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Seemingly at the same time that Qi Yuanming turned around, Wen Hui very shamelessly pulled on his sleeve. "Don't go, don't go."

Her entire body was instinctively leaning on him, like the last rope a drowning person could grab. She admitted that she really was very cowardly at this moment, but she just didn't want to lose sight of him and was very afraid that he would abandon her.

Qi Yuanming's gaze fell on her indifferent lips, and with a flip of his hand, he grabbed onto Wen Hui's still trembling shoulder. He sighed and said: "I'm not leaving, I'm right by your side.

Wen Hui raised his eyes and looked straight into hers. In the end, she was still a woman with zero EQ, and would easily fall under the influence of honey.

Qi Yuanming sat on the side of the bed, looking at her tear-stained face seriously, like a puppy who was wagging her tail and begging him not to leave, then took the clean towel from the servant and wiped her face. Wen Hui was not used to it, "I'll do it myself."

"Don't move, your face has already become like a kitten's. If you don't wipe it clean now, you won't be able to see it."

Qi Yuanming put down the towel in his hand and realized that she was staring at his face, her bright eyes shone with a different light, "Do I look good?"

Wen Hui's face instantly turned red, he looked as if someone was grabbing his bag, he lowered his head and did not dare look at him, but coincidentally, someone just happened to knock on the door, "Young Master, Doctor Chen is here."

After a round of examination, Doctor Chen said that the external abrasion was not serious, but he was a little frightened and needed some rest, so he drove off with a few doses of herbal medicine to calm his mind.

In fact, she was perfectly fine and did not understand why he had made such a fuss about Dr. Chen's visit. She had absolutely no good feelings for him.

Wen Hui who had quieted down finally felt awkward, moreover, the various smells on her body were extremely unpleasant. Her voice was very soft, "I want to go back to my room and take a bath."

Qi Yuanming frowned and rejected him immediately, "No need, wash here. Your clothes have already been delivered up."

The utility room on the first floor was not for human use at all.

Wen Hui slowly walked into his bathroom, and just as he placed his clothes on the shelf, he heard a voice from outside, "I'll give you ten minutes, hurry up and come out after you finish washing or else I'll go in and catch you."

There were so many wounds on his body, it wouldn't be good if he stayed in the water for too long. He took out his phone, checked the bathroom door and walked out.

She almost slipped and fell to the ground. She didn't dare to think about anything else and just wanted to wash up quickly. The row of showers beside her had yet to be opened and she randomly picked up one of the bottles. The production date was already over, she couldn't afford to waste it like this even if she had the money.

He tried his best to avoid the area where the abrasion occurred and quickly cleaned himself. This was his bathroom. It felt strange to use it for so long.

Finally, he put the used items back in place, took a deep breath and walked out of the clean bathroom. When he saw that there was no trace of him in the black-and-white bedroom, he thought of going back to his room to sleep.

When she went downstairs, she had to pass by the study room. She had no intention of eavesdropping, but some words still entered her ears. Her whole body instantly turned cold from head to toe. "Don't touch her, I'll take care of it myself."

"You don't need to know what Lin Biting is. I naturally have my own plans. Just don't get involved yet."

After Qi Yuanming ended the call, she turned to see Wen Hui standing at the door with a pale face. Her wet hair was stuck to the sides of her pale white face, and she was so angry that her teeth were about to break from clenching.

He never thought that the one who kidnapped her would be that fashionable beautiful woman. How did she offend Lin Biting? In order to take revenge on her, layer after layer of anger had covered her normal thoughts. What was even more infuriating was Qi Yuanming's attitude!

"Was the culprit behind the kidnapping Lin Biting? It's exactly because Lin Biting followed you that you don't want to touch her? "

She didn't think that Qi Yuanming had any deep feelings for Lin Biting, since he could only tolerate Su Man in his heart, and could only blame it on her, Wen Hui, for having a life that was light and cheap.

Closing her eyes, she opened her eyes and looked at that handsome face that would easily cause people to be captivated, the feelings she had towards him that was previously hidden had completely vanished. She laughed coldly, "Did I have to bear with everything that has happened to me today? I have always known of my position, only I did not expect your heart to be this cold."

Qi Yuanming quietly waited for her to finish venting her thoughts, but the expression on his face did not fluctuate at all, "Are you done speaking?

Wen Hui clenched her fist tightly, and her eyes were filled with anger, staring straight at Qi Yuanming for a long time. The man's eyes were so deep that no one could see the end of them, and she suddenly turned and walked downstairs, and the servants were all stunned. The normally docile young mistress actually dared to get angry at, but the young master did not say anything, this was too strange.

Wen Hui laid on the bed. No matter how she tried to hold back her tears, she couldn't stop. What was he sad about? However, she felt especially uncomfortable. There was no one in the world who was more important to her than her, and that was Qi Yuanming.

After settling the matters, Qi Yuanming returned to his room and did not see her. The blanket on the bed was still the same as when he left the bedroom, and when he suddenly thought about her angry expression just now, this was the first time she showed her anger in front of him.

Wen Hui turned his body and suddenly opened his eyes in shock. The feeling in his hands was not like what he normally felt, when he saw the arrangement of the room, his body trembled violently.

What exactly did a man want to do? She was blaming herself for sleeping so hard that she didn't even feel like being carried away. She glanced at the alarm clock on the bed. It was 9: 30. He should be at the company by this time.

He put on his slippers indignantly and used his bathroom. He no longer had the same uneasiness and embarrassment as last time. He needed to use it. He needed to wash.

However, there was still someone who found the time to tell her that breakfast was already prepared. Wen Hui pretended as if she hadn't heard anything, and expressionlessly, she returned to her room to change clothes and get ready to leave, staying in this villa that was brimming with his smell.

In the cafeteria, Yao Lili bit his straw as he complained to her, "Grandaunt, why did you only just come over? I faked it for half a day."

She closed the menu. "Give me a glass of juice."

Yao Lili's eyes lit up as he looked at her face with a smile, "Don't you want coffee? You have it? "

Got it? It was more true to be tortured to the point of madness!

Wen Hui stopped moving his clothes around, he glanced at her, then leaned back, "I heard that the Southeast Asian Branch still lacks a secretary general, do you want me to recommend you? The annual salary and stuff are pretty good. "

Yao Lili coughed violently. She did not want to turn into a nigger and return back, "Eh? I say, you and my boss are really becoming more and more alike, and you even have the same way of speaking, so I can't help but make a little joke. "

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