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Wen Hui looked out the window at the traffic, they seemed to be in a hurry to go somewhere, "He and I are from two different worlds, we don't look like each other at all."

"Tsk tsk, this relationship is so clean, but I don't think so."

It was rare for Wen Hui to have a smile on his face. Yao Lili was her university classmate, a straightforward person, only later on did he know that she worked at Qi Yuanming's company, and it was only in front of her that she could show off her innocence at this age. "Nobody told you to do more during your work, so you shouldn't gossip about it.

Since young, she had never cared about the affairs of Wen Family Group, but from the looks of it, she had also learned a lot of ways to deal with things in the workplace.

Yao Lili tweaked her words, "I am not guessing, but if Li Si is banned, then I don't think she will be able to stay in the anymore. The entire circle wouldn't dare to use her plans, and once her future is ruined, she will definitely not be able to stay in Ming City."

She let go of the straw that had been bitten until it deformed, and observed Wen Hui's expression, "Fu Teng is even more miserable, he is heavily in debt and doesn't know how long he will be able to hold on before he goes bankrupt. You should know who did this before I say it."

On the surface, Wen Hui looked at Feng Qingyun with a complicated mood. He replied without pain or itch, "Maybe they offended someone else."

She stared at the yellow juice in front of her and thought back to what she had heard in the study yesterday. She didn't dare to believe that it was for her sake.

Yao Lili was full of confidence, "Impossible, during last night's gathering, Big Black Bro personally told me that the boss's orders were to not be lenient."

Many people in Ming City knew that if Young Master Qi was lenient, the opponent would at least live a few years less.

That day, she had drunk quite a lot of alcohol before getting the information from Hei Ge. It was absolutely true. Normally, such a confidential matter like this would be done watertight. How could she, a small employee, listen to it?

Wen Hui looked at the happy Yao Lili suspiciously, "You aren't lying to me just because he's happy, right?"

After Yao Lili slammed the table, he covered his hands and frowned in pain, "This is simply nonsense, I am standing on your side. If it wasn't for the fact that our boss did such a beautiful job, would I have said such words?"

To Yao Lili, Qi Yuanming was an outstanding man who was both beautiful and rich, but he was only interested in lust!

"Everyone in the industry knows that Qi Yuanming is an old cunning fox who eats people without spitting out their bones. Those who offended him before were at most people who were frozen in ice, no one had suffered as badly as Li Si."

She picked up a piece of egg tart and put it into her mouth before melting it. She said indifferently, "So, big boss is really angry this time."

Of course, Wen Hui believed what Yao Lili said, but she could not see through the formidable connection between them. She stood up with her head in a mess, and did not even touch the juice in front of her, "I'll go ask him."

Why didn't he tell her that he was helping her vent her anger? Why did Zhou Yi show mercy to him? But it didn't seem like it was because he still had feelings for Lin Biting.

No matter how Yao Lili stomped his feet and shouted at her from the back, Wen Hui had never heard of anything. He just wanted to quickly return and see that man.

Yao Lili saw that Wen Hui was so angry that he seemed to be ignoring her, but then she thought that if there was a man silently doing a lot of things for her behind her back without making a sound, she would also be moved to tears.

He looked at the fruit juice in front of her and took it from her. "Such a waste."

Wen Hui returned home in a hurry but was depressed. He was working at the company but was not at home, so he could only wait for him to return.

After waiting for a day, she still did not see Qi Yuanming. When the sun was about to set, she stood at the edge of the flower bed and saw a black Land Rover that had its beautiful tail turned around, stably parked within the parking lot. She did not know famous cars but she liked Land Rovers.

Those who didn't know would think that she was waiting for her husband to return from work. Her palms were even sweating as she pondered on what she would say when she saw him coming, but she didn't know how to start with the lines she had prepared.

From far away, Qi Yuanming saw the woman's embarrassed look, and the corner of his mouth slightly curled up. He suddenly waved at her, signalling for her to come over.

At this time, a graceful woman came down from the other side of the carriage, wearing a round pearl necklace. With one glance, Hua Li could tell that the necklace was expensive, and with a smile, he looked at Qi Yuanming.

Wen Hui was at a loss for what to do and deliberately walked over with slow steps. Hearing him call her mother, Wen Hui looked up at the smiling woman in front of him, this was a real Mrs. Qi!

No wonder the house was going through a frenzy these few days, it was Old Mistress Qi who wanted to come.

They didn't seem to have seen this mother-in-law before when they were first married, but now that she had suddenly appeared, their thoughts couldn't turn away from quietly using their eyes to ask him what was going on. However, the man only gave her a meaningful look.

Wen Hui's throat was a little dry as he shouted, "Mom!"

The name seemed to exhaust all her strength. No one knew how important her mother's word was to her. Many things seemed to have suddenly sprouted out of nowhere.

Seeing that she was almost unable to stand anymore, Qi Yuanming quickly went forward to hug her, and affectionately caressed her face, "Idiot, there's no need to be so nervous when meeting your mother. My mother's is your mother, she won't eat you." Wen Hui, who was surrounded by his Qi, started to faint again.

Lin Xiuhui smiled and held Wen Hui's hand, "Xiao Hui, although this is the first time we have met, I am really happy that Ming'er was able to marry such a obedient wife like you. If Ming'er bullies you, then come and find me as a snitch.

Wen Hui's forehead was covered in cold sweat. She didn't dare say that she didn't have the guts and was also amused by Lin Xiuhui.

"No, he was kind to me."

Wen Hui couldn't help but look at the man when she said this, not mentioning the things that happened before. Recently, he had treated her really well, to the point that it was a little unreal.

It was said that she had just returned from a trip to Switzerland. Wen Hui followed Qi Yuanming to her bedroom, even though she knew that Lin Xiuhui could not hear what they had said, she lowered her voice and said, "Why did your mother suddenly come over?"

Actually, she wanted to say why didn't he inform her in advance and come here so quickly without saying a word? It was good that he had called her in advance, but even she wasn't prepared when she saw her mother-in-law.

The moment he sat down on the sofa, he seemed to be very small. "My mom told her that she wanted to come back at the last minute, possibly to give us a surprise. My mom has a good temper, so you don't have to be afraid."

Lin Xiuhui had not paid much attention to him over the years, and the mother and son had rarely met. She was aware that the problem she was worried about was somewhat worrying her over.

Wen Hui never thought that their relationship would be so difficult to guess, but she was more concerned with another question, "How long is your mother going to stay here?"

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