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Zhou Yi followed the others and walked around, "Eh? Why hasn't Little Sister-in-law come in yet? "

The man paused his hand that was holding onto the wine cup. Wen Hui had indeed gone out for a long time and still hadn't returned ? No, she didn't have the nerve to run. She had someone call the front desk and ask if they had seen her.

Five minutes later, Zhou Yi's face turned serious as he looked at the man leaning against the window. "Brother, who dares touch your people in your territory?"

Qi Yuanming fiercely inhaled a breath of smoke and his face turned dark, "Immediately order people to seal the exit, if you see any suspects, immediately detain them, then go and transfer the closed-circuit video over to me."

After looking around, Qi Yuanming immediately sent people to search all the private rooms, "Don't let anyone go, if you can't find him, then you don't need to see me anymore."

Zhou Yi also used his own network to search the place, to ensure that nothing would happen. Seeing that Qi Yuanming's entire body was emitting a gloomy and cold Qi, his handsome face was rubbed into the dim light, and even though he walked over, he did not know what he should say, "Brother, don't worry, we found him quickly."

Zhou Yi thought of what Wen Hui had said. His brother didn't seem to be pretending right now, it had been so many years since he had seen act like this.

Qi Yuanming threw half of the cigarette on the ground and stepped on it with his black leather shoes. Worry? He wondered if he was worried about her.

However, he didn't see the person he had brought, so it was clear that he was provoking him.

When Wen Hui woke up, the back of his head was in extreme pain. The light in front of him was dark, but she still vaguely remembered the room just now.

A fat middle-aged man stood in front of her with a vulgar and lecherous expression, causing people to be unable to help themselves from being disgusted. A voice that caused her to tremble sounded out above her head. "Little beauty, you've finally woken up."

She had lived for so many years. When those tiny pinholes had pierced her blood vessels time after time, when she had been so close to death time and time again, she had never been as frightened or uneasy as she was now.

His entire body was trembling violently, but he still pretended to be very experienced. "Who are you? Why did you kidnap me? Let me go, or my husband will not let you go. "

In fact, she wasn't completely sure how much Qi Yuanming cared about her either, but she still had a bit of hope. Even if it was insignificant, even if she was a servant of his family, she was still fine.

Wen Hui was frustrated to death, she should not have been able to suppress her temper and came out to take a breath of fresh air, she should have followed him obediently and stayed by his side to quietly be a rabbit. She wanted to cry in front of the ugly man in front of her.

She suppressed her panic and relaxed, "My husband is a powerful figure in Ming City, you better let me go quickly."

Why did she have to be so humble, so low in the dust?

The middle-aged man shamelessly patted her feet, his perverted gaze finally stopped at Wen Hui's white porcelain face, "Little beauty, no matter who it is, it's useless. Just listen to me obediently, I will make you drunk to death."

Ugh ?

Wen Hui struggled and kicked her legs. Waves of nausea rolled out from her stomach, but she was afraid and wanted to vomit when faced with such a disgusting person.

"My husband is Qi Yuanming, you better let me go right now, if not I guarantee that you will live the rest of your life in pain."

The middle-aged man revealed his yellow teeth as he laughed, revealing the scene in front of Wen Hui's chest with a hiss. She used all her strength to fiercely kick him in the lower half of his body, while the middle-aged man also kicked with a wail.

"Ah ?" "You little slut."

She closed her eyes and waited for the pain to arrive. It was as if she felt death being so close to her, and the darkness seemed to be about to drown her. It would be better if she died, but Qi Yuanming's engraved facial features flashed across her mind.

Suddenly, a group of people rushed in with a loud noise. Qi Yuanming saw the woman on the ground at first glance, and the man's exquisite face instantly cracked.

Zhou Yi understood and stepped forward, then stepped on the middle aged man's hands, he screamed miserably and begged for mercy, "Masters, I beg you, please don't kill me, I took the money and did not touch her, don't kill me."

Zhou Yi laughed cruelly, "Brother, leave this person to me. I promise to serve him until my parents can't recognize him."

The middle-aged man from Qi Yuan turned a deaf ear to his pleas for mercy and walked towards the broken doll on the ground in large strides. Faintly, Wen Hui sensed that someone had draped clothes over her body to help her sit up.

Qi Yuanming untied her and opened his eyes. When he saw that it was him who threw himself into the man's embrace, he didn't care if this man disliked her or not, but tears streamed down his face. Just a moment ago, he didn't feel the urge to cry, but when he opened his eyes and saw that it was him, he felt wronged and wanted to cry.

Qi Yuanming frowned, he did not think much and used his sleeves to wipe her tears away, "Put those tears away, it's so ugly."

The way this cold man comforted people was also unique. She did not care about how gentle he was as he wiped away more and more tears.

The man squinted his black eyes and looked around the dark room, then turned to Zhou Yi and said, "Ah Yi, clean up this man, let him finish spitting out the words, I don't want him to see the sun tomorrow."

If it wasn't for the fact that he was being closely watched recently, he would have really gotten rid of the rubbish in front of him by himself.

Zhou Yi shrugged his shoulders to indicate that he knew what to do. He just looked at the shivering woman in his arms with a complicated expression.

Qi Yuanming carried the woman in his arms and left, the car sped away on the road. The woman in the front seat had long been crying like a kitten, as if she wanted to cry out all the grievances.

"If you cry again, I'll throw you back."

Her words had worked, Wen Hui did not dare to cry, the tears continued to roll down his face, as the car jolted and jolted like pearls, causing him to cry.

Qi Yuanming brought Wen Hui to his room immediately and slowly put her on the bed. She didn't mind the dirt on her body, but there was a rare gentleness in her voice, "Are you still afraid?"

Wen Hui already stopped her tears and shook her head, the man turned and ordered the servant: "Bring Doctor Chen here."

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