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Manager Huang brought over the menu, but Qi Yuanming directly ordered two steaks and a few signature dishes without even looking. Wen Hui felt that either he was eating casually or he was very familiar with the dishes here.

The two of them remained silent after they sat down. Soon, the dishes were served. The man elegantly sliced the dishes one by one. His manner was refined and noble as he ate in an excellent manner. "The best steak is 70% cooked."

Wen Hui didn't like western cuisine, especially steak. In order to cultivate her virtuous and virtuous temperament, Wen Junguo often brought her to various social parties and banquets, to the point where she hated steak to the extreme.

However, she still had to act as if she was going to. She cut very fast and was very skillful, but she didn't eat a single bite. "Yes. As a result, the steak will be split into three layers and will be cooked in the middle."

Qi Yuanming suddenly dropped the tableware without any etiquette, the waiter thought that he did not like the dishes, and immediately went forward and asked: "Boss Qi, is there anything else I can help you with?"

Qi Yuanming waved his hand to indicate him to back off, but his eyes remained fixed on Wen Hui as if he did not move his eyes away, "I hate women who think they are too smart and smart. Which kind of woman would you be?"

Wen Hui's butterfly like eyelashes fluttered as he raised his head to look straight into his eyes. He discovered that the man's eyes were as unfathomable as an ancient well, surprise and panic quickly flashed across the woman's bright face. He only had one intention for her to come over for an interview, then leave Sheng Ming and come over for dinner: to give her a warning!

Wen Hui took in a deep breath and looked at the steak that was sliced completely, a wry smile plastered on his face. He had made her into meat, if he wanted to pinch her to death, it would be as easy as crushing an ant. She had no other choice, whether she lived or die, everything would be in the hands of the man facing her.

"Mr. Qi, I know who I am, so you don't have to remind me again and again."

This was the first time Wen Hui directly pulled out a chair and stood up in front of everyone. He did not have any image, but if his dignity was gone, what use would image have?


Qi Yuanming still did not move an inch, and without even looking at the steak in front of him, he ordered, "Eat all the steak in front of you." The only one who dared to disobey him was a girl who wasn't afraid of death.

His eyes remained unmoved as he said coldly, "Don't let me say it a second time!"

All the women around him were trying their best to curry favor with him. He didn't have the spare time to waste on a single item. The disgust in the man's eyes was obvious. Women who disobeyed him hated him the most!

Wen Hui held onto the milky-white lace dress that she was wearing tightly, the red on the back of her hand and the white on the other hand formed a huge contrast. It could be seen how much strength she used, that the people around her were all whispering about her, including the manager who looked at her with a gaze that she couldn't understand.

She gritted her teeth and finally compromised.

He sat down slowly and put the steak piece by piece into his mouth. He tried to suppress the disgust in his stomach. He couldn't help but feel disgust surging up from his body.

She was the Mrs. Qi that everyone thought she was, but in Qi Yuanming's eyes, she was not even trash! All that was left was the small value that could be extracted. One day, it might become nothing.

The Maybach flew on the road and Wen Hui's stomach was about to jump out. When they reached the Qi household, Wen Hui immediately ran into the toilet and vomited continuously. He really wanted to dig out everything he ate so that he could stop feeling uncomfortable.

After a while, the little woman propped up her exhausted body and walked out, only to meet the man's gaze. Wen Hui turned and entered her room with a cold face, and Qi Yuanming stood at the foot of the stairs and looked deeply into her room for a while before going upstairs.

One to the left and one to the right, destined to run in opposite directions.

At night, Wen Hui's whole body was in pain, but he was still unable to fall asleep. His pale face seemed extremely strange in the darkness, as if every step he took required him to use a lot of strength. Wen Hui's weak stomach was even more so, and when it was in extreme pain, she held her stomach and squatted on the ground.

Not knowing that Qi Yuanming had entered, he stretched out his long leg and kicked Wen Hui's thin arm, "Are you dead?"

Hearing this, Wen Hui almost did not manage to catch her breath, as she had never seen a man with such a venomous mouth before. A pair of beautiful, angry eyes glared at her, "If I die, I'm afraid your place will not be peaceful."

This man didn't have the slightest bit of sympathy, but if she really died here, then this room would no longer be peaceful.

Qi Yuanming's heart twitched for a moment, and she broke out in a cold sweat on her white forehead, her face turning pale white. She was clearly already in pain, but she could still endure it, just how much mental strength was required to do it!

could clearly see the stubbornness in her eyes, and a strange feeling quickly flashed through her heart. However, she did not stop her mouth from saying, "If you want to die, do not dirty my place!"

Wen Hui clenched her teeth powerlessly. She knew that even if she really died, this man would not feel sorry for her at all, "Don't worry, when I die, I will choose a Feng Shui treasure place. This place is not suitable for me."

She wanted to die in a beautiful place, not a place where she could be imprisoned!

Qi Yuan pulled her arm and shuddered slightly. His black eyes moved but he did not say anything. He just ordered someone to call the family doctor.

The doctor examined her and said, "Madam's health is not very good, and she is weak and anemic. She should be careful not to overeat in her diet."

Qi Yuanming stood beside the bed with a cold face, he did not have much of an expression on his face, and before the doctor could even finish speaking, he was interrupted, "Go and prescribe some medicine, do your best to recuperate her body."

The doctor nodded and followed the servant out. The two of them were the only ones left in the narrow room. The man was silent for a long time, but then he said, "What is the purpose of your promise to marry me?"

Anemia? He had never known about this, or rather, he had never cared about it, thinking that everyone had excess blood.

Wen Hui powerlessly wanted to laugh. This question came a little late, so she lost all meaning of answering it. Her red lips opened slightly: "Because my surname is Wen, and this is a symbol of my loss of freedom in marriage! I have no right to choose whether you are giving me pain or more. "

After thinking for a moment, he added, "Didn't I agree to your threats?"

Qi Yuanming's sharp eyes suddenly became deep, and the emotions in his mind started to churn, the woman raised her head with a stubborn face, making him dizzy, this kind of personality where she would never admit defeat should not appear on her body.

"Young Master, the hospital said that the Miss Wen should go." A man whispered into Qi Yuanming's ear after he entered.

The man stood by the bed with his hands behind his back, looking rather surprised. He instructed the servants beside him, "Take good care of Madam's body, don't let anything go wrong."

When Wen Hui heard the words "hospital", she already understood in her heart, but she did not expect him to say it like that, as the condition of her body should not be in his range of concern. This kind of words were too serious, causing her to be unable to guess Qi Yuanming's true thoughts.

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