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She had already spent most of her savings, but after staring blankly for a long time, she put the card back to its original place. She had already placed herself under someone else's roof. If she spent his money again, she wouldn't even need to raise her head anymore.

After tidying up her emotions, she turned on the computer and began to draw. Design was very important to her. It was her only hobby, even if it wasn't approved!

The next morning, Wen Hui appeared on time at Ming Ming's place. He once again entered his company, but he had already adjusted his mental state and was no longer distressed like before.

When Lin Yan took out the information for her to see, she could not help but be astonished, "Is this the case where I'm responsible for everything? I am just a newcomer. "

It had only been designed according to one's interests and interests. It would be too difficult to single out a person with great ability, so she couldn't challenge him.

"Yes, I've seen your previous work. You've distinguished yourself through the personnel department's layers of screening." Lin Yan was extremely calm, and only looked at her with a sharp and cold gaze.

She gave the information back to him, "My apologies, I am unable to complete such a difficult mission. Let's work together again next time when there's a chance."

Lin Yan did not expect this and stood up in a panic to stop Wen Hui from leaving. "Wait, you can't reject this, you can't leave before you make it clear."

Wen Hui raised his chin and his eyes darkened, he calmly brushed away her hand, "Firstly, I am not your employee, and secondly, I have the freedom to live, so what right do you have to order me?"

Lin Yan looked at her with wide eyes. He never thought that after staying in the mall for so many years, there would come a day where he would be choked by a little girl and be unable to speak. If he let her leave like this, how could he explain it to Boss Qi?

Wen Hui calmed himself down and thought about it, then said, "Take me to see your boss, I won't make it hard for you to do anything."

Lin Yan looked at her in shock. This woman was smarter and more rational than she thought.

Along the way, he followed Lin Yan to the high class office on the top floor. When Wen Hui entered, he was arrogantly and arrogantly flashed by, and he immediately saw the man buried in the document. The two contradictory words "low profile" and "luxurious" didn't feel the slightest bit out of place to him.

He did not even raise his eyes as he directly said, "You can leave."

Lin Yan had an extremely high comprehension and naturally knew that those words were directed at her.

Qi Yuanming put down the brush in his hand, "You're not stupid."

His highest opinion of the woman in front of him was merely a vase that he could not use. He did not know how strong a person who had grown up in a family with a scheming heart could be.

Wen Hui stood in front of him in a neither humble nor arrogant manner, and spoke carefully, "Mr. Qi, don't you think that I have always been a smart person? If you have something to say, just tell me that it would be a lot better to turn the corner and tell me. "

The man's eyes were deep, as if he wanted to see through the woman in front of him. The sunlight that penetrated the glass gave the woman's bright face a different feeling.

His tall body leaned forward and he said indifferently, "Come have lunch with me at noon."

Her shocked, very casual tone made Wen Hui feel even more uncomfortable. The gaze she looked at him with was filled with fear;

Qi Yuanming walked in front of her and frowned unhappily, "Do you think I would feed you poison with that expression of yours?"

The woman quickly shook her head, unsure what the man meant.

Qi Yuanming snorted coldly and took a big step forward, Wen Hui considered for a moment, then followed behind him. When she walked out, the entire secretary room was filled with looks of jealousy and astonishment looking at her, her head was lowered and walking extremely quickly, as though her back was pierced, the gaze that wanted to shoot her was the clearest.

When Wen Hui's mother passed away due to a heart attack when she was ten years old, Wen Junguo married Gu Yunzhi again. Whenever there was no one else around, Gu Yunzhi would look at her with this kind of gaze, acting extremely good in front of Wen Junguo as if she was a loving mother. However, only Wen Hui knew that Gu Yunzhi wished for her death!

At that time, Wen Hui would indeed be worse off than dead! It was the ultimate irony!

Immersed in his thoughts from the past, he bumped into a human wall without any warning. The man asked, "Who hooked your soul away?"

Wen Hui rubbed his forehead that was hurting a little, "Sorry."

Walking into Qi Yuanming's private elevator, he said expressionlessly, "If it's useful, then I'm sorry, then what do I need the police for?"

Wen Hui turned his head to look at the man beside him. He had an impeccable handsome face, a muscular build like a model, and an innumerable amount of properties.

She couldn't help but want to answer to Qi Yuanming, "I'm sorry, it's used to solve small problems. The police use it to solve big problems, such as murder and arson."

Qi Yuanming's footsteps paused as he walked out of the elevator. He turned around and looked at her, as if this woman would always have the ability to refute him no matter what he said.

He was slightly dissatisfied, "My matter is not a small matter!"

Wen Hui surprisingly did not reply this time, he went around to the back of the car and coldly said, "Sit in the front." Do you take him at the back as a driver? The moment he said that he would treat her to a meal, he immediately raised his price. He truly overestimated himself.

Wen Hui's personality was very quiet, he did not like speaking much, so when he arrived at the restaurant that he had booked beforehand, the manager took the initiative to welcome him, "Mr. Qi, your presence here truly surprises me, I will definitely display the best service in front of you, so that you will have an unforgettable lunch feast."

A fat man was still chattering non-stop. Wen Hui felt that it would be better not to come to this house next time, and shifted his focus onto her in the next second.

"This young lady should be the Madam, right? She's so beautiful and generous!" Su Man's health was not very good, so he would rarely come out. Qi Yuanming was not used to bringing other women out for private occasions.

Wen Hui secretly looked at him, and only said one word, "Lead the way."

He didn't deny or acknowledge her identity. This was his attitude. It was ambiguous and easy to give others the wrong impression.

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