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She felt that lowering her head wasn't because of admitting defeat, but because she was carefully observing every step of the way. This was to warn herself not to make any mistakes.

Wen Hui stayed in the guest rooms on the first floor, but the people on the first floor were all nannies, her position was obvious.

Qi Yuanming looked around the house and finally fixed his gaze on her, his handsome face revealing an indescribable coldness, he coldly said, "Put on some clothes and come with me."

This was the second time she had heard his voice, but it was still the same as the first time.


From the corner of his eyes, Wen Hui saw that Qi Yuanming was currently thinking with his eyes closed. Even if he had closed his eyes, she still felt that this man was extremely terrifying, and he was not the person she could look up to.

"If you keep looking, I'll throw you out of the car!"

Qi Yuanming threw a sharp gaze at her. The disgust in his words was so obvious that it was not hidden at all.

The man spoke without warning, causing Wen Hui to panic. She strongly blinked her eyes as she sat up straight and slightly turned her head away from the door, leaving only her cautious breathing in the carriage.

Laurence stopped in front of the hospital's main entrance in a very ostentatious manner. She knew that in a place as authoritative as the hospital, only powerful people could be so overbearing and flamboyant.

When Wen Hui saw the words "hospital" above her head, she knew her purpose for coming here.

Qi Yuanming was the first one to walk in front. Even though his footsteps were neither fast nor slow, it was enough to foresee the suffering and anxiety in his heart. Wen Hui felt the powerful aura of a man from behind, and she knew who caused this usually noble and calm man to lose his composure.

When she arrived at the entrance of the emergency room, Qi Yuanming suddenly stopped and turned back to look at Wen Hui with her tall and big body.

His gaze was fixated on Wen Hui, but he instructed the black clothed bodyguard beside him, "Bring her in later."

"I want you to remember what you should do and what you shouldn't do from now on. Remember it in your head, or I won't mind reminding you."

Wen Hui did not look up to see the expression on his face. She knew that it was an extremely cold face and did not dare to look because she was afraid of breaking her heart.

A moment later, she walked into a hospital room. Looking at the cold apparatus, she slowly lifted the left sleeve of her clothes and watched the nurse wipe the alcohol on her white arm before closing her eyes.

She could feel the blood in her body draining bit by bit, bringing with it a slight stabbing sensation. Had she ever thought that it would be that simple when her life was taken away?

When it was unbearable, people would also want to have a complete release, even if it was hell. Recalling what he just said, the so-called method was simply to force her to her death.

The nurse looked at Wen Hui who had a cold face, then turned to the man who was waiting by the side and said, "Alright, you have already drawn 400 milliliters. You can't smoke anymore, this young miss will not be able to take it."

The black clothed bodyguard nodded his head and left with the blood. Wen Hui wanted to use a hand to support her body to stand up, but the nurse immediately supported her, she did not know what relationship the blood donor lady had with the lady lying inside, and needed her to sacrifice herself again and again, "Miss, I think you should care for yourself, according to your current weak constitution, I do not recommend you to donate blood for a long period of time."

Wen Hui's face was pale to the point that it was almost transparent. It's not that she didn't care about him, it's just that she couldn't take his life.

When the nurse saw that she didn't answer, she said, "The cold-faced handsome guy that came with you is your boyfriend, he should love you quite a bit. He seemed very anxious outside just now."

Wen Hui suddenly realized that she really wanted to laugh. She dared to conclude that this nurse had just been assigned here not long ago, she really didn't want to poison the beautiful fantasies of her mother country's flowers. She even more so didn't want to explain the reason why Qi Yuanming was so anxious.

"I hope the next time you come, you can still hold this position."

The nurse looked at the woman who was slowly walking out of the ward and touched the back of her head. Although she was still an intern, her acupuncture skills were not that good.

Wen Hui stood at the end of the corridor, raising his eyes to look up at the clear and black night sky, thinking of the warning from the Little Nurse, he bitterly smiled. Looking at Su Man's current condition, she had to lose at least 1000 milliliters of blood every week.

The reason why this marriage originated from such an absurd situation was simply because Wen Hui's blood type was such a rare RH-negative O-type blood, which was also called panda blood.

He slowly walked to the front of the emergency room and saw the man frowning. From time to time, he would peek inside. Even though he couldn't see anything, the woman in the room was his most beloved woman, and she was his wife. How ironic!

After an unknown amount of time, a group of doctors and nurses pushed the patients and moved to another ward. Qi Yuanming chased closely after them, without even giving her a glance.

Wen Hui was the excess carbon dioxide in the air. He lowered his head and looked at his swollen arm.

Qi Yuanming wanted to use all of the gentleness of his life to treat the woman who was lying in front of him. She saw the perfect curve of the man's body, and didn't even have to look carefully to know that it was a very warm and gentle expression. That was a gentleness that she had never had before.

Then she took a taxi back to the villa, and Wen Huin told herself that she had to be fine as long as she was alive. The resume she had sent out a few days ago finally had a reply, asking her to go to a large advertising agency for an interview.

He walked into a spacious office and said, "Hello, I'm here to apply for your company's paperwork position."

From the beginning to the end, Wen Hui had always acted extremely properly. Although he did not have any work experience, he had a natural disposition that was very attractive.

Roughly twenty minutes later, she walked out of the office and got ready to take the elevator out. The moment the elevator door opened, the smile on Wen Hui's face, which had yet to be hastily retracted, entered the man's eyes. Qi Yuanming's eyebrows slightly raised, the woman's sweet smile never appeared in front of him.

The man's sharp eyes swept over the resume in her hand. He immediately understood. "What are you doing here?" Is it because the card I gave you isn't enough? "

The news of their marriage was extremely low key, so not many people recognized that Wen Hui was his wife, thinking that he was just a shameless woman who came to bother the Boss Qi.

"Leave this place immediately! Don't embarrass me! This is not a place that you can come to!"

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