's eyes.

"Young Master Ming hasn't come to see me for so long, so you have a new pet?"

She sized up Wen Hui with an unfriendly gaze, and her words were full of teasing, "This little sister looks quite young."

When Wen Hui looked at Lin Biting's burning red lips, her heart instantly cooled down by half. A strange thought emerged in her mind, it was as if this was the result of her future? Qi Yuanming brought her here just to get familiar with the venue in advance?

Being pressed on the seat by a man and being unable to resist at all. Zhou Yi saw Wen Hui's expression change and immediately went forward to rescue him.

Hugging Lin Biting with one hand, she smiled and explained to Wen Hui: "Little Sister-in-law, don't misunderstand me, this is my best friend, I just love to joke around."

Lin Biting struggled to open his mouth to ridicule her: "Who is your sweetheart? I am a member of the Young Master Ming. "

Zhou Yi glared at him, "You bastard, shut up, don't make me lose face."

"Brother, Little Sister-in-law, you guys are playing. I'll go outside to train her."

Qi Yuanming never spoke a word from the beginning till the end, the expression on his face did not loosen in the slightest, and his unfathomable appearance made people unable to guess what he was thinking. Wen Hui subconsciously distanced himself from him.

The few men who had good eyes looked at each other, and understood what was going on. They moved their butt to Qi Yuanming's side, "Young Master Ming, if this woman takes too long, we'll have to change to new ones, if not she'll get tired of it."

No matter how beautiful and alluring Lin Biting was, she would always be annoyed by him. Furthermore, the woman that Qi Yuanming brought tonight seemed to be here to fill in the numbers, as if she had nothing to do with him!

"That's right, that's right. We just met a few super beautiful girls. Do you want me to call them in for you to have a look? Pure, beautiful, mature, or young, you can choose. Haha."

Qi Yuanming's cold face was buried in the flickering light. With one hand holding the wine cup, his expression was unfathomable, and no one could clearly see what he was thinking.

Outside the washroom, Zhou Yi no longer had a smile on his face, but the man who was originally smiling mischievously had suddenly turned sinister. He raised his hand and gave Lin Biting a resounding slap on the face, "I'm warning you to sew a needle into your mouth, don't say anything more, or else the outcome won't be as simple as it is today!"

Zhou Yi looked at her in disdain.

If he really didn't see, Qi Yuanming would casually bring a woman to see them! Lin Biting, this kind of ignorant girl, was always adding fuel to the fire.

After Zhou Yi finished warning her, she turned around and left. After a long while, Lin Biting was still covering her face with her hands, crying until her makeup had all been used up. "I won't let you go, no one can steal my man."

Lin Biting blamed everything that had happened tonight on Wen Hui, all because of her! After all, there were very few women that could make a proud son of heaven like Qi Yuanming bring them out.

Wen Hui felt that the surrounding air was becoming thinner and thinner, and after a while, he stood up and walked to the corridor outside. Qi Yuanming was not affected in the slightest and continued to chat with a woman, not caring about her departure at all.

Wen Hui ran outside and took deep breaths. He really did not understand what the crazy guy was trying to do. Lin Biting made her feel uncomfortable, but she understood some things. He had many women, and she was just one of them, something that would happen sooner or later if she got kicked away.

Although she had known this for a long time, she didn't know why, but at this very moment, she felt a little uncomfortable in her heart. This wasn't what she should have felt. It was a little laughable.

Zhou Yi finished flirting with a pretty girl and was about to find a place to hang out when he turned around and saw her frail and beautiful figure. He took a few furs and stuffed them into the woman's chest and waved his hands, signaling her to scram!

The woman was confused, but when she saw the tip, she threw him a flying kiss and left.

Zhou Yi rubbed his nose and walked over, "Sister-in-law, are you feeling uncomfortable because of what happened just now?" Although he did not agree with the idea that men should follow through with the end, but he had to be the peacemaker!

Wen Hui did not reply and started to explain nervously: "My brother loved a woman in the past and doted on her when he held her in his hands. All the other women were just playing around, but he only had you now.

Wen Hui forced herself to calm down, and turned to look at him with a smile, "You don't need to explain things to me like you previously did to my sister-in-law. He and I are not what you think we are, I don't care about his past, because he is not within my expectations either."

Love only one woman? Although Zhou Yi's words were within her expectations, her heart still felt a slight stabbing pain, as if a needle had pierced her heart.

His cherishing and cherishing of Su Man was so obvious, the status of being a Mrs. Qi was simply a joke to her. She truly did not have the qualifications to be lenient, so there was no need to be at ease with her emotions.

Zhou Yi scratched his head, looking confused: "Ah? I really can't stand a person with such profound cultivation like you and my older brother who can even talk like this. I don't understand your world. "

Although he could not understand Qi Yuanming's words, the relationship between the two of them was definitely not as simple as she said it was.

Wen Hui said in a serious tone, "Little friend Zhou Yi, don't you point it out so it's not fun if you point it out. Did you think that just because he told you to call me sister-in-law, I would actually be your sister-in-law?"

Zhou Yi indeed could not understand these two people anymore. On Wen Hui's face, it was written that Qi Yuanming and her were not even worth a single cent! All of them were experts. To him, liking them was liking them, loathing them was loathing them, and they could not stand things that were too hypocritical. Yes, they were very hypocritical, and it was inappropriate to say anything more.

Wen Hui blew for a bit, and was prepared to walk back to the private room when his neck started to ache, and he was unable to call out in time. Then his vision turned black, and he instantly lost consciousness.

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