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It was only until she realised his silence that she felt that something was wrong. The man sitting opposite her started to look at her with that kind of expression on his face again, whenever he was unhappy, it would be that expression, as Wen Hui was extremely familiar with him.

She was embarrassed. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything else. I was just worried that I would be exposed."

Her words were so broad that she wanted to slap herself.

Qi Yuanming crossed her slender legs, and said slowly: "So in these few days, you have to come and go with me everyday, and don't give my mother and you a chance to be alone together. You have to learn to be smart by my side, if not, when you get hit with this, you will only be able to take it, understand?"

His deep gaze swept over the little woman in front of him, but it was clear that she didn't understand the meaning behind the man's words. What kind of concept was this? Wen Hui didn't have time to think through the countermeasures, he had already stood up and tied up his suit, "I'm going to the company right now, come with me."

"Can we not go?"

Although they were both in the same company, a small business like Wen Family Group couldn't be compared to a listed company like Sheng Ming, but she really didn't have a good impression of his company.

Qi Yuanming, on the other hand, did not say anything, but only laughed sinisterly. "All these years, my mother ran around to receive Western education, and was especially open-minded."

He paused. "And she's particularly interested in my housekeeping. Maybe you could stay and discuss it with her."

Before he finished speaking, Wen Hui had slipped away like a rabbit. Just by thinking about it, Wen Hui knew what he meant.

He had no intention of stepping into Ming Ming anymore, but he had no choice but to sit in his office.

Qi Yuanming was only responsible for bringing her here to celebrate and did not care about her life or death. He did not even ask for her to pour water and just dug into the pile of documents, showing no signs of wanting to care about her at all.

It had to be said that this man was a typical workaholic. With her understanding, it meant that apart from earning money, there was always an endless amount of work to do. At this moment, he was seriously studying a document.

The light above his head hit the hairline of his temples, clean and clear, and the good looks God had given him did not stop him from struggling. His natural grace and dignity alone was enough for many women to bow down to under his trousers.

Wen Hui's eyes dimmed. In this man's heart, there would always be only that intimate Plum Blossom Bamboo Horse, so what about her?

Inconsequential or a bargaining chip?

Perhaps the reason why he did what he did before was only because she had seized control of the Mrs. Qi's name. Thinking about that, Wen Hui felt his heart clogging up as she lightly closed the door and walked out.

The elevator stopped at this floor. Wen Hui walked in, and before the elevator closed, another person came in. Wen Hui's face was the same as the elevator.

The bright mirror reflected Lin Yan's inquisitive gaze. She spoke first, full of ridicule and ridicule, "I was actually surprised to see you here at the company.

Even after that incident, his face was still full of pride.

Wen Hui did not cower, "Dean Lin is always free to take care of other people's matters, why not take care of yourself?"

There was no way to forget how Lin Yan pushed her out to take the blame. She wasn't a kind person to begin with, she had always been the type to do things without offending me, and never would be forgiven if anyone offended her.

"If you want people to not know what's good for them, then don't do it. The good things that you've done yourself should be kept in check. If one day a rich person comes and bites you, then the gains will be too great to make up for the losses."

Yao Lili had told her before, that the person who framed her for copying the blueprints was most likely Lin Yan, and if Fu Teng exposed her, Lin Yan would definitely die. In terms of qualifications and experience, Lin Yan did not need to target her, but in this world, there are a lot of people who would hate you for no reason.

Lin Yan's face was filled with anger and shock, both inside and outside, it was clearly stated that she was infuriated, and seeing Wen Hui walk out of the elevator and closing the doors, her expression changed. Her face slowly formed a mocking smile, and she sighed in her heart, as expected, women are too foolish and easy to do.

Wen Hui walked a few steps forward as the smile on his face suddenly disappeared. He no longer had the aura of an invader, instead, he walked around gloomily, strolling from the marketing department to the planning department. He looked at the company's new engineering design, but did not dare point out any flaws.

Although they did not mention the matter of the plagiarism last time, Wen Hui still could not hide the so-called stain on her face. Her actions when greeting her were stiff, as if she was greeting someone who was watching a show.

With her excellent eyesight, she had just spotted that Qi Yuanming still had two more emergency meetings to attend, and the only one she was familiar with at the company was Yao Lili, so Wen Hui could only look for her to continue working on the time, but it was just a light pat on her shoulder, causing Yao Lili to scream out loud. Then, he patted his chest and turned his head to look at the mischievous Wen Hui, "Fuck, grandaunt is you, you scared me to death."

Wen Hui looked at the closed window and asked: "What are you doing to sell out your company? So guilty. "

Yao Lili saw that there were no colleagues around, and said, "Don't shout, I'm just using the Internet to watch the gossip. Come, come, come, I'll show you something good."

After saying that, she smiled sinisterly, as if there was something particularly good to share with her.

Sheng Ming forbade outsiders from using the external net. Wen Hui knew about this, but the gossip made her smile dubiously, and following the direction of her forefinger, a lively and fragrant image appeared in front of her.

Wen Hui only took a glance before shifting her gaze. Usually, she would only let out a few loud sounds of rain, but her little hands would poke at Yao Lili's balls, "Look at this while you're working. Be careful of this, I'll complain to your boss."

He was even so. Cough cough.

Yao Lili turned his head and looked at Wen Hui who was pretending to be serious, he pouted and begged for forgiveness, "I beg of you, boss, please forgive me.

When he was in university, Yao Lili would organize a few female students in his dorm every weekend to secretly watch action films between men and women. However, Wen Hui refused to cooperate with them no matter what, and would always lie on the bed with her head covered with blankets, or listen to the songs with earplugs. She explained that she was not as pure as them, it was just that her tradition was not open-minded enough.

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